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Submitted: August 11, 2016

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Submitted: August 11, 2016



One Sunday
evening after tea,
Benny's old man said:
do you want to
go see a horror film?

he said,
that'd be good,
but it's an X film
and I won't get in
(He was about
12 then).

Put your long
trousered suit on
white shirt and tie,
and we'll see
what they say.

He Brycreemed
Benny's hair,
his black shoes.

He said:
if anyone asks
how old you are
say nothing,
I’ll tell them.

So off they went
and stood in the queue
at the cinema.

Benny felt
a bit conspicuous
standing there,
but he put on
his unsmiling face,
stared at no one,
and squared his shoulders.

When they got
to the ticket office
his old man said:
two adults please,
and gave her
the money;
she gave him
the tickets.

They went past
the usherette
who just looked
at Benny,
but nothing.

They found two seat
and sat down.

Soon after
the lights were lowered
and the Pearl & Dean
adverts began.

Benny was then
one of the crowd.

He had been taken
as an adult,
and got into see
an X film:
Doctor Jekyll and Mr Hyde.

He sat there
with a smile,
and with a bit
of schoolboy pride.

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