Sorry for this story, I know it's horrible and depressing, I just got inspiration.

Eloise's life has been relatively normal up until January 2016, she suffered from depression, she still does, but it wasn't half as bad after that day.

It seemed like everything was falling apart in her world Eloise thought to herself once more, with the days just dragging on and lasting for what seemed to be forever, she was just constantly thinking back to that day. It would never leave her mind, the way the people were sat down upon the chairs with all of their pets sat by their side, the way her mother Isabelle looked, the way her sister Lily was holding her boyfriends hand, Eloise herself had no such comfort, all she had was her family, her life was nothing like her younger sisters, even her mother once said there is such a huge difference between the two. Thinking back now it was extremely inevitable, what was going to happen.

The horrible moment in her life started in November, she didn't see Storm as much as the rest of the family did, after all Eloise was always shut up in her room, it was like a comfort zone for her, she didn't get along with people that much, and preferred to stay withdrawn, always playing her ps3 or talking to her friends on skype calls. Not having any friends in real life, she took to the internet and met quite a few nice people she enjoys talking to.  
She was going through the typical rude awakening at eight o'clock in the morning, both of the dogs Storm and River were howling for their food, it was their breakfast at this time and she could hear her mother unlocking the back door, but both of the dogs would always stay in the kitchen waiting for their food bowls to be placed down on the tiles. Eloise stretched and yawned at the same time, her sister Lily was probably still in bed as well, she worked till late at McDonalds. 

Uncovering herself from the warmth of her blanket, Eloise stepped out of the bed and wrapped up in her cream dressing gown, tying her brunette hair back into a messy ponytail and yawning once more she put on her glasses, opened the white oak door and shut it behind her, quietly so she didn't wake her sister up, she then began to walk down the stairs, hearing Storm suddenly yelp, she had been struggling to walk for a while, didn't even want to be outside for walks anymore, which was strange, she had an appointment at the vets today and hopefully they would figure out what was wrong. Isabelle had also been worried about the female malimute lately, she wasn't her happy and bubbly self. Eloise sat down beside Storm and began stroking her softly, it was bad enough that she felt horrible every single day, but now something was wrong with the dog too. 

At ten o'clock Lily walked down the stairs from her long sleep, noticing Storm was in her harness, it was time for her vets appointment. Eloise was sitting down watching television and Isabelle spoke up then "I'll be back soon, just taking Storm to the vets, you two can watch over River." As usual they both just nodded and carried on with what they were doing, one watching T.V and the other was getting breakfast. Eloise didn't really talk that much, she never had anything interesting to talk about, it would only be about her internet friends anyway and that never really interested her mother or sister. So she sat in silence watching television, it was Jeremy Kyle as usual and suddenly she became bored, she took her leave from the living room and went upstairs back to her safe haven, turning on her laptop she waited for it to load up, so she could talk to her friends online.

An hour later after talking to her friend Bailey, Eloise heard her mother shut the front door, rushing downstairs she wanted to find out if something was seriously wrong with storm, both children were sat in the living room and were told, it's nothing life threatening, just arthritis, which made the Hunt family's worries ease a little. Isabelle went back to her usual routine, going upstairs to get ready, she always went shopping then visited some of the family afterwards, Lily took her leave from the living room too, probably to put her "face" on, which consisted of wearing alot of make up, she always went out with their mother. Eloise stayed at home like she always did, staying in her room on her laptop, watching anime, talking to her friends or playing games, it was always one of those three. 

Everything was fine after a month Storm wasn't in any pain, but again she still wouldn't go out, this time Isabelle noticed a small lump on the malimute, she wasn't panicking, she just made a vets appointment and informed them about the lump, they didn't scan the right leg, which is where the lump was located, instead they scanned the other side - the one she was struggling to walk on. Nothing came back from the x-ray's and so they said it's just arthritis and they gave her antibiotics. At first they were working, but soon enough again Storm wouldn't walk and it was gradually getting worse overtime.

January two thousand and sixteen, was the unforgettable month, they were told Storm actually had various cancer tumours within her chest and they had to put her to sleep, so she wouldn't feel anymore pain, the whole family was distraught, Isabelle was with her boyfriend, Lily with hers and Eloise was just there with her family, it was time to say goodbye to their dog, even though she had already been put to sleep, they were given permission from the vets to see her. Taking slow walks through the vets, looking around at all the dogs Eloise was trying so hard to keep her composure, it took everything in her not to cry, but as soon as they passed through the doors and were taken down to where dogs were being caged for other things, Storm's cream coloured coat came into view, her eyes were still open but her body was completely lifeless, the cage door was opened so the family could walk in and hug her. Isabelle walked in first, saying her goodbyes, her boyfriend didn't but Lily's did, then it was Lily.

Finally it was Eloise's turn her blue eyes were constantly watering, she couldn't hold back the tears anymore, Storm's fur was still soft and fluffy, but she wasn't here anymore, despite that the brunette placed a kiss upon the animals head and hugged her, the girls heart was breaking into two, she'd never be able to forget those lifeless eyes, the way her tongue was hanging out from her mouth. It was terrible and she could never understand how the vets were able to do such a thing, yes they're stopping the pets pain, but still how could they do anything like this? Eloise was still crying the day after Storm was put to rest.

Eloise moved out and she now lives with her nan, still suffering from depression however this time, her health has become worse, she doesn't go out at all and her travel sickness has become extremely bad, to this day Eloise still blames every bad thing that happens on herself, she regrets everything and even believes she's never going to get any better. Her heart is screaming and crying on the inside, but on the outside she still smiles, blaming herself for everything, thinking that she does nothing but ruin people's lives and that everything she touches just turns to ash completely.

Submitted: August 12, 2016

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This is the big down-side to pet ownership. It's like losing a member of your family that you were responsible for. It's something you think you'll never get over, and in some ways you don't, but eventually you'll remember the good bits instead of the bad.
An interesting read.

Sat, August 13th, 2016 5:38pm

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