This is the End

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What is going to happen if we found our children turning against us, or being manipulated to turn into something unexpected by the powers we themselves allowed to take control of our lives? Will it be the end, or the beginning of the end?

Submitted: August 11, 2016

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Submitted: August 11, 2016



It was a fine evening, though Dr. Lucas Strenosky.

Looking through the window of his car he saw clouds moving across the sky. It was gloomy, but that’s all right. He liked gloomy. As long as he remembered, he always cherished cloudy sky with light rain, even thunderstorm.

All that must be programmed in his genetic material, he thought. Someday he would like to find out that code.

Turning right on the road he came face to face with his laboratory, or more accurately the facility he worked, several large white buildings sprawling across 100 acres of land with plenty of open space. Security seemed to be lax. Only a barbed wire fence across the compound with a few guards & dogs. But he knew it employed state the art electronic equipment. Breaking & entering won’t be easy.

Dr. Lucas & other employers lived in the compound. He was just returning from a trip to the nearby town for a few things he needed. Actually he needed some air, so he just pretended to need something. However he did find a fine bottle of wine.

“Hi Dr. Lucas”, the guard waved his hand as he saw him.

“Hi Jerry,” Dr. Lucas extended his ID through the open window of his car. “How is Merlin?”

Merlin is Jerry’s dog & the most prized possession of his life. “He is good;” smiled Jerry. “Thanks for asking. Please go on.”

After some time Dr. Lucas returned to his office. He looked at the calendar. “28 May”, he whispered to himself. He remembered the day perfectly. It’s been 40 years since a young PhD student published his thesis on relationship between behavioral pattern and genetic codes. It was the start of a revolutionary idea where he proposed the collection of genetic codes responsible for how we behave that is almost independent of environmental influence. It was studied over and over again for the next 5 years and then the government started project “Cloud”. They put their proposal in a referendum and somehow it passed, although with a tiny majority. After passing through legal hurdles, the government enacted a law to genetically screen every child after birth with a special procedure to identify the code responsible for criminal behavior. Because pre birth screening with same procedure was not possible because of several limitations they have to stick to post birth scenario.

After identifying the children with the “black gene”, the name proposed by Dr. Lucas for the code responsible for criminal inclinations, they were separated from their parents after age 5 and were moved to a close facility. This compound where Dr. Lucas worked housed one of the largest such facility in the country. The children were allowed to live a up to their adult life & then they were killed mercifully in their sleep, at least the government said that. It all started 30 years ago & the government claimed how the crime became almost non existent because of their method. They remain in power indefinitely, obliterating their opposition using force, and now people are living without any dissent or even without remorse for sending their own children to death.

Now people like Dr. Lucas is working to find out a screening method to identify “Black gene” even before the child is born, so the government could “terminate” it before birth. This would save enormous amount of resource government have to use for a large number of children who would never be allowed to see the natural light. The work is going on for quite some time now without fruitful result.

“Hi Dr.”, entered Riley Keylough. She worked with Dr. Lucas in the project. She is a brilliant geneticist, more brilliant than me at that age, thought Dr. Lucas to himself.

“How’s it going Riley?” Asked Dr. Lucas, smiling.

“Look what I found,” Riley seemed very excited. “This is the genetic code from the children born yesterday across the country. See the black gene?” She showed him the laptop.

Dr. Lucas put on his spectacles. He is old fashioned in this way. Even though he could get his eyes fixed he preferred the spectacles.

Dr. Lucas carefully studied the codes as Riley looked on. Both of them are working in their spare time, when they have, to find a way to fix the black gene. So far it is only hypothesis after hypothesis. But they believe the breakthrough would come soon. Riley wanted it for the Dr. She knew how much he hurt every second thinking that his paper started the madness of killing children.  As a young student Riley studied his paper and found the conclusions very concrete. But she always believed that there are always factors beyond our imagination which might impact any study. So she visited Dr. Lucas after her PhD, which was on Dr. Lucas’s paper and shared with him her thoughts. Next thing she knew was that she got an offer to work with him. It was five years ago. Riley was an orphan and did not have anyone care for. So she took the offer and ever since she & Dr. Lucas were working closely to find a solution to the problem he thought he created.

