mafia town 3 "hotel placid".

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elaine worked as a housekeeper at "the aristocrat hotel",it's not long before she realizes that she's working for ruthless employers intent on covering up what really goes on there ,driven by greed and a desire to control the people that work there the jinks's will do anything to keep the evil going's on under wraps,but as elaine find's out there is an even more powerful force at work.

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The Aristocrat Hotel was a hotel like no other, unlike the ones in the town it catered for the older generation with one side called the west wing dedicated to the swingers of the 1970s with it's deco reflecting that of the flower power era affectionately referred to as the Denim Suite.On the East wing at the other side of the hotel was the Velvet Suite that had the impressive wooden staircase leading to the two bars that were well stocked with liquor ,the high stools at the bar were designed with comfort in mind as they were meant to keep a punter in his seat to carry on buying drinks for as long as he could stand up and pay the tab,yes the Velvet Suite was glamourous and lived up to it's name “velvet” as all the seats and sofa's were covered in this red sumptuous fabric.

I entered through the automatic sliding doors into the foyer and walked up the marble steps to the reception desk,”morning sweetie” said the well groomed receptionist with her ponytail in pristine shape with a broad smile she placed my master key on the desk,”morning” I replied taking the key and going to the clocking in machine,i placed my face in the digital square and pressed clock in “Hello” said an animated voice,i signed the paper hanging up on the notice board and the time, I walked to the velvet suite and retrieved the keys from behind the bar to open up the housekeeping cupboards,”there's been a delivery” said an invisible voice from behind the bar up pop's Sheridan the manager,”oh hi! I didn't see you there I replied with my hand on my chest and a bit taken aback ,”ok i'll see to it in a minute”,i headed for the velvet suite,arriving at the smoked glass double doors to the dance hall an impressive spacious room with velvet curtains to match the rest of the furniture hung regally from the poles that held them swagging down from a great heighth,the stage was at the end of the room with steps either side to enter and exit the stage for the acts it accommodated on a weekly sometimes nightly basis,behind the dj's enclosure by the side of the stage were all the deliveries from the laundry left there by Anthony the delivery guy ,on arrival every time Anthony would be rewarded with a lemonade and ice straight from the tap at the bar ,Sheridan must have served him this time,i was relieved not be the one to take it to him this morning because he was quite intimidating with his six foot plus stature and the black hat that covered his head nearly covering his eyes even in the sun,the lorry he drove could barely fit at the back entrance to deliver the laundry and he had scraped the wall and knocked off his mirror a few times since I had been working there which was about five months.After taking the cages to the east and west wings ready to prepare the rooms for the day,i walked through the huge kitchen where the chef's were preparing meals for luncheon,as I walked past the gleaming stainless steel work surfaces the smell of beef sirloin and roasted vegetables filled the air,the soux chef a robust woman named Sue Lee was making the colourful macaroons and sandwiching them together with butter icing laced with rasberry sauce,she placed them neatly on the three tiered serving plates as daintily as she could , her three hundred pound body frame made no difference to her skills in the kitchen,”Morning Sue Lee”,i said not making eye contact as she was a force to be reckoned with I had overheard someone saying by the reception desk when I first arrived five months ago,”What has she done?” said the head housekeeper to the receptionist “You dont want to know,you really dont”, she said trying to say so in a quiet manner as Sue Lee clocked in with her hair scraped into a bun with grey starting to show,”morning” replied the socially shy soux chef,i collected the miniture milk cartons and the soaps and shampoos from the stock room and wheeled them to the delivery rooms for the housekeeper's,as I got off the lift in the velvet suite on the first floor the sound of hammering and chatter was underway as the bridal suite was taking shape ,the decision had been made to knock two rooms into one to make a luxurious room for newly weds,just then I passed the room where the owners of the Aristocrat Hotel stayed while they were in town,Mr Jinks as he was known along with his wife Moira that everyone called Mr & Mrs for short, they were going downstairs to the dining area for breakfast as they alway's did when staying at the hotel,rumour had it that the reason they used to eat amongst the hotel guests was to hear the chatter incognito pretending to be dining to find out what people really thought about their stay and the food they were eating,Mrs yanked the lead of the german shepherd dog they had with them at all times he growled at me when I passed,their tans had recently been topped up in the Riviera in a villa they often visited on the Italian coast,down stairs in the dining room their son and daughter joined them for breakfast,they were both graying too as Mr & Mrs were now seventy and eighty respectively,Georgie their son was the backbone of the hotel taking care of everything including everyone's wages and hiring employees, his sister Jeanna owned a boutique that she had recently bought from a well known business owner in the center of the town named “Amellie Fashions”,there were glass cases free standing and wall mounted displaying her elegant dresses and jewellery showcasing them for maximum exposure to entice the guests into buying them.I made my way to the Denim Suite met by Gemina a furious Head housekeeper who was only twenty five years old but she wanted to let us know she was head “housekeeper”,her brass badge proudly displayed her name on her lapel,”Disgusting”! she said,carrying her mop bucket water splashing out as she briskly walked toward the ladies toilets,”what's the matter I said looking back at her as she was already entering the powder room,Chrissie followed close behind her,”what is it ?” I asked curious to know what was happening,The toilets on the second floor of the Denim Suite haven't been flushed, yesterday's party!she said raising her eyes to the ceiling the whole floor is a mess said Chrissie following her to the toilets,there were four housekeepers in all but Bella was off work because she had relatives staying from Spain.Chris and Mark the maintenence men were carrying their tool boxes to the lift in the Denim Suite,”you'll have to use the stairs today Elaine” he said “sorry”,we'll have it up and runing as soon as we can”,Mark was less talkative and just quietly got on with his work there was something creepy about him too he used to turn up in unexpected places,one time I was changing beds in the room next to the one he was fixing a leak in and by the time I went down stairs in the lift to the first floor he was walking toward me from the end of the corridor.On arrival at the second floor of the Denim Suite I used my master key to enter room number forty five,there were all manner of thing's all over the floor including sheaths that had been used and food tray's from the kitchen with half eaten lamb chops ,i put on my gloves and reluctantly placed them in a bin as I went into the bathroom there were more unpleasant surprizes in store as the bath and shower curtain showed evidence of a woman's monthly,”Yuk!” I said out loud turning on the shower and adjusting the gage to hot,i was startled as Mr Jink's voice behind me said “oh good” as he looked over my shoulder at the messy remains,i looked at him puzzled as if to say what do you mean when he said “Jeanna stayed here last night get rid of all that would you?”,i felt ill at ease as Jeanna was his daughter,i'm glad he didn't see what I found on the floor just before he came in.There were thing's that went on in that hotel that I suspected Mr & Mrs didn't want anyone to find out.The phone rang in the bedroom “Hi Elaine reception here can you tell me when you finish each room wev'e got booking's coming in already so I need all the arrivals done first ok”,i agreed but wondered why I had been left with all the dirty work,typical I thought to myself Gemina and Chrissie get the cushy wing, the Velvet Suite was more often than not given to the more classy guests and the Denim Suite was for the more rugged guests,they cleverly deduced this at reception on seeing the guests on arrival and sometimes even on the telephone they could tell what kind of suite they were going to give depending on the demeanour of each guest checking in, the Beachouse at the entrance of the hotel gates with ten rooms was given to the more rowdy visitors with unruly children,never the less it was a successful family run business and I got the feeling that the whole town not to mention the hotel was sewn up opportunity wise to outsiders and one's whose face didn't fit.



