the woods

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Submitted: August 12, 2016

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Submitted: August 12, 2016






The Woods


By: William Valenti


As a six year old boy. I was beat, cut, starved, and abused by my so called “guardian” - the only one I have ever had. Sleeping outside when it stormed, and being abused was not the way for any child to like, let alone a six year old like me.
My grandpa, if that is what he even is, was and has been the only person and thing that I've ever known my entire life…

I never attended school, never played any sports, never had pets, and didn't have a social life at all. But I didn't really care. The only family I had forced me to call him “Master Griffon” instead of “grandpa”. He took more pride in his last name than he in me,  I was kicked-out not even a couple hours ago walking alone dressed in warm clothing (so generous of him to give me warm clothes before he kicked me out) walking through the city of  “Northern Michigan.” The year was 2005, and it was a cold, gray winter. I was scared and, confused because I was only six years old and alone in a big city. 

Firetrucks and ambulances passed by with their sirens and lights at action. I looked back seeing a large amount of black smoke pushing over 50 feet reaching the peaceful sky. The “Rescue Engines” (what I liked to call them) drove up the street I lived on. It appeared to me the commotion was occurring at my grandpa’s house. “Hopefully.” I thought to myself then instantly felt guilty and terrible just because of a thought I had. It's pretty sad when someone has that much control and power over you that just a thought scares you into guilt. On the inside, I was wanting that house to be his but on the outside a wave of panic struck me.

Is he hurt? Is it even his house? Was it my fault? Did I do anything wrong? Should I go back? Should I save him? (even though I don’t care about saving him). Silly thoughts rapidly ran through my head. But I kept on walking. Like grandpa told me once long ago. “Once you have set your mind to something, stick with it and never quit until you have won.” I will never go back. That house was filled with every nightmare of mine and all the horror of growing up in that very house. So I continued walking forward not knowing what challenges or obstacles may lie ahead for me. But that's the fun part, right?
Hours passed as the sun set slowly. I wandered off into a woods stumbling into a camp site controlled by at least a dozen homeless people.

To me, they did not appear to be creepy at all. As would most people say about the homeless. They were just like me, lost, confused, scared. But that didn't stop them. They offered to take me in. They told me how they survived, and how they still try their best to celebrate every holiday and make the best of what they have each and every day. It made me realize that before I was kicked-out, other people had it much worse than I did. So I had much respect for them. I learned from them. They served me the little food they had, they asked for my name and I didn't answer, I couldn't answer them because I honestly didn't know. I was never given a name.
So as a little boy, I felt rude for not answering and began to pretend I was deaf so they wouldn't think anything of it...
The next morning, I was the first to wake. So I wandered off deeper into the woods till the point I was out of site from the camp ground. The only sound I could hear was the crunching of the leaf's and sticks that I walked on.

Suddenly, I stumbled across a large very old looking stone circle that was made of fall colored bricks. It looked similar to an orangish - light - brown doughnut. I walked in circles around it too scared to lay a finger on it. I stood in the center of it and walked out rubbing my hand on the side thinking it was harmless. A powerful force of wind then suddenly burst throughout the forest. All the leaves then began to lift from the ground spinning in a large circle rapidly covering the sky, and everything else surrounding me and the stone circle. Trees began to fall as I screamed, and  almost cried in fear. A circle of colorful light, but mostly blue and purple appeared in the center on the stone circle. I was being dragged into its vortex. The closer I got, the louder I screamed for help. I then began to think “Wow, maybe walking forward and never turning back was a terrible idea! After all, grandpa never gave me good advice that would have benefitted me in the future. In seconds, I was sucked in and the circle of light vanished. The leafs settled back down on the forest floor. Everything was calm as the wind died down.