Dr. Lucas put down the his spectacles on the table. “My God”, he said slowly, “it’s changing”.

“Very subtle changes.” said Riley. “Our screening procedure could still identify the code. But think 10 or 20 years later, it would be obsolete.”

Dr. Lucas leaned forward. “This means whatever fix we need, we need it quickly. Once the code mutates, yes I think it’s mutating, and then we have to start from the scratch.”

“What if it’s already mutated?” Asked Riley.

“What do you mean?” Dr. Lucas looked questioningly at his most dear student.

“I mean,” said Riley, “we never studied the genetic codes form all the newborns regularly.” I did it on a whim, just to gather some ideas to find a solution to our problem. And my sample was not very large, it only covered the hospitals. There are many babies born out of the hospitals, government has to track them down if they are not brought for the screening. How their code would look like I have no idea.”

Dr. Lucas did not say anything for a minute. Then he said,

“in that case, GOD help us”



Giselle looked like an angel, Elena thought to herself. Her 8 year old daughter was sleeping. She remembered the day when Giselle was born. She was out at the mountains with her parents when during a huge snowstorm. She came early, almost 2 weeks before. So her mother did the delivery, & then they took care of her at home as the storm went on for several days. In the end Elena came home with the child perfectly happy & healthy.

Elena got up from bed & went to open her laptop. She needed to prepare a few things for the next day. She always liked to hear some orchestra while working, it soothed her nerve. She thought of putting on the head phones, but decided against it.

Across the town Reed family with their teenage sons were watching the television.  Their eldest son was performing in the music festival at the city hall. He was in an orchestra and they just started.

At the city hall Ms. Ketting looked proudly at her charges. She had been their music teacher for almost a year now and she believed she had a champion group here. She even had three 8 old students performing. Child genius, as she liked to call them.

The orchestra started and Elena began to hear the music.  Then it happened.

It started subtly.

The notes of the orchestra started to falter. Ms. Ketting could not believe her eyes. Her child prodigies seemed to just forget how to make a sound with the instrument. They just stood there. Then they started moving suddenly, all together, using their instrument violently.

Reed family couldn’t believe their eyes. There were panicked audiences, screaming children and suddenly a music instructor with a thrashed head by one of her charges on the TV. Mr. Reed was scampering for the remote. Her wife and daughters were just screaming.

In the shock they forgot about the twins, who just happened to have knives in their hand brought from the kitchen, probably. They started to stab wildly.

Giselle got up form sleep, did not know why, did not know how, but she found herself at the possession of meat cleaver standing at the kitchen. That was the only lucid moment she could think of, then everything went blank.


The quiet night in the city suddenly exploded into life, or death. Police sirens were blowing in front of city hall. More were on the way. Ambulances were hurrying. It was a mess inside, a bloody violent mess made by scores of children less than ten years old.

The police dispatcher was having a hard time. Yes it was hectic with what was happening at city hall, but she was receiving some weird, if not frightening calls.

‘911, what’s your emergency’ she asked for the tenth time within five minutes.

‘my son’, screaming the called on the other side.’ He is coming at me with….’, it stopped. Then the dial tone came.

‘hello, sir’, the dispatcher tried in vain , for the tenth time. Most police resources were already sent to city hall, she tried to divert whatever left to the locations of the call.



Dr. Lucas was staring at the data from Riley. He didn’t want to believe, but the more he is seeing the more he realized that there is something bizarre, if not almost unnatural, is going on. He still could not grasp the how the system is failing, but it is showing loopholes through which leaks occurred, and how it is going to impact everything he did not know.

‘I need to speed up my research’, he said to himself. ‘And now I have an added element of uncertainty.

