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Submitted: August 14, 2016

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Submitted: August 14, 2016



Auntie's friend
gave me
a cheese sandwich

I sat on
an old settee with it

her daughter Elsie
sat at the other end
of the settee
as far from me
as she could get
nibbling at a sandwich

why are you sitting
so far way from Benny?
her mum said

don't want
to sit next to him
Elsie said

you'll sit near Benny
and like it
her mum said

Elsie shifted
nearer to me
with a sucking lemons
sort of face
and nibbled her sandwich
not looking at me

her mum walked back
to the kitchen where
she was talking
to my aunt

what sort of sandwich
have you got?
I asked

she said coldly

but what
is in it?
I said

corned beef
she said

do you like corned beef?
I said

why do you
talk to me
you're worse
than Billy the bird
she said

I like talking to you
I said

I don't like you
talking to me
she said

I ate my sandwich
in silence
for a few moments

what year
were you born?
I said
after swallowing
a bit of sandwich

she said
that is why
I am 5

I nodded
and looked at her
I was born in 1947
in London
I said

that is why
you are 4
she said

she nibbled
more sandwich
Mum said
kids from London
got fleas
she said
a few minutes after

I haven't
I said

you smell of dog
she said

just then Elise’s mum
came in and slapped
Elise’s leg
with her hand
don't be horrible to Benny
I heard you

I nibbled my sandwich

say sorry
her mum said angrily

Elsie looked at her shoes
and mumbled a sorry

her mum walked back
to the kitchen

Elsie rubbed her leg
with her small hand
and looked at the sandwich
in her other hand

didn't mean it
Elsie said
her leg getting red.

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