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Hi, this is my first ever attempt at writing an actual short story. I've written things for school and silly
little things off and on throughout my life. I hope you enjoy, I guess? Is that what you say?

Submitted: August 11, 2016

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Submitted: August 11, 2016









"Looks like they were blindsided by those winds, Kevin.  Makes you wonder
about their local weather forecast.  Back to you."

"I hear that, Shelly.  We'll keep an eye on events as they unfold over
in Stillwater, Kentucky.  For those of you just joining, this storm nearly
making national headlines, sweeping across the eastern portion of Kentucky,
suspected to be adopted from the East Coast."

"We'll have more to report after this."

The newsanchor detached his earpiece from his head and walked off the set.

"Hey, Kevin!"

"Yea?"  The newsanchor replied.

"Got a story for you, this one is crazy.  Capital c, man."

"Oh yea?"  The newsman grabbed the fold of papers from the coorespondent.
He briefly glances over it, flipping the pages.

"Heh, is this a joke?  It's April 3rd, you're a little late."

"I wish it was, Kevin.  This... this is legit."

The newsanchor glanced back down at the newstory, headlined "GE Develops Teleportation
 Device? Can Teleport Objects Twice As Big As The Size Of An Average Person"

"This is ama..."  The newsanchor stops short of his sentence.  "B-but.. how?
How does it work?  I mean, what are the real limitations of this thing?"

The bearer of the newstory looked up at the newsman, appearing just as baffled
as the other.  "I don't know, Kevin.  Strange, though.  I've never felt my nerves
act up like this before with a story."



Stillwater, Kentucky
April 4th, 2025

"Ronald!" A voice exclaims, feeling quite a distance away from the barnhouse.

Ronald Loyer looks up from his activity, slicing up a lamb for the next months stew.


"Blasted, what do you WANT woman."  He said not even beneath his breath, yet his
wife Clarel, still not near the barn, didn't hear.

A few moments later his wife shows up at the barndoor.

"Did you not hear me? The boys are back from town, they got two whole sacks of potatas and three ears of corn."

"Woman, you came to tell me that?  I been suspectin' them of bringin more and
you come on like its good news.  you just leave me to my slaughter."

"Whatever.  Listen, you wanna be nice then I'll unlock the back door, hear? Or else
you can just sleep out here tonight."  Clarel slams the barndoor with an unlikely
strength for even a southern woman. "This ain't the damn 1800s, you the one who broke the truck!" Clarel yelled through the door as she walked off huffing and sweating from working that day far too long outdoors.


After an argument later that evening, Ronald, Clarel and their children, two boys and a girl (Jeffrey, Susan, Tucker), sit down for a meal a bit later than usual.

"It's nearly dark, you know we can eat earlier if your father don't act like
such a baby."  Ronald slams his fist on the table.  "Heh.. DAMNIT.  Look,
do we need to go back outside to finish this?"  Clarel mumbles looking down at her food stirring her cauliflower soup with her fork.  Jeffrey, 19 years old (and
the second oldest) smirks.  Susan is the youngest at 18, only a year apart
from Jeffrey and Tucker the first born is 24 years old.

"Can't we at least watch the T.V. while we eat?"  Jeffrey pauses for a moment
everyone looking up at him for breaking the momentary silence. "Well? We usually do!" he concludes.  Jeffrey forgets about it and goes back to  eating.  Ronald stands up and walks over to the T.V. and turns it on.

"What it be? that late night show? Weather?"

"I can't stand watchin the weather no more, it just makes me sad.  How many
dead is it so far?"  Tucker pipes up.

"A dozen or more, not too far from here either." Susan continues, " 'say it's
Kentucky's biggest disaster in ten years."

"Just terrible.  I hope the parker family is ok, them winds hit hardest
over in that area." Static blares from the T.V. as Ronald stares blankly at the floor with his hand on the T.V. knob.  "... heck I agree.. let's watch somethin else."  Ronald's face brightens up as he turns to one of the local entertainment channels.