There was violent knocking at his door, he got up and opened the door, wondering who could be daring enough to annoy him at this time of the night.

Riley almost burst through the door. She looked different, Dr. Lucas thought. She was pale, he was trying to determine how she looked and then it came to him, she looked horrified.

‘Dr. Lucas’, Riley said without a breath. ‘You need to see this.’ She handed her tab to him, it was showing a live broadcast form the city, and the feed was not pretty.

Dr. Lucas was stunned; he slowly put down the tab. ‘Do you think it is related to what we just discussed today?’

‘I think it is,’ said Riley. ‘Oh I know it is’.

Detecting a change in the tone of her voice, Dr. Lucas was surprised. He looked at her closely. Was it a horrified expression when came in, or it was something else. Dr. Lucas never fashioned himself as a good interpreted of human emotions or a good judge of human character for that matter. What was he missing, he though to himself. It might be that Riley was initially taken aback by some unexpected turn of things.

‘Actually,’ Riley now looked very calm and composed, ‘I ma going to take at least some credit for this.’

‘What did you do?’ Dr. Lucas whispered.

‘Something that you are afraid to do,’ Riley said with such ferocity that Dr. Lucas took two steps back. How could he not fail to see it, his brilliant assistant searching for the so called recognition, a common vulnerability among researchers. She wanted to make a name for herself and that took her down to a path he so avidly tried not to follow.

‘They came to me,’ Riley was speaking, shattering his thoughts. ‘The program started long ago, even before I got my thesis. It was the brainchild of another brilliant scientist. Irony is he was not even a geneticist, rather an evolutionary biologist trying to find a way to make human race perfect through speeding up the evolutionary process. He believed that was the only we could make ourselves perfect. But they saw the opportunity of using the idea to create a program that will show the entire world how dangerous the children with black gene could be, wiping out whatever remaining sympathy those children could garner and pave the way to kill them, even before they are born. This will save a lot of time and resources in dealing with them, and allow us to invest in to more productive research.’

‘How did you get into it?’ Dr. Lucas asked.

‘They came to me.’ Replied Riley. ‘You see the biologist started to crack, she believed that what we were doing bordered on insanity. She died with a heavy heart’ she added sarcastically. ‘Then they approached me,’ I was just a goofy scientist fresh out of a PhD program and they believe that I could take the program forward. Probably they had eyes on me for quite some time. Frankly I don’t know and I don’t care. What I achieved is going to change the world, not many scientists could say that. And I am going to get my own research facility with unlimited resources and definitely a lot of power.’

‘What you started,’ said Dr. Lucas, ‘you can’t control.’

Riley motioned to the door. In came a young girl, hardly 5years of age with hand held behind her back. She looked cold, distant. Never looked directly to any one in the room, she only stared at the wall.

‘I think you are wrong Dr. Lucas,’ Riley said with such coldness that it chilled Dr. Lucas’s heart. ‘I experimented a lot on how to trigger the genes artificially, and how to control once it is activate so they could utilize the children. Y0ou know what I found?’

‘What did you found,’ Dr. Lucas found it hard to speak.

‘Sound,’ Riley’s face brightened up, ‘more accurately, frequency.’

‘Then why did you show me the things today,’Dr. Lucas tried to fathom Riley’s behavior.

‘I couldn’t resist,’ Riley almost suppressed a cunning smile, ‘I thought, what he hell. It’s all going down tonight. Let’s just give the old man some food for thought which he will take with him while he rots in the grave.’

‘What,’ Dr. Lucas could not believe what he was listening. How everything came to this point, his eyes flashed before his eyes. His research, many things still left to do. He wondered what is going to happen.

Without a word Dr. Riley brought her mobile out of the pocket. She started to play music. The girl, who was standing still al along, suddenly moved. She brought her hands in front, flashing a big knife and looked at such intensity to Dr. Lucas that he shuddered. Is this the end, he thought. If it is then it is not going to end well, at least for him.

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