Dear Japan

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

Jayan is an English teacher and he decided to settle down in the big neighborhood of Minato-Ku, in Japan.

Table of Contents

Welcome to Japan

Dear Japan    Chapter 1 : Welcome To Japan    "Don't go away Kenichi, please, stay.", I said, "I know... Read Chapter


Dear Japan   Chapter 2: Caleb   I opened the video-chat software. I was exhausted, without really knowing why. ... Read Chapter

Meet Me At The Embassy

Dear Japan:    Chapter 3: Meet Me At The Embassy   I woke up with the taste of bitter lemon in m... Read Chapter

Tender Bartender

Dear Japan    Chapter 4: Tender Bartender   "You don't seem to be a patron, are you?".  The barte... Read Chapter

The Nightout

Dear Japan   Chapter 5: The Nightout   On that night, so much rain fell down that it wouldn't make anyone want ... Read Chapter


Dear Japan   Chapter 6: Pianissimo   Sitting down on this chair, I felt my heart pounding as if there were just... Read Chapter


Dear Japan   Chapter 7: Soraya    She was supposed to come on that day but I had no idea at what time exac... Read Chapter


She left the room as Loris told her goodbye. The daylight seemed to be dull today, and the stores were half-closed, it was hard to distin... Read Chapter

Logan McKnight

She glanced at me and then told me there was a problem but I could not quite fathom what it was, really, she’s always been the kind of ... Read Chapter


“Hey Angel! What’s up”. It felt like I hadn’t talked to him for ages. He didn’t change a bit. After I told him about the proble... Read Chapter

Your Warmth

“Hello, have you been missing me?” he said, almost feigning confidence. He looked radiant, as always but I didn’t he didn’t feel ... Read Chapter

The Embrace

Waking up and seeing the world around, realizing about your own loneliness was so lame. Actually, I would have felt better if I had awo... Read Chapter

A Gig For You

Darkness was taking all over the sky, when we were playing games together. It was a fighting game that Hideki was much used to playing. ... Read Chapter


Jayan was tired at home. He didn’t think of Hideki to hold him little company. He was just lying on the sofa and made a retrospective o... Read Chapter

Just Follow Me

Ilya was there, next to us. He was used to bragging all day so I didn’t think of it as unfit, when he said to me:  “Some peopl... Read Chapter


I took Ilya to the closest beach. We walked along and we saw people not doing anything, really. Just enjoy the simple fact of going to th... Read Chapter

At Nighttime

Dear Japan   Chapter 17 : At nighttime.   It was high time Ilya and I went back home to cook something and... Read Chapter


Dear Japan   Chapter 18 : Loneliness   Every time I looked around me, I couldn’t help but feel the apart... Read Chapter

Don't Say A Word

Dear Japan   Chapter 19: Don’t say a word.   I was home, that night. There was nothing in the fridge and I de... Read Chapter


Dear Japan   Chapter 20: Apology.   I was furious. There was nothing that could prevent the rage from rushing i... Read Chapter

Crispy Night

Dear Japan Chapter 21: Crispy night.    Hideki was in the bar. I had decided to co... Read Chapter


Dear Japan Chapter 22: Ice-Creams    I went back home and had trouble deciding what was the best film to ... Read Chapter

Let's Karaoke

Dear Japan Chapter 23: Let's Karaoke   Today was a special day. Hideki had decided to take me to karaoke. As a... Read Chapter


Dear Japan   Chapter 24 : English.     « You is a personal subject pronoun, your is a possessive... Read Chapter

Talking To A Wall

I was driving back home, on a Friday night. It was 8pm and I wanted to go for a ride, downtown. I stopped the car at a spot and joined Ke... Read Chapter


I decided to go meet some friends for a bowling. I didn't really have good skills for that but I wanted to have some fun. Hideki was to... Read Chapter

Kissing In Style

The sun was shining brightly in the sky, the wind was blowing and I wanted to see Hideki's face. I wanted to meet his eyes and I was crav... Read Chapter

Sunday Afternoon

Japan   Chapter 28 : Sunday Afternoon.   Hideki was still with me. We went outside and we decided to ... Read Chapter

No Pain No Gain

    I felt bad for some reason I didn't know. I don't know why, but I had this nausea that twisted my stomach and made me... Read Chapter

Dream Job And Right Job

  I was correcting my student’s papers. It took me a very long time. Some of the papers were excellent, but some others w... Read Chapter

Kimochi Ii

Important note: Please highlight the white part to read the whole chapter. As it is, it's only half a chapter. :P Read Chapter

Fortnight In Paris

New chapter! Enjoy, folks ! :D Read Chapter

Parisian Life

Hope the lemon part won't be too much of a trouble. Read Chapter

Just 4 Guys

No lemon part in this. Don't worry. Hehe It's been a while. It's good to be back.
Read Chapter

Eternally In Love

This is the most recent. Written today, after months of hiatus but as I can see, you guys like the story so it motivates me more to write. Thank you all.
Read Chapter

A Bit Too Early?

Dear Japan   Chapter 37 : A Bit Too Early?    I called Hideki to invite him over a ramen bo... Read Chapter

Take A Little Time

Last chapter up to now, I think the story is coming to an end very soon. I will stop at the 40th chapter.
Read Chapter

Rain On Your Wedding Day

The story is almost finished. I must think of a great way to end the story, even if you could stop at this chapter and feel like the story is over. It was a pleasure to write this story. Thank you.

Next up: Epilogue.
Read Chapter

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