Diary of a teenage exchange student

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Camille David. 17 years old. Exchange student from France. She arrives to the United States to complete a year abroad. This experience should be a once in a lifetime opportunity. This story is Camille's diary and illustrates how this one year has changed her. She meets her first true love at school, but he's married, he's an authority figure. How is this French teen supposed to get through this year with all the drama she's going to encounter ?

Submitted: August 13, 2016

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Submitted: August 13, 2016



Short diary of a teenage exchange student

Chicago, 7:18 pm, I have arrived. I'm Camille and this is my story. The flight was quite tiring. 9 hours from Paris CDG airport to Chicago O'Hare. This day could not have been any longer. From the parisian metro to the car ride from the airport to Oak Brook, Illinois. I'm an exchange student from an unknown high school in Paris. Yes, I'm not a student at Henri IV or Hoche high school. I'm completing a year abroad because, you know, it might look good on a resume..."has spent a year in an American high school".  I don't want to, but I have to. You see, I'm kind of a savage, who doesn't like a lot of things, and a lot of people. I mean life is what you make of it and experiences shape who you really are. If my parents don't push me to do stuff, I'll just stay a couch potato all my life (well instead of the TV, it's books, yes I'm a litterature freak.. Can you blame me? French litterature is the best). According to my parents, you need to spend a year abroad, especially in an American school. Yeah right, I'm sure they want to get rid of me. But for all it's worth, I understand them.. I'm kind of a drag. As I said before, I don't do anything (which is a good thing right?) but I have to see what living in the States is really like. We're at a time of globalization with the American supremacy happening everywhere. The thing is, we teenagers, have a tendency of watching movies taking place in a typical American high school: the cheerleader, the prom, the handsome quarterback.. Well let me tell you something, we don't have anything ressembling that in France. It's work all day, every day. From 8 am to 5 pm, from economics to physics and litterature.. There's actually no fun. And teachers, don't get me started on the teachers. They are mean, "you will never have your baccalaureate diploma!". And forgive me, if you don't get into a prep school, your future is ruined. Well enough about my experience in France. I'm looking forward to getting to school and meeting everyone. 

So..where was I? I think I didn't mention my host family. Well nothing particular to say, a typical family, you know a "happily" married couple (God knows how many couple ar getting divorced), two kids, a boy and a girl, a dog, a cat, and a mini-van. No, I'm joking...that would've been such a cliché right ? This family looks quite different... The mother, single, 2 kids. No father in the picture.. The car, not a mini-van I can assure you. Anyway, they picked me up from the aiport "hi, how are you? How was your flight? So pleased to have you here with us !". I feel a little estranged but I'm sure I'll get the hang of it. We're getting in the car, to drive to Oak Brook.. I know..It's not Chicago. I felt annoyed because I thought I was going to be in the city that never sleeps..Oh that's NY nevermind. I mean come on, I know I'm only here for school and improvement but I want to be in the city, not some small abandoned town. I'm being judgemental, I know... but I'm a parisian. I didn't mention the kids very much: there's Luke, he's a sophomore, I instantly felt his eyes on me, he doesn't quite enjoy a stranger living in his home for a full year.. Well get over Luke! And his sister, Jordan, she's my age, she seems nice and open. I'll have a friend..at least I hope so. We arrived at their home. It was so cute and comfy. I already felt at home. I didn't have my own room unfortunately.. (I know, what was I thinking?) but I need some privacy. This is going to be long. It's 8:43 pm. Lights out for me.. You're probably thinking "she skips dinner and goes straight to bed?" well yes, I'm jet lagged and the food on the plane was terrible and I don't feel like eating for at least 12 days. Oh, and tomorrow I start school... Yes, no rest!


