In the deep

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Chapter 1 (v.1) - Seas the day

Submitted: August 11, 2016

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Submitted: August 11, 2016



Lana sat on the sandy beach in her back yard. Her mother's house was just 10 steps away from where she sat. Her house was relevantly medium sized with next door neighbors, more like a urban area.  She had no siblings and was really just a lonely person but liked it that way because the waves were her friends. She loved the ocean and wanted nothing more than days filled with relaxing on the sandy shore and jumping into the warm water. She loved to watch the sunset on her porch. The warm air and the orange-pink skies at night time were where she would say her goodbyes to the ocean for the night and come inside to her room where she dreamed of what she would do on the beach the next day. She grabbed some soft, white sand and let it slowly slip out of her hand. She was ready to jump in the water and surf a little, just riding the little waves that rolled in. She couldn't think of a better place to be than Hawaii. She was born there, raised there, and planned to die there, and the ocean reminded her of her freedom. "Lana! Time to eat!" Lana's mother Kalani called. Lana rushed out of the water and dried off on the sand. Although she'd rather be outside on the beach, dinner sounded pretty good too. "What's for dinner?" Lana asked setting her towel on the barstool. "Shrimp and mashed potatoes, but you're not getting anything until you change" Kalani pointed her finger at Lana's swimsuit. "Ugggghh" Lana groaned and ran upstairs to her room. She put on a sundress with flowers on it and ran back downstairs. "Better" Kalani smiled, "hungry?" Lana nodded her head and grabbed a few shrimp and potatoes and sat down on the opposite side of her mom. "So..." Kalani started, "water nice?" "Yep" Lana said shoving shrimp in her face. "That's good." Kalani grinned, " I wish a few friends of yours would come over and swim with you too, wouldn't that be nice?" "Mom, I know what your trying to do, but I don't need friends. You've told me almost everyday! I just don't make friends that easy and I like being by myself anyways." Lana said shoving even more shrimp in her face. "I know....and i, i get it but wouldn't a few friends be nice. Even if it's just one friend... ONE FRIEND that's all, please! I can't let you be unsociable all your life!" Kalani worried a bit for her daughter. She just wanted the best for her. "Every time I make a friend, they always turn out to be something they said they're not. My case is closed... I don't want friends... and friends don't want me" Lana preached. Kalani felt sad. She could never make her daughter understand the pain and discomfort that came from watching her all by herself all the time. She needed to do something. Lana ate the last few shrimp and left for her room. She didn't understand why her mom didn't just not worry? She was totally fine. At least for now. 

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