Suzanne the Toucan

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A Wizard lands on an island to gather materials, then he leaves behind something by mistake.

Submitted: August 13, 2016

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Submitted: August 13, 2016



On a tropical island and in a tropical forest lived Suzanne the Toucan. Suzanne is no longer your run of the mill jungle Toucan, no-sir, she is special.

What makes Suzanne so special? She can speak many different languages fluently.

Now I bet you are wondering how a Toucan could acquire such an intelligence level. And being the kind hearted story-teller that I am; I'm going to tell you.




Years ago a Wizard arrived in this jungle looking for some nuts, berries, mushrooms, and a few hard to find insets to go in some new potions that he was trying out for the first time. This Wizard was not all that bright and had underestimated the difficulty in getting to some of these items, so he decided to enlist the help of a bird.

"A bird," he thought, "can fly up into the canopy to gather bugs, nuts, and berries from the trees. And it could walk under low lying brush and ferns to help find the mushrooms and other bugs."

So the Wizard looked around for a likely candidate and there was Suzanne, happily plucking berries from a bush.

"Shah-zam, allacadam, mumba-jumba, clamidy, bird so pretty, now you are witty, come over here and talk to me."

Suddenly Suzanne looked around and immediately flew  near the Wizard, landing on a nearby limb. That is when Suzanne said, “jHola Senior, Como estas!"

"Oh no, that will not do, that will not do at all," exclaimed the Wizard! "You should be speaking English! I don't understand what has happened here and I don't understand Spanish at all.

Then the Wizard pulled a wand from his belt and waved it over the bird's head, saying,  "Focus-pocus, toads and locusts, I want the tongue of another, speak the words, little bird, that once came from my mother!" Then he touched the bird on the head and it spoke.

"Wie geht’s?"

"Balderdash," the Wizard exclaimed, "that is German! I forgot Mom spoke German as a child.

Once again the Wizard waved the wand over the birds head and said, "Zam-zam-catcha-can I want to hear the words America speaks, it can't be hard, you are not barred, speak little bird, speak!"

Suzanne looked at the Wizard and asked, "Which language do you want to hear first?"


D. Thurmond / JEF  ---  08-12-2016

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