The Last Manuscript

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A bounty hunter who finds himself in an unfortunate situation.

Submitted: August 11, 2016

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Submitted: August 11, 2016



It all started with that damn book; should’ve never walked into that abandoned alchemist shop, I hadn’t known it what it really was. Its thin sheets felt rough under my callous fingers but seemed so fragile. Something about it had drawn me to pick it up and slip it under my leather jacket. It didn’t make sense to hide it, it wasn’t like books were illegal or anything. It wasn’t even an alchemist book. It was just a seemingly old book; that I had mistakenly picked up that had me in this situation. Blood gushed from my arm and think some blood was rolling down my face. Would I die? Hell if I know, but if I do, I’m smoking my last cigarette before I die.

I strain to reach into my back pocket and feel the book. Knocking it aside, I pull out my cigarette to find that the poor thing is soiled from something I managed to fall into. I flick the thing away and feel more pain starting to give rise.

“Come out Kohn, you know you can’t survive much longer.” The man’s voice while quite an annoyance was accurate; there was much too much blood and honestly I didn’t want to fight it anymore. I snatch the book up, pausing trying not to lose my nerve and toss it over my head towards the damn cawking of his voice.

No shots are fired, but the silence is more unsettling. Part of me wants to risk looking but one more move could be my last. My eyes are already trying to fall close, but I keep fighting it. I’m not entirely sure why I know I’m going to die. He won’t save me; if he’s smart he wouldn’t. I know I wouldn’t. Maybe he isn’t smart.

?I chuckle and suddenly the silence is broken with an eruption of my laughter spilling out into the trashed, abandoned building, once called a barista.

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The Last Manuscript

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