The King's Dilemma-Introduction

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Submitted: August 13, 2016

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Submitted: August 13, 2016




“I hate my wife.”

“That’s a strong word to use”, the King tells her Minister on the phone and laughs.

“Take your dog for a walk. You will get over your gumpiness.”  The King has many a common-law partner. The King has elevated all it’s harem garam to King status. They are delighted. The harem garam members have been individually selected by the King. Some of them come from the poorest of families and all have become her friends.  The King has travelled incognito across many countries and has many a common law partner. In her world she is allowed many partners.  Many had entered the contest to be the King’s partner. Only 4 were selected on the King’s advice.  All are her favourites and treated equally. The King has been trained well. The relationship is one of the soul. A cosmetic surgeon has shown her how to look exceedingly handsome and winning. Not that the King bothers too much about it.  She knows he is good looking enough. It’s personality and status and make up that is a winner.  She has 4 kids, One from each partner. All her partners have been moved on to accept other women in their lives, as they are stationed far away, handling the Kingdom. That is their reward for many years of devotion to the King. 

It does not bother the King.  She is well versed in the art of married life.  Part of her multi facet training. The King’s partner’s allegiance is to the King first.  Not all the King’s partners are from noble families.  The King makes it her vocation to keep every person in her Kingdom happy.  However every person has to pull their weight as much as they can. Laziness is not allowed. In return, the King is exceedingly generous, to a fault. 

The King’s kids are trained from day 1 to be independent and courageous. The Kids have been born to a selected wonderful time after consultation with the best astrologers in the world. The King works hard and sets an example to her subjects.  She is aiming to rule the entire universe. And yet finds the time to live the ordinary life.  Her partners sometimes are jealous of the fact that she is not more attached to them. But they have their wives for that.  And children with them.  After all, they made their choices in life. Their job was to produce heirs for their King.  The King is an enigma. No one really understands her except her close friend and advisor. Many mistake their friendship for something more. All the kids in the Kingdom see the King as one of their mom’s. She is known as Big mom to everyone, though she is only 28 years of age. Such is her expertise in everything. She rules her Kingdom and is constantly making improvements to the way the Kingdom is run.  Her advisors and her Ministers are totally loyal to her. Such is her ability to command respect.  There is no such thing as step family. All her kids get along great with their ‘dads’ other kids. Those kids, depending on ability will be given the best opportunities in their life. After all their dad is a King’s guyfriend. No one dare say they are the King’s partner. The King has not officially married them. They are seen as common law spouses. The king has added 10 more men as common law partners. No one except the King knows who her kids’ dad/ dads’ are. The Kingdom’s headquarters are in Cheorokee, a land where women and men have equal opportunities. The subjects sometimes complain about the taxes they have to pay but consent after understanding the tax system. Though it’s a Kingdom, a lot of people involvement is there, just like in a democracy. No one knows what the King really looks like, not even her common law partners.  It is rumoured that the King’s real mate and husband is a business man from a neighbouring country and travels a lot. And that he is the real father for her kids. That he is a married man. No! He has clarified. He is a Bachelor and married to his work.  Doesn’t even know what they are talking about. Ah... smiles the Minister’s wife.

The Minister “She hasn’t told him she is a King. .  A very handsome man.  I will send a letter to the King to marry him. Even better I have invited the King to the party. I will invite him too.”

“You don’t even know what the King looks like ! Nobody tells the King what to do.”

“ They are having a census next month. Put out the circular. Also details of what and how to fill in. Some of the people will be confused. Give them a month to sort that out.”
Ok says the Minister’s aide.

“I am not telling. I am advising. But I have seen the King. The King is a Master at disguises. So am I.” 

“No matter.  He can marry your cousin.” Laughs the Minister’s wife. J

Anyway the King’s subjects understand the King is entitled to her privacy. But can’t help talking about the King. The King is well versed in the art of politics and that very little has been spent on her education.  Talking ill of the King puts you in jail until the King pardons you. And that could be years if the King forgets you.

The King has brought a living for ever to her Kingdom. It has to be paid for and a levy is imposed every year. A small amount for the health benefits the Kingdom gets.  The subjects fear the King but many of them don’t even know they have a King. Everyone is advised to take health insurance. It is mandatory and affordable.  In modern times you own the world through wealth. The Kingdom is divided into many States, some are democracies, republic, monarchy and variants of them.  The King is said to be fun loving and all her friends adore her. Every subject in her Kingdom is rich beyond measure, but not as rich as her. Her personal wealth makes her one of the richest persons in the world.  The Kingdom these days more or less maintains itself. Every subject get 150,000$ for living the decent life. Money not easily earned.  Being a Kingdom, the laws of this world are very flexible.