The next day Ronald can be seen sitting in his truck attempting to start it up.
"Damn technology, ruinin my damn truck, shoulda never hooked in that new battery."
Ronald silently vows, as he did much of the time, to do without as much
technology as he can manage to get by on.  Always a disdain for technology, Ronald
raises his kids as far away as he can from what the considers to be the modern treacheries of man.  His buddies in town would always make fun of him, accusing him of being a southern Kentucky mennonite or just outright laughing at what they believed to be ignorance.

"Alright, fellas.  Check this one out." Barry bellows out, startling all
of the guys except Ronald.  Ronald looks up from his beer to lock eyes with Barry,
"The wife came home two nights ago, alright?  This why I been a bit quiet.
She downright smell of whiskey and straight up look'a damn shame, I tell by the look at her face she been seein that doctor.  Willy?  Billy?  Willy Billy?"
Barry bursts out laughing, "Billy with a little Willy!" Barry continues laughing
and chortling profusely then stops suddenly, growing much quieter, "Ah.. damnit
guys... just damnit.. I'm losin' her ain't I?"  Barry's eyes begin to tear up a
bit as the rest of the guys all stare modestly and silently down at the bar table.

After a few moments Paul speaks up, "Ya' know my dad is sellin his prize chickens
at the auction this month.  Didn't you say you wanted a shot at 'em, Barry?"
Paul attemps to change the subject to comfort Barry.
"Ah, I.. uh.. yea that sounds good.  Just come get me whenever they do the shoutin'"

While Ronald was typically present during "the guy's" daily morning binge, today
he sat in his truck, in his garage and a little more torn up than usual.
Almost synchronistically with Barry's, Ronald's eyes tear up, but not over
any wife.  Ronald remembers back when he was a kid, in the 1980s, he daydreams
of his mom and his dad as though they were still around.  Ronald's parents
were killed in an automatically piloted vehicle in 2021.  The case was heard in many of Kentucky's most significant courtrooms and Ronald, though an incredbily futile effort, attempted to get AVRSs (Automatic Vehicle Redirection System) banned everywhere and removed from any and all pertaining vehicles permanently.
After Ronald's failed plight, he took the settlement money and moved with his family into southern Kentucky just ouside Stillwater, where he would await unknowingly his fateful future.


Strangely, after a final twist of the key, the truck started.  "I .. uh.. wait, what?"  Ronald stuttered.  He thought back on Jimmy Allems, his old High School buddy, working out the kinks in his truck the other day, while Ronald wasn't present during most of the operation, he was sure Jimmy hadn't fixed a "darn" thing. Little did Ronald know, however, that fate had started the truck that
day.  Not wires, not repairs, not a battery, not coincidence.. but hard, cold fate
and the turn of events it offered.

Ronald decided to omit informing his family and to go ahead and attempt to drive the truck into town, the truck had nearly a full tank of gas.  "They see my
truck gone, they can figure what happened, I figure."  Ronald murmured to himself
as he drove away from the farm, up the hill and connected with the gravel road
into town.

Ronald had a bit of a smile on his face as he bumped up and down on the bumpy
road towards downtown.  Not a great big smile, but enough of one.
Ronald neared the bridge to town that crossed Obion Creek.  A smaller vehicle, a blue sedan with chunks of paint taken off all the way to its' rust, roared past Ronald and his truck probably going 30 miles over the speed limit, or rather what Ronald deemed to be the speed limit had there been something official.

"What in the devil!"  Ronald screamed as he slammed on his brakes.  The blue
sedan had nearly run him into a ditch.  Ronald pulls to a screeching complete stop as he eyes the driver now up ahead of him.  Ronald squints, because he
can't believe his eyes.  Ronald watches as the blue sedan drives over the
bridge and straight into the rough old creek.

"Oh my dear sweet Lord in Heaven." Ronald shouts to himself.
Stunned for a moment, Ronald tries hard to begin to figure out what to do he can do.  The blue sedan at this point is being whisked away down the rapid creek.

