Fido Vs. Fluffy!

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The age-old question!

Submitted: August 12, 2016

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Submitted: August 12, 2016



Fido will be happy and content to play 'fetch' for hours on end.

Fluffy will just look at you like it's beyond their ability to comprehend,

even while thinking, 'you're the dumb shit who threw it, you get it,

I ain't you lap dog, ain't that dumb, I'm not falling for your stupid shit!'

Fido will let out a protective growl to an intruder, meaning 'you'd better not,'

while Fluffy won't move an inch, while they steal everything you've got.

Fido wags his tail to show you, 'thanks ever so much for the chow,'

while he greedily inhales it like he's starving, and the looks at you like 'fetch now?'

I swear, Fluffy would tuck in a napkin, use a knife and fork, and sit at the table.

Fido craps in the yard, wherever he stands, dodge if you're able,

while Fluffy uses a litter box, so prim and proper, so much more refined,

instead of dropping shit-bombs wherever they stand, yes, your yard is heavily mined!

And the differences are endless, and go on forever and a day,

but what would we do without either one, is all that I'll say!












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