FATIMA by Marek Halter review

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A short review of Marek Hatler's fiction story Fatima

FATIMA by Marek Halter: short BOOK REVIEW by LMARAH

Fatima is the story of a daughter, Mahomet's daughter as Islam is starting to increase and getting more and more worshippers. Islam, around 600 AD, is a new  monotheist religion starting to jeopardize the polytheist religions that have been set for hundreads of years. Mahomet must leave. His late wife asks his daughter, Fatima, to watch over her father and help him reach Mecca has the risk of him staying in his natal village becomes more important. This quest is really interesting, it shows the beggining of Islam. 

Though it is fiction, it shows an important aspect of women at that time, as his daughter helps him through this quest. She is represented as a warrior who will do anything to help her father reach Mecca. She's the only one who can help him. I recommend reading this book to those interested in the Muslim world. This ficion story does help you understand the beginning of this new religion in a fun way, thrilling way. I won't tell you much to not give the story away. 

Marek Halters "Femmes de l'Islam series" illustrates female protagonists who will play an important part in the Islam world. You can also read "Khadija" that predates Fatima's story. 

Submitted: August 13, 2016

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