Ronald pulls up and stops on the seemingly ancient wooden bridge. Ronald cups his hands over his eyes, shielding the sun.  The blue sedan has been carried off too far, there's nothing he can do.

Just then.. Ronald jumps as he hears the roar of yet another engine.  A black, much
longer sedan this time, with tinted windows pulls up next to Ronald's car on the bridge.

Three men step out of the car, "There, how about that one?"  points one of the
men in nice black suits and sunglasses. "Looks good, prep the razor."
Ronald stares at the men, mystified and completely curious as to the events
unfolding right in front of him.  Ronald watches as one of the mysterious men in black suits grabs some device out of the trunk of the car.  The man then proceeds, or so it seems, to aim the device down the wiley river, in the direction of the blue sedan!?!?  Ronald shakes his head subconsciously testing his state of alertness. 

"Alright, do it."  One of the men stated, right before the man with the device
began to.. glow?  The man with the device was now glowing a bright greenish-blue
and it seemed as though at least 100 mph of winds were blowing through his clothes.  Yet, Ronald nor any of the other men standing near the man with the device were covered in this glow OR any sort of fierce wind. It seemed to be strangely isolated
to that man with the device alone.

Suddenly, out of nowhere, a large blue beam shot straight out of the device
and seemed to instantly stretch for what seemed to be miles and miles into the
horizon over the river.  Only mere seconds later, a horrible screech seemed
to pierce over the entire landscape of Kentucky as a large blue cloud-like bubble
appeared over the bridge.  Then SLAM!  The blue sedan which drifted down the river
appeared out of nowhere over the bridge and slammed down on the gravel road next to it. 

"What... in the... f..." Before Ronald could finish, the three men rushed to the driver side door of the blue sedan, nearly ripping the door off its handles as they
pull the driver violently out of the car.

"Cuff him, wipe him."  Said one of the suited men to another. One of the men put the driver, who was a man apparently in his mid-40s who Ronald had never seen before, in handcuffs and lowered him into the back seat of the sleek black car.

As the last man gets in the drivers side of the black sedan, he glances at Ronald, seeming to notice him for the first time.

"Looks like you have quite a story for the locals here, eh?"  Ronald acknowledges
the strike up in conversation, but the man quickly gets in the car, abruptly ending any possible continuation of it.


April 8th, 2025
New York, New York

"Welcome back, folks!"  Lenny Williams, host of America's favorite late night talk show, welcomes his audience back from a commercial break.  "So, how about these
diseased whales off the coast of Acapulco?  I wonder if MacDonalds has any plans
to invest in any of this for part of their livestock."  The audience bursts into heavy laughter.  "Now here's a story..."  the talk show host picks up a card off the table and holds it up to the audience, "Local Kentucky man reports seeing a government top-secret experiment regarding teleportation.  He is currently being
held in custody for questioning and may be handed over to mental officials"
the talk show host pauses for a few seconds, then continues, "Just hope they don't
use that teleporter to handover whales to the McDonald officials." The audience
bursts into laughter again.


the morning of April 9th, 2025
Cincinnati, Ohio

"... the search for eastern Texan Jenny Brooks is on tonight as an avalanche near Wellsprings, Colorado sent her and three of her friends off the side of a mountain highway early
Tuesday morning."  the newswoman pauses to take a breath, gulping unnoticeably.  Inwardly arguing with herself how much more of her boss and his advances she can take before quitting and taking out another school loan.

"The two missing boys and one girl have been found, but the search does still continue for 23 year old Jenny Brooks.  Her family, devastated, was interviewed late last night, her father's presence, however, could not be obtained for the press."

"... An update with the Kentucky man who reportedly witnessed what he claimed to be the top secret Federal Government performing an experiment near his hometown.  Apparently, 45 year old Ronald Loyer has now told doctors that it was not
a top secret division of the government, or the FBI, as he previously had stated, but in fact.. aliens.  Lead team specialist of the mental health facility informed
an as of now anonymous journalist that, in fact, Mr. Loyer would be remaining under
their care at the hospital for days to come."

