In the deep

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Lana and Rosie get along. Lana is suprised at the progress but is scared of Rosie forgetting her.

Chapter 3 (v.1) - Rosie ain't so bad

Submitted: August 11, 2016

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Submitted: August 11, 2016



Rosie dragged Lana into the house and then Lana pushed herself away from Rosie. "Okay Rosie, first things first, I don't wanna come off a little uneven but you NEED to stop dragging me." Lana said straightning out her sleeves on her sweatshirt. " OH , sorry I didn't mean to! I guess I'm just excited" Rosie laughed. Lana was suprise Rosie didn't yell out her sentence like she did outside. Maybe Rosie wasn't too bad for a starter. "So.. Rosie, you have any friends?" Lana asked curiously. "NOPE! Well, not like you anyways." Rosie smiled while digging in the refrigerator. Lana didn't even mind, she'd probably do the same thing. "Well that's good because all friends are..... are heartbreakers" Lana sighed while climbing the stairs to her room. Rosie popped her head up and looked at Lana going up the stairs she dropped everything and closed the fridge door and ran after her. "What's that supposed to mean? Oh wait... were...Were you referring to me, because if I'm the problem I can leave" Rosie grinned. This kid... Lana thought, "No Rosie your not the problem" Lana whispered, "although today I really wish you were" Rosie just kept smiling. "Anyways, all the friends I've ever had have always ended up .. basically forgetting at me. They would often wish that I wasnt part of their clique or group, if you even know what that is. It hurt my feeling like you would not believe. I just don't want any more mistakes like FRIENDS to happen okay. That's why I'm sort of EDGY towards you." Lana breathed letting out some stress, "you don't know how long I've wanted to tell someone that" 

"OH, I think I do..." Rosie giggled, "this is actually my first hang out I've ever had. Look most people could call me dumb... or acting like I'm dumb but I'm just a positive little girl and I want the world to shine with rainbows and happiness...." Rosie grabbed Lana's unicorn figure off of her dresser, "like this unicorn...but more sparkly!" 

"Rosie you are perfect" Lana sighed heavily as Rosie messed around with the unicorn. Perfectly stupid, Lana thought. "WOAH! You own this super duper shmuper cool gun thingy! I've always wanted one!!!!" Rosie laughed and ran around the room with it. "A.....watergun?" Lana asked annoyed. "OH YES! My mom says they're way to dangerous and look threatening but I've always loved em'!" Rosie said trying to see how it worked. "Have you even used one?" Lana asked while she reached under her bed where she hid a little plastic blue watergun. "No but I know how to use one!" She grinned. "Oh.. that's nice..." Lana said grabbing her watergun, she slowly brought it up and hid it for a second, "I was gonna say they work.... LIKE THIS!" Lana sprayed Rosie with her watergun. "Ahhh! Lana! Mines not even full!" Rosie laughed.  "Guess your going to have to fill it up then... meet you outside!" Lana ran downstairs. She thought to herself, wow Rosie is actually pretty cool, for a pretty dumb little girl! But she was still worried about Rosie leaving her like the others. 

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