Martin's Bad Luck

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You can be a womanizer at any part of your life, but when your luck runs out, not even the LORD can save you.

Submitted: August 12, 2016

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Submitted: August 12, 2016



Martin and his wife Rose, went to a business meeting. A strip dance had been arranged without Martin's knowledge. 

The Manager of the strip dancers greeted Martin.

"Hi Martin, How are you?" Manager

Rose was in for a shock.

"How did he know you?" - Rose

"We are childhood friends," - Martin.

One waiter greeted him ," Good to see you here Sir. Busy? Not seeing you at the club."

Rose went for another shock.

"How does he know you?" - Rose

"He is working new in this job. He was working in an organization I knew before"  - Martin.

A dancer greeted Martin.

"Hi Honey, Did you shift to another girl?," - Dancer.

Rose was bursting with anger.  She stomped off and hailed a taxi. Martin jumped in along with her.

Martin's bad luck was on his shoulder.

"Hi Bro," quipped the taxi driver."Shortage of money, Got a old hag,"

Martin had no option but to call the cops to save him from the murderous assault that is going to happen once they reach home.

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