One Persons Death Experience.

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Submitted: August 13, 2016

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Submitted: August 13, 2016



My body was dead and I was aware of what I truly was. A gift. Created by The Creator. A divine spark. Given the chance to experience things beyond imagination. Given individuality. An powerful essence. A good soul. I was out of my human body. In the passage way to the other side.(The other side. Just around the corner. Beyond anything you could possibly imagine) Where there are no thoughts, NO PAIN, no physical sensations. All that was left was WHAT HAD BEEN IN MY BODY MY WHOLE LIFE, and it wasn't human. My soul. Beyond words, beyond the tiny human minds understanding. Beyond sex, beyond age, beyond religion, beyond ego, beyond the greatest ecstasy or greatest pain. Going through the doorway beyond life as a human. Going Going...... When it was yanked back into my body. I was looking with my human eyes through a dark tunnel at a paramedic saying "You want to live don't you?" I guess they had stuck an adrenaline needle in my chest, because the paddles had failed.
After I woke up a day later, I actually got to see The Creators power manifest in this three dimensional world we call "Reality". I now know The Creator is here all around, all the time now. I was connected to a breathing apparatus strapped into a tank of water in some huge room. (Don't ask me why) I kept waking up every few hours, then going back to sleep. The last time I woke up, my tubes had clogged and I couldn't breathe. I couldn't move. I could only wave my three fingers and mouth "help" but, no one was there. Out of the side of the room (where my head was tilted and strapped down) I saw this distorted invisible wave of power sweeping through the room (like an invisible ocean wave) distorting reality, heading right for me. When it hit me, I was filled with this incredible surge of power, tore through my restraints, jumped out of the water tank they had me in, pulled out my breathing tubes covered in mucus, and took this huge breath. A power had stepped in for life to continue.
Now, why the Creator let's evil things happen , and would bother to step in, in this instance, is beyond me. I am no great mover and shaker. I am pretty much nominal. No JFK or RFK. God didn’t step in, in Dealey Plaza, at the Ambassador hotel or, when that Father of two died in a stupid, senseless car accident.
It might be, why certain bad things are let happen is, the healing The Creator gives to the souls that suffer, and move on from this short life is so profound, the horrible past is gone, and gets blasted away forever. Like a bad dream that never even was. Maybe those souls never have to incarnate as a human again. Maybe they get to reincarnate on different highly evolved planets, even in different dimensions, and live for thousands of years with other incredibly evolved beings in an unbelievable reality of unimaginable love, power, ecstasy, purity, innocence, truth and bliss, we (as humans) couldn't even begin to imagine. That's only a guess. It is beyond my understanding. In any case, I am looking forward to returning to the other side someday and continuing on through.
I am not a saint by any means, and I still do and have done really stupid things. Stumbling sometimes but, getting back up and going in the right direction. The direction WE ALL have been given the gift of choice to go. It is already hardwired into our souls. We all know what is good. We all know what is bad. Not good in the eyes of man, in the eyes of The Creator. Some of us get lost but, it only takes a good push to put you back on track. Truth comes in various shades until it becomes false. I will listen to my divine spark. It knows best. It has many names. A conciseness, a higher power, your soul, intuition. The choice you make might be only a grain of sand on a mountain. But a grain of sand can tip the scale so, choose wisely.
Humans pale in comparison to this incredible living beautiful planet and the minority of evil powerful beings that are crapping all over it. Unless humans evolve towards good, and clean up the bad seeds, they will quite possibly perish.
This life seems so real doesn’t it? But, it's not. Some people have to wait until they die to realize this. Hard to imagine. Your soul is incomprehensible to such a small thing as the human mind. A divine spark cannot be understood. It can only be felt. Like love. As Hellen Keller said "The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched. They must be felt with the heart.” I would agree with her.

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