At lunch hour all the housekeepers gathered at the table and chairs at the back of the hotel it was sunny so we ate outside,Uriah one of the gardeners joined us and started eating his chip sandwich with great gusto and slurping it down with hot tea,after the other housekeepers went back to work I hung back to finish my coffee ,Uriah was looking at his mobile phone and turned the screen toward me, I couldn't quite make it out as there was a glare of the sun on it,”what is that?” I said curiously,”Oh”,“it's a picture of Georgie he dropped one in the bath”,”see I was doing work in his garden out the back of his house and there was a tree stump so he used the chainsaw to get the stump up,his wife shouted at him saying “your not using that again when your in a bad mood”,”what do you mean”?,he did a poop in the bath”?,”yeah! He said with a hint of sarcasm,he did a poop in the bath, he got up and left for work ,my stomache curdled and I felt a realization that somehow he didn't mean that he pooped in the bath what did that have to do with the chainsaw?,the head bar person passed with a ear piece listening to his MP3 player he nodded as he walked past.There was some strange people in this hotel that's for sure and a lot of people from Poland and Hungary with green cards which they were very proud of,one woman named Ellie showed me hers with a very happy grin on her face ,”welcome to ghost town” I said to her in gest.I loved my town but I wasn't happy with some of the thing's that went on there like when the “Horton Hotel” chain wanted to build on the brown belt area on the coastal road there was planning permission then they refused it because The Horton Hotel chain wouldn't place big fat envelopes in the councillors pockets,if you wern't willing to give a few backhanders to the right people you didn't have a chance in hell not in this town,i was in a taxi coming home from work one day when I got talking about “The Aristocrat Hotel” to the driver when he told me that he had an architect from London in his cab recently,he was the one who was assigned to design The Horton Hotel and he had been down to see the site to commence with planning but at the last moment the councillors of the town refused planning permission based on that the site was marshland,that was rubbish he added as there was a large housing estate across the road a stone throw away from the site in question,this town is corrupted he said annoyed and looking back at The Aristocrat Hotel and shaking his head as he drove off.Mr&Mrs had influence and they had been the corner stone of the Hotel industry for more than fifty years and they didn't want to be knocked off their perch now not in their Autumn years when they may need to pass on the responsibility to Georgie to keep the family business going for generations to come,no! The Horton Hotel didn't stand a chance,talk about the town being sewn up,they looked after those who looked after them and if you wanted to be on the right side of the fat cats then you'd pay up it was as simple as that.