The nightly 30 minute news segment ends, the newswoman walks off into the
dim lights of the set.

afternoon of April 9th, 2025
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

"Alright, I'll make you another bet." a preteen boy says to another preteen
boy at Devil's Pool. "I can skip this rock across the lake five times.  If
I do, you gotta go kiss that girl over there and then stick your hand up her
shirt and run off."

"You're kidding, right?  You can't skip that rock five times, it's a deal."

"Heh, you're dead.  My uncle showed me how to skip stones really good."

"Quit talkin'!  Do it!"  The boy with the rock launches the rock sideways from
the palm of his hand across the lapis surface.  One, two, three, four, five.....



late afternoon April 9th, 2025

"Roger! Get the HELL back on!"  The newsteam manager yells at the newsanchor, demanding
him to get back to his spot before the commercials are done airing.

"Look, I don't like the way she is setting up my make up schedule this early in the mo...."

"Roger, I don't give a shit!  Get back up there, or you may as well walk yourself out the back door."

Roger, the newsman tightens his tie and puts the current situation quickly behind him
as he strides up the corridoor onto the newset.

He spins his chair to face the camera just as the news goes back on the air.

He begins reading the telepromter.

"Does anybody remember SpinTech?" Roger reads as he asks the invisible state-wide audience.
"SpinTech, original developer of Trudy, the personal car assistant, is apparently back on the scene.  You won't believe this part." the whimsical newsanchor continues "apparently, discussions have begun with General Electric to buy the patent for their latest invetion
the supposed "teleporting machine"." Roger stops for a moment, a very brief moment unrealized
by staff or audience, due to a very unfamiliar, uneasy feeling in the pit of his stomach.
"The machine, supposedly capable of actually teleporting mass up to as large as twice the size of an average sized human, has been the topic of heavy discussion all across the nation this week, turning heads at ad posts, causing wonder.. and even deep concern for many Americans. One Floridan blogger had this to write on his number one blogsite, "...teleportation devices?  Guys, are you serious?  You've got to be (censored) kidding me.  Listen, people, nation, USE your brains.  Wake up!  You can't just mass produce a consumer level teleportation machine.  What????? I can't even begin to imagine the insanity this will contribute in our day to day lives.  If nothing else, hopefully at least the people of Florida will heed my warning."
The newsanchor continues, "SpinTech plans to announce later this week any updates regarding
the agreement with General Electric....."

Roger, the newsanchor continues,
"In local news today........."


evening of April 9th, 2025
Two miles outside of Conway, Arkansas

"Hear about that little kid shot by that man?  Little shit apparently ran up
to his sister and grabbed her chest."  The young woman grazes the palms of her hands over the tall grass stocks as she skips almost weightlessly up the hill.

"I did!  Apparently the kids' parents are suing the school since the kids
had disappeared over lunch.  Get this, though.. the weird part.. supposedly
the dad of one of the other kid he was hanging out with is the vice president of SpinTech."

"SpinTech?  Never heard of it."  The woman lays down on the soft pillow of grass atop the lush hill, arms outstretched, gazing toward the stars.

A young man, early twenties, sits on his knees next to her and continues,
"Yea.. SpinTech developed the first vehicular AI assistant. Remember?"

"Ah, yep.  They were quickly bought out though, if I remember."

"Nope.  They strangely handed the contract to Apple, free of charge. Then
seemed to disappear off the face of the Earth.  Until... get this... until now.."

The young man lays himself back slowly next to the young woman.

The two journalism students slowly fall asleep under the clear night sky.


September 29th, 2025
Macau, China

Two men sit for drinks in a nearby tea house.

One man says to the other "Meiguó dà mógui sadàn. Jùxíng guàiwù zài dibù haishàng. Hai guài quánbù kòngzhì meiguó jingshén. Hai guài ji rén hao zhuyì famíng de duì rén duì meiguó. Meiguó nánzi suíhòu dou sile.
Sile yóu ta benrén."

