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Submitted: August 12, 2016

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Submitted: August 12, 2016



George's father stares
at the nurse,

young thing,

blue eyed,

he wants her
does he?

the nurses says,
calls her name out
and won't be calmed
until she's there,
but Mr Dudman said
not to bring her,

the father stares
at the nurse,
then out the window
showing the trees
and fields beyond,

if George calls for her
go get her no matter
what Dudman says,

the nurse nods,
feels relief,
George's hard to manage
once he's in a mood,

anything else?
The father says,

no all well otherwise,
the nurse says,
wishing she was back
at the hospital
caring for wounded soldiers
from the front
whose injuries
she could see,
not this mental type,

she leaves the study,
the father back
at his desk writing,

she walks along
the dark passageway
and up the wide staircase,

she sees George
by the open window
in the chair,

he stares out
at the view hands
over his eyebrows
as if seeing
through binoculars,

he doesn't turn around
when she enters
he stares
at the enemy soldiers

Polly see them
He says suddenly,
pointing at
the field ahead
(cows slowly walking)

the nurse stands
behind him,
hands on his shoulders,

see them Polly?
He repeats,

She's not here George
she's not here,

get her now
I want my wife,
George says
turning round,

the nurse nods
and leaves the room
without a sound.

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