It was my well earned day off a Thursday when I liked to do shopping and home improvements I lay in bed happy to not have to go to work as I was worked out after doing the whole of the Denim Suite on my own I drew back the curtains and looked at the sunshine my big paycheque was in the bank calling out to me to be spent I planned to go shopping today,just then the phone rang,”Hello it's Mrs Jink's here could you come in for an hour I need the carpet cleaning on the second floor of the Velvet Suite there's inspectors coming in”,being the accommodating person I am I set off for work an hour wouldn't be a problem i'd be out of there in the shake of a lambs tail,i was met at the door by the head housekeeper,”Oh thanks for coming in really appreciate it”,Mrs want's you to clean the carpets here,she whispered I didn't want to phone you but Mrs insisted I didn't want to call you in on your day off,she handed me a fountain pen and scraped the dust from between the wall and the carpet there was a lot of dust, “Thankyou!”she said as she walked off, I stood there holding the pen feeling silly,i cant believe i'm being treated like this a woman of my caillber what an outrage were they taking the mickey? Was this some kind of initiation? It felt like it,ok! there's only one thing for this,i will wet my mop and the edges of the carpet and get the dust up that way, I certainly wasn't getting on my hand's and knees but i didn't want to lose my job either i was enjoying the money too much, so I just soldiered on,Chris the maintenance man came up to me whilst I was cleaning,”dont let them get to you!” he said just ask me if there's anything you need,theyr'e trying to make small of you”,”really? Well they'll have to do better than that after what iv'e been through I replied,”Your the eighth housekeeper to be employed in the last six months” they don't stay here long the Head Housekeeper scares them away, keep your chin up”,he walked toward the stairs.Well iv'e worked with some difficult people in my time but with no-one as calculating and controlling as these people,i could see that it was just a matter of time before I was shown the door,my mind was cast back to the interview with Mrs Jink's “I hope you stay” she said her hand on my shoulder then another flashback of when I was having break at the back of the hotel the remark I let slip when the head housekeeper said “Youv'e only been here for five minutes and already you think you own the place”,i ignored the comment thinking she just felt intimidated by my being older than she was.One hour turned into four I clocked out,Ah! Fresh air!,the heat in the hotel was stifling I walked to the bustop just outside the entrance gates I looked back at the coachouse there were a lot of guests there,the carpark was full to capacity,the bungalow at the bottom of the hill had all it's windows open that was where Jeanna lived with her boyfriend and daughter,which is strange because Mr Jink's said she had stayed in room number forty five two day's ago.