The other man laughs heartily, responding, "Mógui sadàn you ta de rìzi. Zhongguó yuo yitian chéngzhang. Zhongguó fazhan wài xing rén feidié. Zhengfú zhongguó zhenggè yuzhòu. Meiguó shì wèizhi dangjin zhongguó dàodá yuan de yuzhòu."

Both men laugh hysterically.


October 13th, 2025
Juarez, New Mexico

At a carnival, three kids play, unawares to the troubles of the world.  One of the boys motions for the other two
to follow him to a carnival game.  The game, is a dart throwing game, with atypically small rings and a concernably small bullseye.  The prizes are a tiny kid's dream.  Large stuffed giraffes, bags of candy, holographic cards, several  iPhone Infinity 2s, and one small robot tucked away in the back so as not to be seen plainly, being the most expensive item.

The young boy runs up to the counter, with his two friends trailing not far behind.  "I want the bear!  The blue bear!"  The boy points at the giant blue bear hanging from the carnival game stand's railing. 

"What are you, Five??"  One of the girls says to the boy.

 "Lemme 'lone!  That bear is COOL." 

"Well, son, you can try for it.  Just one token!"  The boy cheers and hands the man two tokens.  "Err.. son, it just takes one token."  The boy stares intently up at the man. 

"Well, sir.  I'd like to win the bear AND the robot."  The man's
face seems to flush, a bright red.  He gulps, stepping to the side to cover the robot as best as possible. 

"Right, oh.  Yes, right.  Um.. that old robot?  Over there?  Ok, you bet, kid!"  sweat acrues on the man's forehead as the boy aims for the dart board.

The small boy misses with both of his darts and walks off in a fit, his friends tagging still closely behind.

A man in a black suit, watching all along, heads toward the group of children.

"Ahem.. hey there!  hey... kids!"  the man jogs pacefully up to the children, "Hey! kids! hey.. hey.." he stops near them.  "Did you want one of those prizes?"  The boy looks up at him, confused, wondering if he had broken something or done something wrong.

"I um.. yes, I want that big blue bear!"  The man looks pitifully down at the child.  He glances at the booth where the kid had played the game previously then looks back at the bunch of kids.  A strange but subtle sound seems to emit
from the man.

"Well, I bet I could spin that one for ya."  The man pulls his arms out from behind his back and with it a giant blue bear.  His sunglasshes shimmer briefly as he smiles brightly at the children.


October 28th, 2025
Detroit, MI

"Nah, dude.  I'm just sayin'.  People bein able to teleport n' shit?  That's straight off the wall, yo."

The black gangster riding in the passenger sea raises his gun in the air, in a waving motion, "Check it.
I'd teleport all the diamonds out the bank right theh, yo." As they pass by a bank.

From the same gang, in the back seat joins in, "Dawg.  Check it.  Dawg."

"Nigga, say it."

"Hah.  Check it.  See that bitch right there?  I'd ren' a room'n teleport that bitch up in there!"

The whole car floods with rough laughter and hollering.
Another Detroit gangster in the back seat jumps in,

"Then I'da teleport that bitch into the kitchen a'make me some grub."

The carload continues in a loud obnoxious overreaction.

Except, except for the driver.  Who sits silently staring straight ahead.  Then he turns up the radio.

"Violence erupts in the middle of downtown Philadelphia this morning as, what authorities are now calling rioters,
protest the offical public release of the first home teleportation dev..."

Suddenly the car comes to a screeching halt, "Hey, dawg.  We here."  The four gangsters pull out their guns and rush quickly out of the car.



November 7th, 2025
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

"In light of the now over one week ago's protest turned tragedy, local officials have decided to begin discussing potential regulations on the soon to be released state of the art technology from SpinTech.  We go to Mitchell Burnhem at the site of the protest over a week ago which also happens to be at the front of SpinTech Co's Main Headquarters."

