Become your own master

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Other  |  House: Booksie Classic
This book is writen by my own expriences along my journey,
This book is to those who want to change and become their greatest version,
I talk about many things most of them are, to help you becoming yourself and to realize that
how you see the world is your creation you have created it in your mind with your thoughts, and if you are not happy with it then you should change it. You have created it so you are also able to change it.

We attract what we are.
I also talk much about attraction because i believe we attract certain things to our live by our thoughts, Have you ever just thought about someone you long time have not seen? and just out of nowhere you saw the person the same day, or had a song in your mind and the same day you heard it on the radio?
We attract things with our mind thats why it is so important to become real, and stop being afraid to be ourselves because you are the only one who can make you happy no one else.

Submitted: August 11, 2016

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Submitted: August 11, 2016




Become Your Master You are free

I’m writing this because this reminds me on the things I’m working on.

Remember this is how I experience my reality I share what has helped me along my journey,

Don't believe anything I say until you experience or feel it yourself.

WARNING This May Change your life! :)


What you can learn by reading this:


·Loving yourself (Respecting yourself)

·Become Positive

·Psychical protection

·Let go of the past

·Realize that you create your own reality with your thoughts

·Allow yourself for a change.

·Live in the present moment.

·Be aware that we are all one, connected to universe, soul and the body.

·Be able to let go of everything that doesn't serve you.





Allow yourself for a Change


Before starting we have to allow ourselves for a change.

So let’s start easy, to do this you first have to give yourself the rights to change and wanting yourself to change as well, If you don’t allow yourself to bring changes into your lifethen there is no reason to read this book.


Face a mirror and look in your eyes and say loudly 10 times,

"I want to change and become my greatest version."

 If you want it more effective take a stone that is connected to the throat chakra like "kyanite." and put your hand with the stone on your throat.

If you feel afraid and don’t want to change then just ask yourself

·Why don’t I want to change?

·What is holding me to stay how I'm right now?

·Do i want to live like this forever with the feelings I’m experiencing every single day?


With the touch, imagine yourself how you are changing and realize that where you don’t want to change, you have to change the most.

Don’t give yourself the fault, only register what you feel.

Do this until you look in the mirror and just feel powerful and happy by saying that, if you are about to change then try to meditate this will help you find your inner piece, while meditating try to put the focus on the things you are afraid of or don’t make you feel good, this are the feelings you need to let go, Imagine how powerful you are and that you are the only one who has the power over the thoughts you create.

"You will get there when you are meant to get there, so relax and be patient."


Starting Your Day


Now you have allowed yourself for a change we can begin with a beautiful morning changes.

While you wake up, face yourself in the mirror and say:

·It feels so good to be alive

·Today is gonna be better than yesterday

·I deserve to be happy

·I gonna treat people as good as I ‘am and not as bad as they are

·Today I am letting go of whatever no longer serves me to make space for what inspires me.


Now you have done that, move more into your body, what I mean is, I was used to wake up and take my phone and go on Social Media or watch the television that tells lies to your vision, But I have realized I felt happier by waking up and go walk with my dog , do some handstands or stretch my body and feel the nature giving me energy, Don’t worry you can put some music on as well.

"Positive thoughts attract positive feelings, that generate positive life experiences."


Love Yourself


I think the most important thing is to love yourself before we start because loving yourself is the biggest secret for a beautiful lifestyle.

When talking about loving yourself I don’t only mean like just being in the mirror and saying "Wow I look great I’m so beautiful!" no

there is more it’s about respecting yourself and doing what you love. Just imagine where you would be if you did what you love instead of doing something like someone asked you to go fish with him for 2 days but you

where afraid to say no so you go with them, but imagine what you could achieve in the 2 days by doing what you really wanted to do.

The biggest problem is fear, people are afraid to say no when they really want to say no and to say yes when they really want to say yes, you have to get over it and just say what you want to say because when you stay afraid of telling the truth you put yourself in a 'mind jail' where you listen to others and become one of them , by loving yourself you will realize you don’t have to care about what other will think of you when you say what you think because how people see you has nothing to do with you but it has everything to do with themI always remind myself by telling myself, "Don’t change so people will like you, Be yourself and the right people will love the real you.",


"When you realize that it’s not important to impress someone, you have reached an awesome level of freedom.",


"Realize that you attract what you are and when you change your thoughts to positive, the people that put you down will leave you and you will create space for people that inspire you because you have learned the lesson from them."





Positive music is a great thing to become positive, just by music i started writing this. The words you listen to are powerful, they create feelings and thoughts inside us, just by music our life can change.

