robot ninja cop assassin

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this is sopposed to be bad btw

Submitted: August 13, 2016

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Submitted: August 13, 2016





By: Evancat


Once upon a realm, there was a majestic beast. The beast was a dragon and a assassin combined to make the famous dragosasin. The dragosasin was a very famous being across the small land of 39.117832 ;380105 (aka North Korea). This magical creature loved to kill the sinners of the land. The Dragosasin had an afro and cool shades. It also had a disc with the best 80’s songs on it. Once when the dragosasin was fighting a master of kung fu the kung fu master cursed him to be a human. He was stripped of his powers and was beaten half to death. When police found him they brought him to a mechanic's office. The mechanic made him into a robot and raised him as his own. It took a while for him to adjust to being a robot. He decided to leave his new parent to become a cop , because cops get good money.


When he first went to the agency to became a cop they accepted him because he still had his magical afro and that could block anything even a U.S.A tank . He trained for about 92.87 days and then when he was done after a good case involving a shoot out his friend died. He was devastated. He decided he should train to be an  assassin to avenge his friend and kill the shooter who killed his friend. He climbed the highest mountain in his town of richardson, illinois . he found up there the mighty temple of the ninja lord. He trained him to be the mightiest ninja in all of jamaica. He trained too hard and nearly broke  one of his gears on his robotic strong arm. He put on a sweatband on his head and it healed him. His sins were gone and he was cured of them. He left the ninja lord and gave him his respects.


He tried to track down the killer in moscow ,russia and he found one of his drug bases. He killed all of the men in there without even breaking a sweat (thanks to his sweatband). He went to the headquarters of the base and found one of the killers successors. Her name was “amanda hugnkiss”. She told him everything. The killer's name was “Jackson L . Samual” . he was a german man who liked killing people using pies ,and killing them by crotch punching them so hard they barf out their insides and then he uses the pie on them to get them really obese and fat. Them man was very scared. He decided to kill amanda and change his name from “the man” to “Crouching Tiger Hidden Muppet”. He drove back to orlando, florida to finish his assassin training . The assassin master's name was “Chuck Norris”. Chuck could kill a man just by looking at them.he was the most feared man in the world. Chuck trained muppet till he was stronger than vodka.When his training was finished he went to germany to find jackson.


When he found jackson he called in all the best people he knew. In the blink of an eye, the mechanic, the ghost of his cop friend, the ninja lord,and chuck norris.THey charged into the headquarters of jackson with fist ready to fight. When they hit the door to open it they all hit it so hard that it exploded. The explosion gave them radiation and they had explosive punches. They charged into the facility. They immediately started killing the minions. When the finished the room off they noticed something. They noticed that the minions where Nazis! They had the symbol on them and everything . they charge into the second room to realise it was empty with just some scattered boxes,gear ,and such on the ground. The busted into the next room and found the most terrifying thing you could ever see in your entire life. They saw MECHA-HITLER !


Mecha-Hitler had two mini guns for hands and had quad missile launchers on his shoulders! This was more serious than they thought. They charged but before they could get to him he fired everything at us. Everything was in slow motion. Muppet looked in front of him there where at least 10 bullets there. Chuck norris jumped in front of him and absorbed the bullets. The slow motion stops. Everyone looks at chuck norris. He looks at hitler and smiles. Hitler has a scared look on his face. Chuck norris shot the bullets out of his mouth and shot the glass around hitler's floating head. All the water spills out as mecha-hitler falls to the ground.


They walk into the next and final room to see him. They finally saw the murderer who killed muppets friend. Muppet sprints towards him, flipping over desks and catching bullets with his teeth and spitting them back into their skulls. Jackson looks up and laughs. Jackson pushes a button and all of his masters fall into a cage and are stuck . it's now just one on one.


Jackson kicks away muppets gun and throws his knife on the ground. He says “ this is a brawl of strength, and wits”. They had no weapons just fighting. Jackson takes the first punch to the face and then he kicks muppet in the knees. Muppet elbows his throat and puts him in a choke hold. Jackson struggles to get out as he looks into the eyes of muppet he says” it's not that easy”. Jackson elbows muppet in the crotch and tornado kicks him to the other side of the room. Muppet struggles to get up. Jackson runs over to him and kicks his face. “Why so sad?” jackson says with a chuckle. Muppet looks at him in the eyes and says “why did you kill my friend?”. Jackson laughs as he continuously kicks muppet in the face. All of a sudden the kicking stops. Jackson squats down and looks muppet in the face and says “Because i'm the bad guy in this story.”

Jackson places a bomb on the ground and activates it for 10 minutes. Muppet crawls to the bomb. He takes the bomb and crawls to the window. He sees jackson go into his car and puts his roof down. Muppet turns the bomb to 10 seconds and then he throws it into jacksons car. Jackson looks at muppet and says good game. He explodes into 100’s of pieces. Muppet finds a key to unlock the cage with his trainers in it and frees them. Muppets robotic arm is broken. The mechanic go to the mecha-hitler and brakes off his arm and attaches it to muppets. Making it muppets arm. He seems to take a liking from it. The very next day he goes back to the agency and becomes a cop again. When he joined back into the genc he had all the memories of being a cop come back to him. All of his skills have now been upgraded.That's because muppet is The Robot Ninja Cop Assassin.

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