The bus was late I looked at my mobile phone to see the time it was 1.25pm it was ten minutes late,just then a grey car came by, the window wound down “Can I give you a lift anywhere?”,said the man inside who looked very official with his pinstripe suit and a briefcase on the back seat,”no thankyou”,the bus will be here in a minute,”you mean the one that's broken down he pointed up the hill as I peered forward and looked up the road I could see the purple double decker bus with smoke coming out of the engine and passengers were now filing out one by one and standing at the roadside,”it's ok i'm a Police officer said the man,i put my most polite face on and accepted,i got into the passenger seat and put on my belt we sped off down the road “I live at Stoney Gates the gated community about a mile away,”yes I know where you live he said looking at me and reaching into his pocket and bringing out a card with his number on and a Police crest on the top corner,i looked at it flumuxed “Oh, how do you know me?” “it's our business to know everyone at the hotel your working in”,he paused waiting for a reaction,”wev'e been watching the hotel for some time now,we think there's sex trafficking and even murders taking place unbenownst to anyone,wev'e had missing persons filed by landlords who want payment for the rooms that immigrants have rented and theyv'e just disappeared without a trace”,”i knew there was something going on”,i said turning to him to show that I was listening,”your not welcome there are you?”,i told him about today's episode being given a fountain pen to get dust up,he looked at me and said have you written anything that might bring bad attention on yourself on a social media site or anything like that?”,”coming to think of it I had been writing some thing's about the hotel and posting some comments stating if i'd had a hard day nothing more than that”,”it dosent have to be much”,he said pursing his lips together as if to sympathize for the situation I was in.”Mrs Jink's has got her hand in every cookie jar in this town,if you tick her off you may as well say goodbye to getting a job anywhere within a ten mile radius, she knows more people than you could imagine,Mr Jink's has got someone scrolling the internet sites looking for anything derrogatory that may bring his hotel into disrepute,he employs a whizz kid to look out for anything like that he pays him £500 per month for the privilege,my guess is that anything youv'e posted on the social media sites has been printed off and filed so that he can make a case against you at a later date if he need's to ,these are ruthless people your working for,at the hospital there are three cases of dog bites that patients at the hospital wont report because theyr'e too afraid to,guess where all the people with the dog bites were working at the time? Yes that's right your hotel,so you see we have plenty of reason to be suspicious of anyone who goes in or out of that hotel you understand?”,”yes of course I do but what do you expect me to do?.

CHAPTER 3.The recaption:The events that occurred prior to Elaine's employment at The Aristocrat Hotel:


PC Drummond pulled into a layby next to the resovoir at Henley Heights the popular tourist spot for walkers and hikers,”let me tell you what happened to a previous employee of The Aristocrat Hotel about a year ago:Amellie Parsons started work there just to earn a little extra money at the weekends when she was still in university, she didn't want help off her mother at the time so she decided to go it alone and branch out and work for herself ,the family were well off at that time they were very proud of Amellie and had high hopes for her,her studies in medicine had not gone unnoticed by the experts in that field she was a budding hopeful,she had a part time placement at the Amberleaf hospital in the city and by all accounts was set to be the next best thing in the Pharmaceutical industry,she met a man a student studying at the same university ,at first thing's seemed good they'd go for walks hold hands and dine out ,on the surface of it they looked just like a normal young couple,but then thing's turned bad when they were at theyr'e student digs they had a room they used to go to for privacy and alone time like any young couple would, Amellie was oldschool and didn't believe in sex before marriage so imagine her surprize when she would wake up in the morning with signs of intercourse she had had the night before,of course this man denied everything,she was so confused that she felt she couldnt tell the Police,she tried telling her friends and family but when the proof had gone there was no chance of retrieving it,Amellie was disgraced she stopped seeing her boyfriend and became withdrawn and depressed,she couldn't think for the life of her how he was able to do it unnoticed without waking her,well she stopped going to university she told her family it wasnt for her and that she decided to lead a more grounded life and work at her mothers Fashion Boutique in the town named Amellie fashions after her,”Oh that's where iv'e heard that name before”,the realization was now making sense,”but what's the connection between the boyfriend and the hotel?,”yes I thought you may ask that”,the boyfriend is none other than Craig ,Georgie's son.Amellies mother tried stirring up a fuss trying to find out the truth behind what had happened because it turned out that Amellie was pregnant but supposedly had had no intercourse,well the Jinks's had a field day with this they had false witnesses testify against Amellie and had her pegged as a fabricator and tried saying she was mentally unstable she was backed up by Mrs Jinks's friends who were high up in the mental health facility in the town and she herself was on the board as a chairwoman for the mental health team,”That's awful how tragic and unjust poor Amellie!,that's not all Mr&Mrs filed a counter complaint for slander against Amellie and the court fees kept adding up so her parents had to sell the business to an out of town buyer or so they thought,it was in fact the Jinks's that bought it using one of their cronies to act as a stand in,anyway she had the baby and now she's living with her parents in the country.The second incident goes further back ,a few years ago a Lithuanian lady names Lizzy came to work at the hotel she was new to our country and was grateful for being accepted and offered a job as a supervisor to work alongside Sheridan who'd been there for years,her role was to oversee the smooth running of the hotel and make sure the employees were doing what they should be doing and that the guests were kept happy,well there was one guest that stayed for over six months whilst his apartment was being refurbished he was in a wheelchair and would sit at the bar day after day drinking he became like part of the scenery he was well known but at the same time kept himself to himself,Lizzy would give him her undivided attention when she could talking to him and making him feel comfortable,and it turns out that she made him a bit too comfortable she got pregnant with his baby,Lizzy was working almost every day and couldn't cope with the work load,Mr&Mrs noticed that she had a growing bump which became all the more obvious as she was very slight in stature,she had become an indespensable part of the workforce and Mr didn't want to see her go so he offered her more work on top of her normal shifts to which she had to accept because she was an immigrant and if she didnt have a job she'd have to leave the country ,Mr Jinks had a solution! she could stay in one of the double rooms in the Velvet Suite, she accepted,the next time the other workers saw Lizzy there was no bump problem solved at least for Mr Jinks he had his worker back on track,there were rumours circulating around that Mr had had the prematurely born infant incinerated it hasn't been proved,all the rooms are bugged too and there are camera's in some of the smoke alarms.”Have you had any strange thing's happen to you whilst youv'e been there?” He asked ,”well now you come to mention it there was two no three incidents that I could swore happened but it seemed like it wasn't real so that's why I couldn't raise the alarm”,”what is it? anything you say is important tell me no matter how insignificant you think it is it may help in the investigation,”well it's got to do with the beachhouse at the bottom of the hill by the entrance gates”,”yes carry on i'm listening”,at first nothing happened it was after i'd been working there for about a week that I noticed time lapses,i would start changing beds and cleaning rooms lets say at 2 o'clock in the afternoon and i'd only been working for what seemed like about an hour or even less and the next thing I know the head housekeeper is shouting out “Elaine where are you?”,of course I was in one of the rooms cleaning ,it looked dusk outside,”it's 5 o'clock you know past hometime you can go and clock out”,i was confused as I had only just arrived it seemed”,”do you remember anything strange happening to you prior to the time lapse?” “yes,the only way I can explain it is that I felt a strange numbness overcome me like a shroud in my mind it sounds silly I know,” “Dont feel silly that's what we want to find out”.”What's the second incident?”,well I was cleaning one of the rooms when I suddenly had visions of Sheridan having sex with me”,then he got on the phone and told the chefs to come from the kitchen and well this is embarrasing do I have to go on?””ok that's enough for now”.”Thankyou for listening to me officer I didn't know how to say it out loud”.”Your welcome” he said and started up the car to take me home,”I will talk to you again ok” he said in a friendly manner it felt good to confide in someone and get it off my chest.