My only regret was listening to grandpa from the start. Maybe my touch triggered something.. Maybe what was happening or about to happen would change my life forever. I was never the type that wanted revenge or was even hateful. I never got out of the mansion much and didn't have much knowledge on anything. But I knew one thing that I've learned at this age and that I'll never forget and keep moving forward with it till I have won. All I want is revenge on my grandfather…

Grunting, waking up on a hard surface feeling around before I even opened my eyes still seeing black, I felt the lining of a brick floor that was warm and felt old as a laid flat on it. My tears had dried, and my face feeling like it was burning. I shook my head, rubbed my eyes, attempt to open them now seeing blur and slowly stood up almost falling forward. I regained clear vision looking around at my surroundings. To me it appeared I was in a decent sized medieval looking castle room. Torches lined the walls. Blood, red, silk flags hung from the old brick walls and ceilings that had an odd looking cursive like “W” on each and every one. I knew it must have stood for something but that was not an important thing to me at the moment. Some part of me felt like I was back in the “Medieval Times” but then again that was physically impossible. I walked around the room scoping around seeing hand sized colorful glass globe like objects on a table and other weird magical looking material.

 “Interesting isn’t it?”
A voice spoke from out of nowhere. I got spooked looking around trying to see who was speaking but the only person in the room was myself.
“Who are you? Where are you? Where am I? What's going on?”
I hoped to the voice would have answers. I heard a friendly laugh, and the voice, in its male tone, said “Now now I understand you're confused and scared. But you need to listen to every word. I am not human.” I responded to the voice asking several questions hoping the voice would have all the answers. I heard a friendly laugh and the voice said in its male tone. My name
is “The Eye,” I see all, know all, create all. I am not a God, I am and will be your guidance and guardian. You traveled through a portal that brought you to another world called “The Infinity Terra.” You gained powers too. You have 2 different great powers, that I will teach you how to control, because if you ever lose control and let anger take over,
you have the potential and power to wipe out the entire universe.”

 He was nothing but a large oversized floating eyeball. Strange purple, blue, black and red patterns were in motion surrounding his pupil. I was terrified of him and completely confused. He then appeared in front of me making me stumble backward.
“Now we would not want that happening.” “It is okay. I am here to help. There is a war coming. Not now or tomorrow. But there will be one and it will be remembered by every single living thing in this godforsaken Universe. And they will all fear you. The stars turn against us:  all of them. And I fear that day may be soon.” 

I stood there shaking a bit. I didn't know what to say, or do, or how to respond. It was nothing but a nightmare to me. The only thing I did was look up at him while he stared down at me. “I can read your mind. You don't have to say or do anything for now, just listen and learn. The powers you have. One being the ability to project a deadly blue beam of light out of your hands. The power dissolved into your veins and blood stream once you entered the portal. Try it out.” The Eye offered appearing a wooden manikin. “Aim the palm of your hand at it.” He demanded but in a calm way. So I did still a little shaky.

“Perfect!...Now close your eyes, you must stay focused and concentrate on just that manikin and nothing else. Picture it in your head vividly. Imagine it being someone that has done you wrong, treated you like nothing, overpowered you, controlled you. Release all your anger out on it. Be one with your power . But stay focused do not ever lose yourself no matter how hard things may get or how much pressure is ever put on you. Focus. I am telling you to think negative but stay positive at the same time so you have a balance both sides.”
The only thing I heard was his voice keeping me focused and calm. I focused all my negative energy on my memories of grandfather. He didn't ever love me, so why should I let him control me? I began to remember all of what he has done to me. Those were memories I never wanted to reveal again. I wanted those hidden and locked away forever thinking he would change and his innocence would take over him.
But he never did. He never will. I felt the anger and power rushing through my bones and body. I felt an instant burning in my veins,  like my blood was boiling. I screamed in pain from that burning sensation throughout my body. I stumbled back, wrapping my arms around myself trying to stop the pain.
“It hurts! I'm sorry, I can't do this.” I yelled.
 “No, you are not and yes you can! But you have to overcome the pain and once you release that energy from the palm of your hand all that pain will instantly go away.”
“ Um, I don't know how I should feel about that...”
Tears rolled down my face as it burned in me. I stood up straight aiming my palm once again at the manikin.
“Yes! Remember focus and
picture it as your grandfather.”
He reminded me. I felt the burning pain again and it got worse and worse. It literally rushed through my veins, went up my arm and my wrists, numbed the areas of my body for seconds as it passed through. I screamed as loud as I could as the beam shot from my palm, instantly frying the mannequins head and half of its body off. I had jerked downward collapsing on my knees breathed heavily, holding my arm that the beam had been released from while the pain quickly went away.
“Very good! It takes time and focus. You have done well.
But our only problem is that, you do not have a name?” The Eye said.