Oak Brook, 6:15 am: Seriously? This early? I'm never getting through this day of school. I have to get ready, be prepared and chic right? I go down to the kitchen and encounter the two kids. "Where's your mom" I ask. No answer... Are they getting tired of me already? At one point, Jordan answers "Mom's passed out, she got hella drunk last night, I'm driving us to school". I noded, quite surprised that she, Jordan, was driving us to school. I know, y'all thought "Isn't she going to say anything about the mom?", well sure I am. Come on, I go to bed and my host mom is already getting her drink on? What is up with this family.. I'm sure they are going to surprise me a lot more.. Anyway, breakfast time: no typical breakfast, no eggs, no bacon, no hashbrowns.. What do I get? Lucky charms. Seriously? This sugary, non energetic breakfast is going to get me through the day? The hell will I become? I just want to get out of here, and get going to school. We get in the car, Jordan is driving and that makes me very uncomfortable and anxious. Yes I'm a scardey cat, in France we have to be 18. We drive for a good 15 minutes until reaching the school, I can read "Oak Brook High School". The school looks fabulous, probably private with all the infrastructures and stuff right? I heard that when you go and survive public school you're like a hero or something. In France, only a small fraction of the popualtion goes to private school. Anyway. We get in. Nobody is looking at me (goodbye grand entrance), we go get my time schedule. Jordan doesn't talk to me. She only indicates where my classes are going to take place and that's it. She goes to her friends, leaving my stranded here in the gigantic hallways. I'm walking in the corridors. The constant racket can't let me think clearly. Is this my class? Oh I think I passed my locker! I suddently turn and collide with some guy, a handsome guy you might say..but still he knocked me over. He looked at me quite concerned about my state. "Oh I'm sorry, Are you okay?" He kept asking that. I was okay but quite irritated I had to pick up all my things. I said "I'm fine, Can you watch where you're going? Goshhh.." and I left. I didn't see the man's face at that moment. But let me tell you he was so cute I felt terrible.. I think I panicked so I acted out agressively.. I was so embarassed.. I picked up my feet and hurried up.. He was following me I think. I got to my class room, I had English class. I saw all these pupils, on the tables, on their phones. I stood at the door for a moment thinking about all this havoc but I was disturbed by a sound, a man's voice "Excuse me" he said. Guess what, it was the guy I had run into a couple of minutes ago. "Sh#t" pardon my French but I was really surprised. He looked at me with a little smirk on his face. The feeling of embarrassment at that moment could not be explained. How could I make such a fool out of myself on my first day? I mean I didn't know but did I have to be so aggressive. That guy probably didn't care but I did. -"please take your seats, he said, I'm Mr Porter you English teacher for the year. I know most of you and I hear we have a special student joining us this year, Miss Camille. Come over her Camille". Dude, did you have to put on the stand like that? I hate that, I despise that but hey, I have to do it. I'm not explaining the details because it's so embarassing. I did my 54 seconds speech (the longest 54 seconds of my life) and I sat, in the back beacuse that's the kind of girl I am. There was something about Mr Porter, he was so handsome, yet didn't know it. His teaching experience made him such an interesting guy but who was I kidding? I'm 17, he's probably 35. I had to put my hormones in check before exploding all over the place. Us teenage girls have a tendancy of feeling overwhelmed when a cute teacher comes in our class. He was looking at me. He wasn't saying anything. He still had that little smirk on his face that I wanted to wipe off imediately. Class was over. We didn't do much I know but its the first day. The bell rang, you know in those movies where classes last like 2 seconds; well, this was like that. I repacked all my stuff and as I was making my way out of the class, he said to me "I think we've met before Camille, you lashed out on me in the hallyway" but still in an easy going way. "Yes Hi that's me, I'm so sorry about before" (I wasn't sorry he kind of diserved it). He continued and said "Camille, this kind of behavior is unexeptable, imagine if I had been your dean. I'm giving you detention, welcome to Oak Brook high". I..I..I didn't know what to say, I didn't even know what detention meant! Ugh he still had that smirk...that stupid little smirk. I mean what was his deal? Was he doing this on purpose? 



To be continued.

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