“Hello my beauty” said Sheridan as I passed him in the lobby!,”Hi “,i had never been called a beauty before,as usual I made my way to the bar for the keys,Mr was counting the nights take and placing the cash into bags,”morning “ he said cheerfully how are you today?” “very well thankyou” I said ,it seemed hard to believe that there was dark and evil thing's going on in this hotel,The band the “Zulu Slayers” had stayed last night after their gig and there was evidence of a good party and a lot to clean up ,Chris passed and cheerfully said “morning Elaine”,in the kitchen the chefs were preparing the food for the wedding party later that day at 3 o'clock,i was finishing at two so I wouldn't be there to see the bride and groom,Bella had prepared the bed with swans made out of towels and spread rose petals all over the bed and extra fluffy towels for maximum comfort.I walked back through the bar to the Denim suite Sheridan was washing glasses from the night before and shining them up with a teatowel,good show last night said Sheridan winking at me in suggestive way,”Oh yes have they left yet?””,no their still in there they'll be leaving soon though”,i smiled and left him to his chores ,on arrival on the second floor the lead singer of the Zulu Slayers came out of room 51 at the end of the corridor scratching his head and looking worse for wear nursing a hangover he came over to the house keeping cart and said have you got any more milk and coffee's?” “yes” ,i grabbed a few and placed them in his tatooed and heavily ringed fingers, he looked at me through his hair which was dangling in front of his eyes and said chirpily,”hey your the chick from last night,good show” he winked as well knowingly and puckered his lips and sounded out a loud squelching kiss.What's with all the wink's and good show,was he blowing his own trumpet? Just then I had a flashback of me and Chris doing an erotic dance together in front of an audience of enthusiastic people chanting and saying more! More!,one woman had a five pound note in her hand ready to give to us after the dance was over,wow what was that?,another flashback,i kept having these but there was no explanation as to why.I went around each room cleaning as I went and found generous tips on the tea trays, after I had gathered all the tips they came to £50,i placed them into my apron,the lead singer now came out of his room in number 51 and passed me in the corridor,then no surprize when two scantilly clad girls followed behind him looking as worse for wear as he did,”here you go sweetie” he said placing a £20 note in my hand,”thankyou very much I said placing it into my pocket with the other money,this is so strange a surreal feeling came over me as I wandered around doing what I normally do,at the end of the day's shift I clocked out and said goodbye to the housekeeping girls and shared out the tips it wasn't a bad day's work I sat at home curious about the comments that the boss had said that day and then the lead singer of the band saying the same thing and the flashbacks had me plotting up a plan to try and find out what went on there in the nights,so I get dressed up in black and covered my blond hair with a beenie hat and made my way on foot from where I had parked the car just down the road,the car had been off the road for some time so I was taking taxis everywhere but I had a last minute slot to get my car fixed at the garage and it was ready within the hour.The chattering and laughter became louder as I approached the hotel all the lights were on, there was a party underway after the wedding that afternoon,there was a lot of clinking glasses and hugging as I walked along the patio outside the conservatory music became louder the dance hall was full of merriment and dancing, pop song's were being played I peeped through the window and through the crack in the curtains I could see the DJ with his headphones on the disco ball was spinning and couples were gathering onto the dance floor for the last songs of the night smooches were a tradition to end the dance with a romantic couple closely holding onto each other ,who was there dancing with Mrs Jinks but the Policeman in the pinstripe suit I had talked to earlier ,maybe he was working undercover?