“No.” I answered. “ We will establish that later. But now, we need to practice your second ability. It is always beneficial for people to learn things at a young age, so by the time they have grown and adapted to life, they will master what they have learned back then. On your feet. This one is all about the focus of the mind, and intense concentration; but it mostly involves imagination.” He explained.
“I don't have one.”

I stood up, and then sat down at a small round wooden table, and rested my head on my hand.
“Ahh don't be silly, my boy. Everyone has an imagination. That is how we are able to think and feel. What do you love doing?” The Eye asked. I sat there thinking.  “I draw, but they never come out looking good.”

“Okay! Do not come out looking good! That proves you have an imagination. What do you draw?”

He kept my mind off of my crazy life which made me feel better even though his appearance made my life more mad than it already was.
“Monsters, silly things like that. I had a journal with all of my drawings in it, but I lost it.” I said.
“You may have lost the journal, but you didn't lose your imagination. The portal physically and mentally bonded with you. You can summon any of those monsters  to life just by thinking about them. If you ever needed to summon one think of a certain one. But if you ever needed to summon them all. Think of all of them. And they will fight by your side, and obey you. So now think of one.”

“That sounds stupid.”

I sat there and pictured the first monster I had ever drew in my head. The appearance was odd but that is the point of a monster. I remembered designing it as nothing but an oval, vertical striped brown and tan body the size of a small child with no legs just two arms with claws and big eyes and a mouth full of shark teeth. The one tail it had looked like an arrow at the tip. I closed my eyes thinking detail by detail about it. But nothing ever happened.
“It's not working.” I said.
“Of course not. That is because you are not trying hard enough.”

I rolled my eyes closing them again and pictured the monster one more time. The power was working but I could not see because my eyes were closed so I didn't think it worked. A beam of white light appeared in the room and it disappeared leaving the monster I pictured.

“See! This is not working!” I said with frustration opening my eyes and then instantly shocked seeing my monster in front of me.
“Whoa!” I was smiling and surprised.
“Patience. Patience.” The Eye said.
“Now bring him back in your head.” He ordered.
“How?” I questioned.
“Think about transferring him back.” He said.

I then began to think closing my eyes as he transferred into white light that went in my head.
“That was cool!” I said. “ Yes. Now. One last thing,” The Eye said, seriously. “What? Another power?”
“Better. Follow me.”
We made our way out of the room and down a long, gray brick hallway with torches lining it. I followed him into a weapons room.
“You know I am just a kid right?”
I said nervously, intimidated by all of the large piercing weapons hanging on the walls and in racks.
“Like I told you, you learn at a young age and by then when you have adapted to the world, you will be a master at it.” The Eye said.
A dirty gold colored crate, then startled me as it popped open.
“Go on. Go pick it up!” He said.

I slowly walked over to the crate not seeing what was in it till I got closer and stood over a gold and bronze colored sword laying in the crate. The handle and cross guard were both bronze and the sword blade itself was gold having a pattern of five black stars starting from the tip and going down. I picked it up gripping it in my hand having to hold it with two because of the weight.

“That will be your weapon. That is your sword. It is very ancient and powerful. Do not let anyone ever get their hands on it except you and only you,” he warned me.
I studied the sword looking at the other side of the blade seeing a name in some type of language being engraved magically.

“What is this?” I asked, showing him the engraved lettering.
“That is a name.”
“Whose name? What does it say?”
“It says ‘Master,’ and it appears to me it is not finished. So, my boy? I stood there with my mouth slightly opened and my eyes wondering looking halfway down thinking quickly (even though there was no rush) getting excited finally feeling important for once in my life.

“Well, I mean it's just a name like...I don't know...”
It was another good minute and a half and I answered looking up at him.
“ It's, Griffon, I mean it sounds pretty cool to me.”
Once I said it the name was engraved right beside “Master”.



© Copyright 2018 William Valenti. All rights reserved.

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