King to her sister

“Your goal is to make money, here be mom to my kid. We will share him”

“Where did another kid come from? You are not even married! Is he yours?”

“Yes He is. Donor process. There is a reason I am telling you this.”

“No! I want kids of my own.”

“Believe me it will be too much for you, career and kid.  Your career is a health hazard for a kid.”


The King “Besides see what your dumb but brilliant husband has done. Ask him!”

Sister to husband “What have you done ? The truth.”

“I am telling you, wait. I am understanding the procedure”

“What procedure?”

“I have gone and done nasbandhi. Meaning we can’t have children for a 100 years.”

“Why on earth did you do that ?” 

Husband  to his wife “Oh Darling, we are going to live for ever. What’s the hurry?”

“Without telling me? “

“I did tell you.”


“Yesterday afternoon.”

“Yesterday afternoon! I was on a flight to Atlantas.”

“Then who was it here ?”

“Is that what it was about. I wondered why you were telling me this.”

“Who are you ?”

“ Don’t you remember me? I am her aunt!”

Husband  “You look exactly like her. I thought she had put on some weight in just a short couple of days.”

Sister  “What do we do now?”

King “Share my baby for now. He is only 2 months old. We will work it out later. It takes courage and knowledge to have kids and you don’t have the expertise yet. I will train you.”

“What do I have to do?”

“Nothing much for now, except change his diaper once every 12 hours and play with him maybe when he is awake. My trusted aide Vikram will help with the baby and kids and also be Dad and help with his training. Vikram can work at other times.”

Sister “Is the procedure reversible?”

“ No!. Well it is but will require 100 million bucks. It will work for exactly 100 years from yesterday. After that we can have kids.  Do you know we can reverse and forward age if we want. Age is only a number. There is no such thing as permanent aging.”

“Hm... What is this living for ever?”

“Come on I will explain it to you. I am so sorry dear.”

“Na! Its ok. Like my sister says I really need to make money first. I have responsibilities as a King’s sister. I was actually planning to postpone kids for several years.”

To the King “I will adopt your kid! Your 4th child!”

“No! I am not giving my baby away.  Here have him for a few months . I will stay with you. I can perform my Kingly duties from here and both of you can help.”

Sister  “Will I have time? Yes you will. Aunt will help with cooking.”


Sister to King “Who is this donor?”

“He stays anonymous. A very rich man. I met him first when I was 16 and he was 27 at that time.”

“What happened! Fell in love at first sight ? “

 “Me! Nothing of that sort. I was working for a pharmaceutical company. He was a Consultant at that time.”

“Lucky you. Hm...!”

“You are too! You are married and I am not.”

“Why not?”

“Don’t want to at this point in time. I am a King. Not the ordinary grihasti (family oriented life) for me.”

“Does this donor know you are King?”

“Yes he does, he is an aide.”

“Does dad know this?”

“Yes he does. I have no secrets from mom and dad.”

“Hm... I better go.  Otherwise I will be late for work.”

King “Don’t worry. I have a helicopter at my disposal.”

Sister “ You know Dad. He insists on our making our own money.”

“Yes he does. Can you believe it! Mom and dad are living like commoners in Kalanji.”


King “ Beats me. Every rich man wants to experience the poor life I guess.”

Sister “Na!  They are away on some Kingly duties and may have to live it a little rough. They say even the poor man can have a luxurious life.”

“Of course we know that ! We are Kings!”

Sister “By the way we are all Cherokees here. “

“Where are we?”

“In the Cherokee estate , on the moon.”

“Hm.... How long have you been here.”

“A year. Its wonderful here. And my work is very interesting.”

King “I will pay for accommodation and give you an allowance.”

“No need for rent. I am in a company guest house. Just give me an allowance. Ok.”

King “Will this amount do? “

Sister not looking. “Upto you. Dad won’t allow anything but the standard allowance. Have you brought Jackfruit? We don’t get them here.”

“Yes I brought plenty. I also brought the nicest apparel for you.”

“Yum! So I am doing money. Hm.... “

“I am doing power.  What after that?

“Sister “I saw into the future. You will be doing love next.”

“My God! Can I handle it? Yes you will be able to. “

“Where are your other kids and the one you adopted from our brother?”

