I'm done.

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When you do everything you can to be her someone but she just doesn't want to notice. You know you have to walk away and say you're done.

Submitted: August 12, 2016

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Submitted: August 12, 2016



I say I'm done yet I run straight back to her. I say I don't want to hear it but I listen to her every wish and her every word. She says she has no one,yet I'm sitting right  in front of her trying to be her someone. I reach out my hand for her to hold it, I open my arms to hold her, I get rid of all distractions just to focus on her, but she doesn't seem to notice. In a way it seems to hurt because when she speaks her words mean something but when I speak they mean nothing. When I see her beauty it's not just her physique I find beautiful but also the way her lips move when she speaks,when she smiles and when she laughs. I see beauty in how she dresses, how she walks, how she looks at me, how she wears her hair. I see the beauty in every little thing she does. What hurts the most is that she's trying to find her someone in a person that only sees her beauty and not every little detail of it or everything behind it. What hurts the most is that she could possibly fall for someone who doesn't see her like I do and someone that may hurt her and yet all I can do is stand here and watch her leave because she won't ever understand how I feel and I don't think she ever will want too, so I'm done with whatever this was because it's getting harder to hold on to something she doesn't want to see...

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