Deja Vu

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Prolog (v.1) - Prologue

Submitted: August 13, 2016

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Submitted: August 13, 2016



Midnight. The moon rose over them as they gazed over the city below. The faint lights sparkled like a second sky blurring the line between heaven and horizon. "Its beautiful, isn't it?" Meryl asked, gazing into the distance. She'd loved the view here since her ex-partner Quinton showed it to her all those years ago. 

The spot in the mountain was no big secret, it was practically common knowledge. The secret was the timing. That small window just past midnight where the city nearly slept and its lights were just dim enough to let the stars begin to peek out from the stratosphere. Meryl looked at her new ex-partner, Dennis, and smiled. "I must have had the same look back then," she thought to herself. 

She filled her lungs one last time with the clean mountain air, savoring it's crisp feel before she left. Reassignment. She was being transferred to Northridge next week, but she was moving later this morning. She didn't want to go, she'd worked here since she'd graduated from the academy. This was home, and she didn't want to miss Dennis' promotion to Detective next month. But that was life. As much as she wanted to stay, she had to go. 

"I'll be going now. " she said, forcing a smile. Quinton had done the same back then when he showed her this spot, now that she thought about it. The sense of nostalgia pulling a real smile across her lips. 

"Already?" Dennis asked, glancing at her then back at the view. He was young, just out of the academy last year when he was assigned to her, but he'd grown up fast. Come Monday he'd be flying solo, at least until he got assigned a rookie of his own just like she had. 

The parallel between them was amazing, so amazing it was almost scary. Uncanny; now that she'd taken a moment to think about it. She couldn't help but feel an eerie chill sweep over her. 

"Yeah... " she trailed off, trying to shake the now complex mixture of reminiscence and unease. "I still have to pack. Don't stay too long." 

She left him to the view she loved so much while she looked toward her future. A new City. A new adventure.

Detective Meryl Louise Panto died 3 months later at her new assignment.

Four years later Officer Rachel Baker joined the force. She was assigned to a Detective Dennis Harrow.

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