Flowers In The Minefield

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Submitted: August 12, 2016

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Submitted: August 12, 2016



Gallipoli, Italy 
July 23, 1915
LCPL, Richard J. Kipling 
38th (Welsh) Infantry Division

One thousand feet together as one stuffed into over packed trains and caressing rifles, the sirens shout and the engine's roar, Silence......The smell of cheese and bread swarms the air, bayonets, shining in the sun...steel helmets squeezing...... uniforms soaked with sweat, eyes, red and watery, burning and itching..... The screech of grinding steel and twisted girder......Silence...... 

The persistent pounding of footsteps. the cold, rocky soil shaking, one thousand feet together as one, bullets ripping and tearing, the skies turn gray, heaven rains it's fiery shrapnel, bombs blasting in the midst of ash and fog, screams echo through the air, the smell of blood burns the sinuses, the cannons crashing, smashing, the screech of grinding steel smashing through the rocky soil, raging fire spits from flamethrowers, flesh burning, voices screaming, eyes white and pale, bones breaking, mouth's convulsing, bodies shaking and sweating, and stomach's aching..... aching, aching, bodies aching, exhaustion...... 

Silence....... The soil..... soggy..... the winds whip the graveyard of twisted metal tanks that burrow themselves deep inside the earth, the little rocks and pebbles portray themselves as pillows, soldiers sleep on the cold wet soil, seeping into their boots, mud..... toes dangle and limbs detaching, the rusted sheets of metal tear through bone and rotten tissue, a symphony of screaming, moaning soldiers reverberates the infirmary, blood settles in the stools of the sick, the dogs drown in their feces and the horses swallow their last gulps of air, the mustard and chlorine gas fumes sneak into the trenches with blistering hands, burning eyes and bloody noses that silently smother the soldier, choking, coughing, the silent screams that echo through the air, the fluttering eyes, the fluttering eyes......


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Flowers In The Minefield

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