"Positive people also have negative thoughts, They just don’t let these thoughts grow and control them."



thoughts and Mind


Our mindset is based of the things we see and listen to, If you listen to positive things and don’t look at negative things then your thoughts

will become positive. We have two kinds of minds the conscious and the subconscious mind, conscious mindis the mind we are aware of and the subconscious mind is the mind we not aware of, but the subconscious mind is more powerful than the conscious mind, That’s why it’s so important to live in the present moment because our subconscious mind believes everything it hears and sees it doesn't know if you are joking or being real, If you say "I can't do this." the subconscious mind will believe it and will attract it, so try to reprogram your mindset to however you would like to live because the subconscious mind creates your reality as well you conscious mind.

Our thoughts and words are super powerful they create our reality without even knowing it. With our thoughts we attract certain people, at certain time to our life so if you have a lot of stress you may attract people with stress.

when you change your thoughts to positive and let the stress go, the stressed people will leave you and go to someone else who is attracting them. Most problems in our minds are created by overthinking, we live in the past or in the future more than in the moment, it’s a big problem because we forget the beauty of the moment and will think about it maybe one year later what I actually don’t understand just stop reading and think about it sounds like our life is delayed 1 year maybe more, another problem is that we multi task with our minds we try to do 10 things in one time and we just mix our thoughts up, to practice this, try to focus on one thing like I do now, I write this and only focus on writing, It’s not like you can’t listen to music, you can I do that to now but if I would be on Facebook right now , I just can’t realize writing my experiences with Facebook thoughts mixed up in my mind.


Don’t forget it’s okay to have negative thoughts to, we not here to be perfect i have them to sometimes and when they come I accept them and let them go.

We are here to learn not to master everything at once, I’m also still learning from my own book this will help me a lot.


How can i catch the subconscious mind?

What has helped me is to stay focused and live in the moment, have you ever realized that, the way you go to school or to your work is always the same and the way you go back is different than the one you came?

and when you take a new routine, the next day you will probably take the new routine again, The same with music, once we find a song we really like we will listen to it over and over until we hate it, So just by realizing you catched the subconscious mind is already a great change because, now you have the choice to take a different routine or go with the same one but because you have realized what your subconscious mind is doing means you live in the moment and there will be no problem going the same way.

This will help you a lot if you want to be aware of your subconscious mind.


Healing and controlling them

Along my journey i have realized that healing can be sometimes really painful, but it’s important to not forget that you are healing and that it can’t be done in one second let me say an example, you cut unions and you cut yourself, in beginning its more painful than tomorrow and if you gonna touch it or open it then it will hurt more again, so don’t touch the thoughts that isn´t serving you but let it go and don’t touch it like you would do with the cut.


Sometimes they may test us

What i have realized many times is that our thoughts can be testing us and tell us lies to let us explode or bring up the past, what I mean by this is that you may be in a healing period but your thoughts are making it harder let me say an example, you talk with your friend on Facebook and he responds 1 hour later and you begin creating negative thoughts like, he doesn´t want to talk with me he is online and doesn´t read my message or He is cheating on me. And when you tell them they can get angry and the truth will be that someone else was on their phone and they couldn´t respond, So don’t believe your thoughts until you know they are real else it may hurt you and your friends as well, because as soon you begin thinking about them you let them grow and as they grow your emotions begin to grow to, what you can do when something like this happen is just tell yourself, "Oh gosh my thoughts are trying to test me again, let me replace you with something positives." and now instead of worrying go do something that inspires you.



"With your words and thoughts you create your reality, think positive :)",

"All the pain we are dealing with are really just only our thoughts."

"Worrying doesn't take away tomorrow's troubles, it takes away todays peace."


Fear Keeps us Down


We humans are afraid of things that we don’t know, but what if i told you the things you are afraid of could change your life to something you have dreamed of, it’s all about your mindset, you create your world with your thoughts and feelings, the way you see the world is because you have created it like that, only you have the power to change the way you see the world yourself so be focused where you think of and don’t forget we live in the present moment. I see fear as something beautiful because we can grow by facing it,

Whatever feels uncomfortable means you can grow from it.

It’s okay to feel comfortable but when you feel like it all the time it means you are stuck and don’t grow because new things (that help you evolve) will bring you new feelings, What has helped me is to realize that when I stay afraid I will not be able to move higher and get stuck here with the same challenges all over the time, So don’t be afraid and take the challenges with a positive feeling.


Overcoming self-fear

Most times we change for someone so they may like us, let me say it in my experience. I always went to fitness with a shirt on, I never wear tank top because I was afraid that people will find me to skinny or ugly, but one day i just said to myself that why would they think that and even if they do why would i even have to care they don’t even know me and I don’t know them,

So Iremind myself don’t change so people will like you be yourself and the right people will love the real you.