Everyone stopped dancing suddenly and the music stopped,i was shocked when all of the people on the dancefloor looked over at me peering in through the window,the man in the pinstripe suit looked sympathetically at me you couldn't hear a pin drop, then I felt giddy and lost conciousness.I was woken by a voice by my side I looked around to find my dead relative Maxine looking at me with dark eyes,not feeling fully awake I said,”what are you doing here?” she didn't answer,”where ever youv'e been your going to have to stay there” I said knowing from my bible studies that the dead are concious of nothing at all ,i had also read that Satan poses as dead relatives to support the belief there is life after death, armed with this knowledge I turned to the apparition and said “your still evil I see”,the apparitions eyes moved back and forth rapidly with no whites of the eyes showing,i turned to the man in the pinstripe suit who was standing about 2 meters away “where ever youv'e een keeping her she's going to have to go back” I said looking back at the apparition,”well i'm glad youv'e found peace Maxine”i said not able to grasp fully what was happening,i knew that dead people were in the common grave of mankind waiting for a ressurection as pointed out in the bible and that dead people do not walk the earth in limbo in a parrallel world neither here nor there God is a God of love I was sure of that,just then I turned to the apparition who was still looking at me and said “seek mildness seek meekness probably you will be concealed in the day of Jehovah's anger”,i kept looking at the face of Maxine who the apparition obviously knew well and just then the face of the apparition changed from Maxine's face into a face of a ghoul with a wide open mouth gaping wider than any human mouth could then the apparition pressed it's face against mine in anger,i lost my breath as I closed my eyes in order not to look the angry Demon in the eyes then his face turned to that what was truly his the outline of his hair was blond and regal looking but where his face should have been there was no face just a blank space,i carried on looking and the demon I believed to be Satan himself turned in great anger with his back to me his cape flowing down from his 9 foot frame his blond hair perfectly in place his warrior boots and wings showing from behind he was very beautiful no doubt about that like the bible says that Lucifer was very beautiful in appearance, as one of God's creations he would be ,an orange glow surrounded him as he dissapeared through the wall he left go of the grip he had on my mind and I stumbled backwards I was caught by the hand by the man in the pinstripe suit,”what happened?”, there were only two other people with him in the room by this time he threw down a sketching pad onto the table next to me and said “draw it”,i drew the sketch and gave the pad to PC Drummond,”think back did he have a face?””no he didn't” “that was Satan you just saw”,”yes I know” I said unimpressed” he knows the scriptures better than I do”,”well he has had sex with you” said one of the men accompanying PC Drummond,i shrugged my shoulders,”is that meant to impress me?”,”since the dawn of time Satan has been jealous of mankind serving God and he has alway's been interested in the daughters of men there is nothing phenominal about that”.

I woke up in a padded cell, I looked through the slotted bars of the serving hatch and could see Lizzy walking around the day room and Amellie shuffling around in slippers I recognized them from the photos on the wall of past and present employees Mr&Mrs kept behind the bar,the door opened a Doctor in a white coat appears with two nurses,inserts the needle into my arm,facing out of the window I could see the grounds of the hotel and Sheridan waving at me from the garden.







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