In the deep

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Lana continues her life but Kalani sets her up on a "play date" that creates some tension.

Chapter 2 (v.1) - Unlikely friends

Submitted: August 11, 2016

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Submitted: August 11, 2016



The morning came. Lana dragged herself out of bed and got dressed, brushed her long, wavy, dark, dark brown hair, and brushed her sparkling white teeth... well almost sparkling white, and got ready to leave for school. Kalani ( Lana's mom) was a publisher so she worked at home on her computer. "Aloha Lana, ready for school?" Kalani asked grabbing her car keys and purse. "I wish I could say I was not, but sadly I am. Let's go" Lana threw her backpack on. "Woah! Not hungry? That's odd. Usually at this time you'd be dying for anything to eat for breakfast, why the sudden change?" Kalani questioned her. "I'm not sure... must have aten too much shrimp yesterday. Ready to start the day.. Let's go" Lana made her way to the door. "Well that's good sweety, because I have someone coming over tonight whos dying to meet you!" Kalani smiled wide.

"Another boyfriend? You've dated WAY to much since you and dad got divorced. I just...." Lana started. 

"No Lana, this special person is not for me, and it isn't even a boy" Kalani said sharply.

"Then whos it for?"


Lana was absolutely ferious, "Um... I don't think so!" "Well I do so... get used to it. You are going to make friends. Thats an order. I am sick of seeing you LONELY! It drives me insane knowing my little hibiscus is all alone with no one to play with!" Kalani stomped her foot. "I'M 14 YEARS OLD! leave me be mom!!! I just want to be myself! You don't control every part of my life!" Lana said opening the door. "We don't even sound like a family... an 'ohana!!!!" Kalani yelled so Lana could hear,"Please, Lana, for your family! Hang out with some one... it's driving us all insane.... not just me" Lana sighed, "if I do this, and it doesn't turn out, will you stop pressuring me to be perfect and stop being so deep! Omg! do it for your family!!!  Oh my gosh mom!!!" 

"Well it's plausible um, ah, ummmmmm" Kalani stuttered. "Mom!!!!" Lana yelled. "OKAY! OKAY! fine..... yes" Kalani smiled at Lana. Lana smiled back and whispered thankyou, then walked out to the car. Whew! Kalani sighed letting a little stress roll off of her. She looked at the time, "oh my god!!!!!! Late!!!!!" She ran out of the house and drove as fastfast she could to Aloha state High. "See you soon... and so will your playdate!" Kalani called out of car, "love you!" Lana kept walking towards the building. She was still angry

Kalani picked up Lana at the same time she always did and laughed, "ready for the time of your life?" "No" Lana frowned. When they pulled up into the driveway, a girl with red hair and a dark tan was standing at their porch with a huge smile. Lana thought to herself, you've got to be joking, this is a sight to see!!! Well.. here it goes! The red haired girl still smiled. "Lana meet your playdate, Rosie" Kalani grinned. " HI I'M ROSIE AND WE ARE GOING TO BE BEST FRIENDS!" Rosie smiled even wider holding out her arm to shake hands. Lana made a face like, what is this are you kidding me? Kalani nudged her head toward Rosie. "Uh, Aloha Rosie, I'm Lana" Lana shook Rosie's hand. "GREAT WE WILL BE BEST FRIENDS! LET'S GO INSIDE!" Rosie grabbed Lana's arm and began to drag her inside. Lana turned her head to her mom and mouthed, WHAT DID YOU DO! Kalani smiled and shrugged. 

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