Arboris Libris Divinus

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Fantasy Realm
An automaton's ascension to sentience and the journey that follows as he reads of magic and lands that capture his mind's eye and press him to seek adventure beyond his mystical garden home.

Submitted: August 12, 2016

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Submitted: August 12, 2016



Many enchanted, haunted, or psychically charged buildings have rooms that come and go, Rose Red manor, the library of Alexandria, the tower of Karazhan, Hogwarts castle have all had such rooms. But sometimes, the rooms wander between such places, picking up a trinket here, a lost soul there as they drift from place to place, warping reality as if it were the natural flow of things. Arboris was born to one such place, a garden that would sway into magical places, sometimes more than one at once, sometimes only small portions, sometimes it would be no place at all.

He does not know where he came from, his purpose had always been to tend to the garden and nothing else. As time wore on his mind began to form, and his thoughts began to wander. Books, and other things, would gather in the garden and with them he slowly taught himself to read. His memories of the old times were a blur, he could vaguely recall being made of tin, copper and brass once upon a time, but didn't know how he came to be more plant than machine. But to be perfectly honest, he did not care. He instead enjoyed his newfound ability to read as much as he was able with his limited supply of materials. 

As was to be expected gathering in a greenhouse, most of the books were on botany, both magical and mundane. Some detailed strange creatures of the woodlands, or magics that could be drawn from the essence of wilderness, or formula for complex elixirs. He read of alchemy, and medicine, of the Volodni pact and their militaristic views, of druids from across worlds, and the Korok of Forest Haven. He read of the dendroids of Erathia, the Emerald Dream of Azeroth, the Botani of Draenor and fey of all creeds. But his greatest treasure came from the Botanica and the writings of the elves and their arcane manipulation of nature. He found the incantations and gestures easier to mimic than the druidic way of evoking the power of nature through emotion and intuition. He possessed a small spark of innate magical power, likely a side effect from prolongs exposure to the drifting garden, and from that spark he expanded his knowledge and arcane power through study of his magical tomes, mystic rituals, medicinal recipes, and alchemical formulas. 

As he worked through the small collection of books, he came to yearn for more, for experience and knowledge beyond the confines of his verdant home. So he gathered supplies and equipment, a few of his favored books, a bag fashioned from the flora of the garden, preserved clippings from a few dozen plants, some potions, and food to last a fortnight. And with all of the courage he could muster, he left the safety of the garden the very next time it connected to a new place of power, braving the unknown in persuit of knowledge. 

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