"Thanks, Rena.  We are indeed making headway out here in front SpinTech, I have two teenagers, it's ah.. it's about all I could come up with due to the.. "  The reporter adjusts his neck piece.  " law enforcement blockading the area.  I wanted to get closer, to see if I could catch any actual SpinTech employees, but was unable to do so, we should have more on that later."  The reporter points the microphone towards one of the teenagers chin.  "Do you.. ah.. do you have anything to share with us regarding the recent protest?  You told me your cousin here was directly involved, correct?"

The kid smirks bashfully and looks down at the ground shuffling his feet, answering, "Y-yes, I was directly involved
in the protest.  My mom was arrested and jailed, she was a front line sign holder.  Her friend's friend was put into a coma from a smoke grenade hit to the temple."  The college aged kid points to the east side of the SpinTech building, as the news camera pans to where he is pointing.  "And.. and you see that?"  The news camera pans to an unusual spot near the building, it's a totally unused and blank patch of very healthy looking bright green grass, which is fenced in like a partial moat to the side of the SpinTech building.  "That's where they teleported a man the other day.  My mom saw it.  They did a demonstration.  They teleported a man!  They teleported him into ground!  He was, he was..."  The teenager began panicking, then crying.  The reporter, for the first time in several years (to his colleague's recognition), looked completely bewildered.

National News...
November 22nd, 2025

"Spokesperson Fletcher Metsen of the judicial branch of the Government of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania announced this week that it would not go forward in allowing the new legislation instead the local government ordered an appeal and a new mandate revoking the right of SpinTech Co to release any such Teleportation device or anything related for mass consumer use.

Many wary American's will sleep easier tonight I would think, Tom.  Back to you."

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
November 25th, 2025




"In an exciting turn of events, Jake, it seems as though SpinTech has been able to circumvent the recent
legislation to control their efforts.  SpinTech has announced today... also, I should add, amazingly, they did so simultaneously to the actual unveiling and release of the product in hardware stores all over the United States.
SpinTech announced that instead of releasing their products freely to retailers across the country and continuing with the global expansion of the company previously planned later this year, that they would instead bypass the local
government's orders by releasing the product in cognito under the guise of a hardware utility to be sold at even a local hardware store.  It's reported they managed this method legally by requiring a brief back ground check and
registration to own the product.  Due to regulations and fair rights practices, it is reported to be several weeks until US congress can intervene.
Apparently, over the last 72 hours, SpinTech has been striving hard to recover from the fatal financial blow it was struck by local congress.  No settlement in another unrelated lawsuit resulted in SpinTech being held vulnerable and
caused them to take this present course of action.
The vice president has been reported to be acting unusual, by colleagues.

You can expect SpinTech products to be available on local hardware store shelves such as Lawes and House Department and even national "buy everything at once" chains such as WellMart and Sim's.

Very concering news, Jake.  You take it."






Wendy Hillers sat atop her roof, the construction on the house seeming too much for her and her husband alone.
She wandered to the edge, peering down at the ground.  For some reason, today she felt completely at ease standing on the edge of the house.
Only moments of thought later her husband arrived at home in his red Ford pickup.  He pulled in more quickly than usual,
and even a slight screech could be heard veering into the driveway.
Once parked, Wendy's husband hopped out of the truck excitedly and waved his arms up at his wife and yelled,

"Honey! Honey!! I got it!!  I got the second one!!"

A few minutes later they were both standing out on their back deck, looking up at the heavy weather damage to the shingles above the patio door.
A large tree limb stuck like a knife directly through the ruffled siding.

"Well, do.. do you know how to use it?"  Wendy looked curiously at her husband.

"I ah.. I watched a how-to video on MeTube, well.. some of it at least."  Wendy's curiousity turned to a concern as she watched as her husband
fiddled with the device.  It was hand held, but quite a bit bigger than your usual hand held device of 2025.  Wendy likened it silently to a device
or gun they would use on some science fiction stuff from something her husband watches.

