Consequences Of Assumptions

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This article deals with how anger can play a negative part in your life.

Submitted: August 12, 2016

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Submitted: August 12, 2016



The rise of anger is linked with many factors such as ego, insult and assumption etc. About 80 percent of the cases you get angry and lose control over your words are based on assumptions. Combine assumptions with revenge, a missing of appraisal and all, our mind pushes us in the dark and we have illusions about conspiracy ready to dethrone our jobs, back-stabbing, gossip and the situation goes beyond our control.

Although we are humans, and the Lord (if you believe in HIM) has given us a brain, even if we know we are wrong, and our mind advises patience, our ego makes the most of our anger. Anger is a negative impact on the body; the heart and gut are subjected to strain and stress builds up on the neurological system. The stress hormone, adrenalin is produced, and too much of stress can have side-effects.

In stress situations, every healing process of the body is put to a stop, food in the digestive tract can get converted to toxins, the blood pressure increases exerting pressure on the arteries of the heart and brain. In short, negative assumptions, make us fight against ourselves. The heart, mind and body are at risk.

The Antidote

Patience is the only way in which you can subdue the effects of stress and anger on the body. There are times, when we may have to show the feelings of anger to get a job done, but this anger is under our control. A person who has realized himself, knows to hold his thoughts for some time or taking time to know the reality instead of coming to a conclusion.

The best way is to divert the attention of our thoughts till the truth gets revealed. If we act on our assumptions, chances are more that we can suffer humiliation at the cost of our stupidity. 

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