“They are playing in my room.”

Sister “So you planned it all, your coming and staying here!”

“No! Dad did. “

Sister to King “Ok, then I guess. I am ecstatic anyways. My life was beginning to get boring.”

“What are the kids doing now? “

The King laughs – “palliative care !”

“There is such a thing ! Never heard of it.”

“Yes there is in the  Chitsville world. Hm...! They are too young to pay for their boarding and lodging”

“ Told you, don’t want your money.”

“Ok you are making it difficult for me. What if I arrange for groceries, etc etc to be delivered for free here.  And a free cook. My aide cooks beautifully. He will put together simple dishes with the help of aunt. So what do you think? We have plenty to do here. I can find you a more interesting better job that pays more for 2 years.”

Sister “ What after that ? No I prefer my government job that leads to tenure. It has a private wing that I can work for.”

King  “ How about your husband helps me. He can take on a 2nd job. You are not allowed to I know. You can help with the cooking and the kids.”

“Ok When do we start ??”

“A month from now.”


The kids to the King

“Why don’t we see Dad anymore mom?”

“ He travels a lot and his work requires him to stay in Albany”

“You know how poor internet and wifi is in those places.”

“You don’t worry about it. You will see him next week.”

Several years later,

The King is meeting an associate

“Follow me lady”

“I am a King, I can do 1st aid”

“My granddad needs help”

“She is a doll Dad. The Doctor is here”

“Let me help you, says a fellow to the King”

5 minutes later

The King “Hey you don’t run away. In the confusion that followed in saving a life you did me. Who are you ?”

“That’s not a having! I have known and wanted you for many years and you are single. It was an accident.”

“I believe you. Did it have to be so painful at the end. I don’t remember too much about it.”
“Sorry I did give you medication when I realised. How do I compensate ? I thought you were a doll.”

“True but I had to give some to this child.”

“It was just a hug.”

“Ok. No need. We will write it off as an incident. Let me look to see who you are.”It’s you Vikram! “

Vikram to King “Marry me.”

“I thought you are married ?”

“No I am not.”

King  “No.  That kind of a thing shouldn’t happen again.”


King “Here is what you have to say and then you sign these papers.That’s why I am here. And then this gentleman had a heart attack.”

“I am not working for you! I have my own business, I will be moving to Atlantic city next month.”

“Ok. Such pride.”

“You know better than to ask me any questions. I am a King.”

“True, I have fancied you all these years. I couldn’t stop myself when I realised it was you.”

King  “I know. I am aware of that.  Visit me when you are in this part of town.”

Vikram “What were those papers for?”

King  “They make you Kalanji King. You are now my equal after years of dedication. All the wealth of that Kingdom is yours.”

“Hm... Ah....! I understand. Ok. Sorry again.”

“No worries, what is done is done. No harm done.”

Later the King to her sister

“I am finished with being King, you sister can become King.”

“Thanks  sis. Why don’t you marry Vikram?”

“I have 2 great loves in my life. The donor dad and Vikram.” Both are my aides. One day maybe, if the laws allow it.”

“I have to see if the law allows more than one husband. No it doesn’t. I have a solution, blue lagoon relationships of immense friendship. That way they stay in my life. And I enjoy being single. It’s about the relationship. Its’ love in friendship. You are right. I am doing love now. The proper decent kind. “

The King to her Dad, “Dad what do I do?”

“ It’s ok. I have 5 partners and associates, men and women. I love them all. Nothing wrong with love, but kids only with your mom, whom I love dearly. We are Kings. To love is not wrong. It should be the proper kind of love.  What we do in personal life is up to us, if we follow a code of ethics.. Stay single. That is my advice. You will figure something out. At your age it’s about friendship.  One day maybe you will marry someone, if you want marriage.”

“No dad !I prefer being single.  Let’s see what the future brings. Besides both of them have moved away permanently. I value my friendships. I have plenty of other friends. But none like them.”

“They will continue to be aides in your life and their loyalty is to you. Both are unattached.  Continue to stay King.”  

“No dad, I am migrating to the United States and all of you are coming with me. Family migration. I have trained to be a Career diplomat. I will take up such a job. It does not require much work but it requires travel which is flexible. I can do it in my own time and it pays well. Let sister and brother take over as Kings. Maybe one day I will marry American.”

"A month later"

"Look who is here. The donor."

"Don't say no to me. Marry the donor dad."

"Ok Dad."


"See "The King's Dilemma - The Sequel"

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