Wendy, now frustrated, grabbed the device out of her husbands hands, after several minutes of nothing happening,
"Look, see here?"  Wendy points to the side of the gadjet, "that's the on-button, then you set the paramters here..
predicted width/height.. it doesn't even have to be exact, and it will calculate the difference."

Her husband looked at her, a look of shock and puzzlement. "Where the hell did you learn all that?"

Wendy snickered, "There have been documentaries on it they've been replaying on TW Center all-week long"
Her husband nodded, then looked at her and then looked at the branch. "Well, can you get that branch out of there?"

"I can sure try.  I think I'm confident enough to use it, it's supposed to be very user friendly." Wendy proceeds to point
the gun-like device at the tree branch.  She presses the red-button trigger on the front center of the device and a
fairly loud whirring protrudes from the object into and the ears of the newly wed couple.

But, then, nothing happens.

The couple look at eachother confused. 

"Haha, maybe it's broken or you did something wro....."  Just then, in the middle of his sentence, a large tree limb
duplicate of the one in the house, and even small chunks of the house, suddenly appears attached on Wendy's husbands

Wendy screams the loudest she has ever screamed.  The left half of her husbands head and now is now fused with a tree
branch stretching and contorting his facial features to conform unnaturally to the side of the tree branch attached to his head. 
A small piece of a shingle sticks out of his head near his right ear.

Wendy crying madly, watches in terror as her husband falls backwards due to the weight of the branch.  The branch breaks his fall,
propping him up backwards against the ground, his head still fused into the tree branch.

A distant whirring sound can be heard, at least a distance of one to two houses away.  A scream is heard by Wendy, one of
Sara Miller, one of Wendy's neighbors. 

Sara's hand is caught in the side of her teal colored Lexus, but not caught in any usual way.  Her hand was literally mended
within the steel and the frame of the side of the car itself.

"What the hell did you do!?!?"  Sara yells at her husband.

"I- what the hell!!!!" Her husband screams crazily, "I aimed it at the lawn mower!!!!"  Blood was pouring down the side of the car
from her arm, staining the rusty blue greenish car a violent crimson.  She could even see her hand on the other side through the glass.
It was about three times puffier than a hand should look, and it was veiny and purple and she could not feel a thing from it.
"I'm calling the police right now!!!!  Don't worry, baby!! Don't worry!!"

Several city blocks away a man waits in line in his car at a fast food restaurant.

His turn eventually arrived, "Welcome to MacDonalds, can I take your order?"

"Hi, yes, I'd like two screamy cheese puffs, five dollar menu cheese burgers with the new beefy sauce, and a medium Diet Stroke"

But, before his order could be finished, the sound of an explosion, as one from a car crash, can be heard coming from the main
street near the MacDonalds.

A man, standing near the crosswalk, is pointing a teleportation device in various directions, activating one shot after the other.

Rectangular shapes, chunks of matter, reality seem to be appearing and disappearing from random, scattered places.
They seem to start wherever he points the device.

A fire hydrant is now merged with the top of an old brown toyota which is veering in and out of control and finally crashes into a wall.
A middle aged woman lies dead near the man with the device, with her right leg fused through the front and back of her chest through her heart.
Half of her head split open, and most of her brains spilling on to the man's foot, unnoticed by him as he continues havok in the middle of the city.

A man running as fast as he can in the opposite direction down the sidewalk adjacent to the man with the device screams, terrified
as he notices the man with the device pointing it at him.  Trying as fast as he can to get away, the main fails as he is transported
instantly from the sidewalk to several stories directly above the position from where the last time his foot ever graced the earth.
Screaming, much more wildly now, the man waves his arms madly in front of his face, to shield it, as he rockets towards the ground
the impact quickly cracking most of his bones and shoving the front of his face into the back of his head.

A large hispanic woman attempts to tackle the man by approach him quietly from behind.  Just as she nears him, he turns around
and catches her before nearly pouncing on him.

