Her Wonderful Mother Nature

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Submitted: August 11, 2016

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Submitted: August 11, 2016



Once upon her entering and exiting

Her comings and goings

Groceries, gym or mall

Mother Nature made the mirrors love her

All-knowing reflection,

No adjustments needed...

Please...not one correction

Causing confusion, she's unflawed

Everywhere, in every room, claiming, stealing all attention

Gorgeous green eyed-snake women start hissing,

Salivating, half-dog half-men, jaws stuck, stalled

Remember her...Oh, don't they all?

She and I, sometimes engage in

A carefully unscripted conversation

And so from mine own imagination...I will share

She leaves the world, with rare...souvenirs

Letting us know she was near

A trace of her intimidating yet inviting, invisible scent

Where her valuable diamond time was spent

But none free to spare

A lost, left behind, strand of hair

A walking razor

Her shadow click-clacks in,

Legs, classily crossed ladylike, saddled that lucky chair

Sipped only a pair of cocktails,

Her figure a musical note, a cursive signature,

Her FORM flows, dips smooth and full

Stunning, so easily capturing us all

Her smile, does accurately spell

The wonderful definition of the word Beautiful...

Look her up in the dictionary my friend

For she is a non-fictional woman

Strong-her world has gravitational pull you apart

Aquarius without a speck of ugliness

In February she effortlessly

Valentines a fool's heart

Can never look messily

That is quite improbably, an impossibility

Surreally painted together perfectly

Like a Dali nude canvass on art,


Wonderful Mother Nature, knew exactly what she was doing

Marvelously done, on her part.

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