Gaia Ex Natura

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Submitted: August 12, 2016

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Submitted: August 12, 2016



Powerful magic leaves scars. This is a well known fact of the craft. In places of catastrophic magical upheaval, even simple spells can leave scars that form perfect imprints of the magic that created them. These perfectly imprinted scars are the living spells we know and fear. But sometimes the scars of magic just don't have the power to maintain an effect but the imprint is there, waiting. Gaia owes zer life to one such magical scar.

Once upon a time there lived a sorcerer king, now long forgotten to history. This king knew the rituals of the Warforged and devoted his efforts in raising an army of these metal monstrosities. No one knows what happened to this King or his armies, but his kingdom has long since fell to ruin, the forest reclaiming the land until only a few crumbling walls and magical scars remained. Eventually, the fey wilds breached the forest, and while the weave had faded most of the scars left by the Kings magic, the Warforged ritual scar remained as it had always been, for the creation of life is among the most powerful of magics. The magic of the wilds quickly erased the remnants of the faded spells, but when it touched the Warforged scar, the power of the fey provided the spark for one last creation as the scar burst with life and thus Gaia was born. The ritual's form splintered quickly with the power and began to heal as the other scars had, but in the spot where Gaia came to be, there is a massive, intricate rune marked by arcane infused flora that thrives to this day, a reminder of the power of the creation of life and a shadow of a scar that once was.

Gaia Ex Natura spent a great deal of zer life in seclusion, oblivious to the world beyond the forest, beyond the Fey Wilds and the endless emerald overgrowth. Though zhe lacked a great deal of knowledge that most Warforged were created with, zhe did possess and innate gift with flora. Zhe was able to speak with the trees and call upon the forest itself to fight beside zer. Zhe championed many a cause in nature's name and spread the forests far and wide through her adventures.

As time bore on and zhe amassed more power in zer journeys, a fault in zer creation began to express itself more and more. Due to the nature of zer creation, Gaia had always been closely tied to the earth and the wilds, it is what had given zer power over nature. But zer form was unstable, unable to safely retain the magic that gave zer such power, causing zer to slowly meld with the earth whenever zhe became idle. And upon completion of the greatest victory for nature and indeed the world, Gaia became one with the land, never to return. Some say you can still hear zer in the wind and zer power is still evident in the great forest that grew from zer resting place, more ents and dryads call those trees home than any other forest in the world and fire never seems to singe a single leaf within and axes shatter against the trees. Some say zhe will return one day, when the need of the world is dire, but that is merely a rumor.

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