He points the device urgently at her, though he did not quite aim it where he wanted.  As he meant to pick her up and crush her like
he just did that man, instead a large, perfectly rectangular chunk is taken out of the left half of her body.  One of her lungs slipped
out of the cavity where her arm and the side of her body once were and onto the ground.  Following directly after, each with a sickening
splat on the ground, her other lung fell, her heart, some intestines spewed out, her kidneys, one after the other most of her organs and
the remaining half of her body splatter onto the pavement.

"Shit."  The man said, as he vomitted.

evening time November 25th, 2025
Las Vegas, Nevada

Car alarms, violent screams, the sounds of broken slot machines, explosions could be heard on the streets of Vegas.
Large crowds of people could be seen running occasionally from nothing but one person.  In one part of the city
at this particular moment, there were cars suddenly dropping from the sky onto people.  Two children and their mother
scamper to get away from the chaos as a major portion of an old Chevy Blazer crashes down smashing her between the truck and the pavement.
The kids scream and cry as they realize their mother has been instantly murdered.
Nearby, a car falls near a man onto another car, "Oh gosh, that was close." he gasped in relief, but only miliseconds later the two cars
explode, sending fragments of molten steel althroughout the front of his body, the man drops face first onto the ground dead.
A sinister and mentally ill looking man stands on the corner onlooking the massacre, chuckling.

San Fransisco, California

A group of teenagers are running from a another madman hundreds of miles west.

A mixture of teen boys and teen girls in brighty poppy clothes leap down a steady hill as
quickly as they can.

The man, screaming, shouting strange sentences, aims the teleportation device he is carrying
at the group of teenagers, he initiates the teleportation procedure.

Suddenly, the top halves of most of the teenagers disappear into thin air, the bottoms of
intestines and blood and pairs of legs falling to the ground.  The top halves of the teenagers
are now all falling at the same time from above about 50 feet, the screams fade as their brains
die not moments before splattering down onto the city street below.

The same man, uses the device again, this time transporting an entire person into another person.

The two people were running, he took the farthest one away from himself, then pointed it at the other
 tilted more sideways and made an X shape out of the two of them, they lose balance and plummet, fused
together and dying quickly, to the ground.

Various places in the United States

All over the country, in major and minor cities alike, the most atrocious, bizarre catastrophies can be seen as a result
of the release of the recent super-hyped up teleportation mechanism.

However, not only are there strange, violent acts unlike that have ever been seen by human kind before, in abundance,
but also strange anomolies and occurrences with what seem to be time and space itself.

The country... the world... just don't look the same as they used to, many things are blended together and confusing to
determine what is what by simply observing.  Objects and parts of objects and squares and cubes and rectangles of objects and buildings
and city structures and aspects of nature are now scattered throughout cities like massive three-dimensional checker boards.

Bright, violet, electrically charged cubes of 'anti-matter' now appear in random places all over the United States,
where an unknown part of reality has now been ripped apart and revealed to humanity.  Profusing from them is a purple, electrical, plasma
like substance, which looks somehow like a blend between an active electrical current and the smoke from dry ice.

Strange creatures begin walking into the world, from who knows where, and attacking people and eating people everywhere.  And...
doing things which... can't even be described.  Acts and vicious twists of reality and physics which cannot be understood or explained yet by human perception.
Violence, torment and hell for all the organisms of Earth begins, occurring in ways known and unknown.


April 5th
somewhere outside of Stillwater, Kentucky

"Dad ever comin home?"  Tucker asked his mother.

"Stop askin' that.  'Course he's comin home.  Just ain't real soon is all."

Tucker pulled the truck over and put the car on a jack, checking underneath.  He spotted an oil leak.

Dinner was delicious that night.

Tucker woke up and put his clothes on.  He looked out his second-story bedroom window.
It was a lovely day.

He went down stairs, turned the T.V. on, it was old movies day and Godzilla was on.
Tucker opened up a can of pears, ate a few then went for a walk.









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