The Hospital

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Submitted: August 12, 2016

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Submitted: August 12, 2016



He groaned as he got out of the bed. I watched as he walked over to the window, and pulled back the curtains.

“Any changes?” I asked.

“Nope, they’re still out there,” he said, looking back at me.

“Are there any ways we could sneak past them?”

“Not unless you found another way out that I didn’t.”

“Oh,” I replied, disappointed. He put the curtain back how it was, and sat down on the bed. The old hospital room smelled musty, with an undertone of rubbing alcohol. I looked around the room, with Tim watching me. I ran my hand over the counter, looking around. The room was dusty, and the white floor had a big red stain next to the bed. I opened the cabinets for the third time, hoping I’d find something I’d missed the other times.

“What are you even looking for?” He asked, still watching me.

“I dunno, something useful, gauze or alcohol or something.” He shook his head, then let it fall into his hands.

“Do you think we’ll ever get out of here?” I asked, turning towards him.

“If they get tired of waiting and leave, maybe. But, if they decide the hospital isn’t too small to come look for us, definitely not. They’d shoot us at their first chance.”

I gulped and went on looking through the cabinets. Tim stood, “I have to go to the bathroom, I’ll be back.”

I nodded, and then followed him out of the room. He looked at me, then began down the corridor. I watched him walk away, and went the other way. I walked down the hall, and looked through every door. Some of the rooms had been torn apart, glass broken and the beds flipped, counters ripped from their mountings. Broken glass crunched underfoot as I walked past a window. There were blood stains on the wall now, in a row. Some of them had pockmarks from bullets in the middle of them. They’d all tried so hard to contain it, but when it became waterborne, so many caught it. I ran my hand over the blood stained wall, thinking about those who stood here, scared, knowing that they would soon be no more. As I stood there, my hand on the wall, when I heard a scream. My head turned as though it were on a swivel, and I listened. The screams sounded like they belonged to Tim. I shot off in the direction of the screams like a bullet, running past the empty rooms. I turned a corner, and saw Tim, laying in a pool of his own blood. I looked into his eyes, and they yelled at me the fear in his heart.

“Tova,” he moaned, his voice hoarse from screaming, “Run.” I hesitated for a moment, then took off. I ran down the stairs, and out the front doors. I heard someone yell for me to stop, but I kept running, towards the woods. The tall grass nipped at my bare legs as I ran. Thorns dug into my skin, and burned, but I kept running. My legs and my lungs burned from the distance. I was gasping for air. I looked back, trying to see if anyone had given chase. Then I felt a pair of strong arms wrap arounds my waist and lift me off the ground. I screamed, and started kicking at whoever the arms belonged to.

“Gotcha,” a deep voice said. I started slamming my fists into the hands, hoping the man would drop me.

“Hey!” he yelled, “I got the little bastard!” Another man came out of the woods, followed by two others. All three had military fatigues on, and were holding silenced M4’s. I gulped.

“Put me down!” I cried. One of the men chuckled.

“What’d you think would happen if you went into the red zone?” The one in front said. I shrugged, and he glared at me. “Okay men, restrain him, make sure he can’t slip off back into the hospital.” The men grunted, and put zip ties on my wrists and ankles. The last thing I remember is the black hood sliding over my head.


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