"Don’t be afraid to take sometimes a new routine, they may end up in a dream world instead of matrix."

"The universe is giving us challenges to help us evolve."

"Let love guide you, not fear."

"Fear has two meanings, Forget everything and run or Face everything and rise, the choice is yours."


The Past and The Future


There is no yesterday or tomorrow that’s just an illusion you can’t go there,

The only thing we can do is the way how we feel about the past, the secret is to let the past that isn't serving you go.

Let’s talk about how you can clear your mind of the past in the way I learned it.

The best method for me is to go meditate, this will help you find your inner piece, while meditating try to put the focus on the things you are afraid of, this are the feelings you need to let go, Imagine how powerful you are and that you are the only one who can throw the thoughts away from your mind and realize these thoughts are just thoughts and the past is an illusion and is not important for you anymore and is holding you from growing, They are old, it’s like wanting to keep outdated food, When your food is outdated you throw it away, that’s what you have to do with your thoughts to.

When you reach this level to clear your mind, you will see your life changing.


Perfect moment

We think we have to wait for the perfect moment but there is none, The perfect moment is now, just imagine where you would be if you started 2 weeks ago, so why not start today.


"Why would you think about the past that is already an illusion and only gives you bad feelings that generate negative thoughts and create negative reality, instead enjoy thepresent moment and do what you would do if this where your last 24 hours because what you do today is what matter the most."


"Everything that you are going through is preparing you for what you asked for."


We are Energy


We all are energies, can you imagine instead of body’s we would see energies?

I think if we did, everyone would want to change because of our ego wanting to have the most amazing energy, But we don’t realize we attract with our vibration, whatever we vibrate on we will attract, we just separate the body with energy but it doesn’t matter how you look like, nobody can be perfect.

Other thing that really helped me is to realize to not please anyone, Because it’s like I ask you to change for me so I will like you, When you respect yourself you will realize that you don’t have to change for someone because by

being yourself you will attract the right people to your life that will like the real you.


Whatever you focus on grows

Many of us focus on things what someone else tell us, but the secret that we have to realize is that by paying focus on the things, you give it energy and give them attention to let them grow, We have to realize that the secret is to focus on things that inspire us and not what doesn’t, Once you do that the things you love will grow and you will have no time to think about the things that don’t serve you and no one will be able to steal your energy unless you invite them to.




I believe that everything has its own energy and vibration so does food to.

For me it feels like what many people say "You are what you eat.", if you eat crap you will gonna feel like crap, if you eat healthy you will feel healthy.

Everything you put inside your body has a certain frequency that’s why I believe that when i eat unhealthy it becomes harder for me to be myself, I programmed it to my subconscious mind. Try it out and just feel your body after you ate and, put your focus on how your body is responding to it,

is your body tired, creating for no reason thoughts that are not serving you

or just feel like you are not the real you anymore, then it’s probably because you have put the wrong energy in you like trying to put a shoe on that isn't your size.


How I deal with unhealthy food

I will be honest with you I don’t eat always healthy as well, but the most important thing to do while eating low frequency foods is to not forget who you are and what your goals are, so i always remember myself by meditation and just imagine that I’m here to be free and to learn to become my greatest version and that my body is energy wrapped in a human body.

"Good friends are like star, you don’t always see them but you know they are there."



How we Build our Reality

When talking about own reality you have to realize that how you see everything is programmed in your mind and you always can change the way you see the things, for example when you see blood you will feel weak, but people that work with blood see it every day and it just becomes normal for them, what actually changes is the way they see the blood, another example is you don’t like many people around you because they are in your way but you think the problem is because of them but it’s not, you made it up in your mind because you have learned you mind to remind you to get annoyed when it sees many people around you.



"Whatever you believe becomes real in your reality."

"You don’t attract what you want, you attract what you are."

"We see things not as they are, but as we are."



There is no Good or Bad


Everybody is different so what i mean by this is that it may be good for you to think about dreaming the planet earth become having a free life without animals being killed and for someone else it can be a bad though, so it’s all about how we feel about it, what has helped me is to ask myself, "By thinking about this, how will it serve me?" And if it serves me in a positive way I will know that it makes me happy and so it will become the 'good though' for me, and if it

doesn't i just let it go.

"With our words and thoughts we attract things into our life and create our own reality."





I don’t believe in any accidents, I believe in attraction, what I mean is whatever we think of we attract. Did you ever just think about someone you long time have not seen and went outside and out of nowhere you saw the person or

thinked about a song and the same day the song just came on? It’s because you have attracted it.

"Learn to realize you attract certain people into your life, at certain time to learn certain lessons."





Sadness can come by much things let’s take for example someone has leaved you,You should realize they came to you to learn you something and as soon you have learned it they may leave you or stay with you, depends on the lesson, if they have left you because they don’t like you, then just let i go never try to fight it because you will get stuck and will generate a lot of thoughts that will not serve you along your journey of becoming your greatest version, Just let the person goyou now have created space for someone new to enter your life.


I always remind myself that whoever you think of you sendenergy to, that’s why I never think of people that don’t serve me, i got no time for that I’m to busy doing what I love and you should to.

"Whatever comesLet it Come,

 Whatever goesLet it Go,

 Whatever staysLet it Stay.",


"Be the person you want to be around because, you attract certain people to your life that are like you."




Many of us think we will become happy if we get what we want to have, but as long you get it you will want more, Happiness isn't having a lot it’s about giving a lot because what you give out comes back to you in a unexpected way.

Most problems in us are that we are not happy because we don’t want to accept ourselves, we put us self down, I have learned that mirror is a great thing to find out what you think about yourself.

Things you may think about yourself

·You can’t do this.

·You are too fat.

·You look horrible.


When you tell this to yourself you will believe it and that will attract it and you will become it, a great exercise for this is mirror work.

Tell yourself in the mirror,

·I’m unique nobody is like me.

·Im creative.

·I can achieve whatever I want to.

·I created this reality and how I see the world so, I’m also able to change it to whatever i wantit to be.


Just tell yourself what would make you feel better and by looking in your eyes just imagine how happy you feel inside.

You have to change the way you see yourself, be putting yourself down you put your vibration low and become what you think.

"How you vibrate is what the universe echoes back to you every moment."

What I sometimes do to think positive about myself is before I go sleep, I meditate with a crystal and tell myself positive things, by telling these things to myself I realize an angel that is putting a hand on my forehead and let me rise higher, this helps me a lot to realize myself becoming 'the higher me' you may get chicken skin from it that means you are raising your frequency, so this is a great meditation to rise higher, other meditation you may do is to focus and find the things that makes you feel unhappy, sad or angry because those are the things you need to work on the most, if you found it, just realize that it just doesn't matter to you anymore, you have created the feelings and thoughts so you are also able to let them go, and realize how the thoughts flow from your head away into the sky and your mind becomingnice and clear like a clear crystal.


Happiness is a choice, not a result. Nothing will make you happy until you choose to be happy. No person will make you happy unless you decide to be happy. Your happiness will not come to you, it can only come from you.

"We don’t attract what we want, we attract what we are."

"Be as crazy and weird as you like because, nobody is getting out of here alive."



We Echo What We Are

Many of us think, by wanting something you will attract it but we will not attract it until we become it, I always say “We don’t attract what we want, we attract what we are.” because wanting something is the same as pleasing someone. To get what you want thinking is not enough, you need to take an action for it because it like sitting on chair and thinking of the computer starting up from it selves.

Did you ever just got angry and, by being angry made someone else angry to? So what actually happened is by being angry someone who is like you, just came to you, it’s easy you attract what you are, don’t let the anger grow instead let it go and use that energy for things that inspire you, When you are happy and make jokes the people around you are laughing to because they feel happy like you do.

“Don’t treat people as bad as they are, treat them as good as you are.”

“Buy what you need, not what you want.”

“We become what we think, think wisely!”


Why don’t we want to let go of negativity?

I asked this question to myself as well along my journey and I have realized that the problem is that how more we use the negative thoughts, the more they grow and the more they grow the more we will become one of them and how harder it becomes to let them go, they become your friend. I was used to be negative to but as long I changed my music style and started looking some inspirational videos the negativity went away, and at that level I could find out what I really want to become and start to work on.


Be truth, be authentic

To become your greatest version it’s important to become truth to yourself, what I mean by this is that many of us say things that they actually don’t want to say but they say it because they want to be nice or are afraid, but by doing this you lose your own energy because, whatever you do you send energy to, and if you do it with a negative feeling then you just will become stuck and feel drawn but as soon you become truth you will feel free and you freedom will begin you can do whatever you feel like.

They may maybe feel you are being negative to them but how they see you is their problem not yours, you want to feel happy not drawn so it’s about the perspective you look at it, for some it may be positive and for some other it may be negative so it’s not important to be positive or negative but to be authentic you have to be truth to yourself, Everyone on this planet is here for a different reason, you can’t please everyone to like you.





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