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The article deals with the advantages and disadvantages of social media in a simple manner.

Submitted: August 14, 2016

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Submitted: August 14, 2016



In recent times, social media ensures that we stay up-to-date with the current trends in technology. From a wedding that happened afar to the famine in a far-off country, we get updates on our email, mobile and social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. However, social media platforms also face brickbats as it is used for abusing, threatening, slandering purposes. Many nameles individuals use these methods to hit back for personal reasons, at individuals, companies or any religious group with whom they have a tiff.

In some countries, Twitter and Facebook have become a favorite social media platform for exchanging political notes. If you have become part of a group which does not spare individuality and forces its agenda on you, it is wise to leave the group or block those people who are abusive. However, if you are a humane person and cannot say those words to a person-in-front never use it offline. If you are bullied by someone, never react nor respond and this method can make the abuser give up. As do-gooders, we seldom stand united against bullies to assist a victim. In social media atleast, let up help the victims instead of just being a bystander. You can voice your opinion by reporting any kind of offensive activity or expressing support to the targeted person.

Although you get updates on trends happening in any genre, there can be also fake messages. These news and messages are accurate and created with authenticity like the four headed snake in India or any national anthem being made the UN anthem, that you believe and share them and the end result – humiliation. There was also a fake web page of a favorite mobile which told that the recent version of the product could be charged in a microoven.

There are also some messages which carry the sympathy version. Persons with disabilities are put as images and below will be messages stating one social media platform is contribute a percentage of money. Some of these posts are nothing but a scam. So, it is advisable to stop, think, realize and then take a decision before sharing the message or putting a like.

Laws of Social Media

Reasons are galore, but you should carefully select and type the words which you use in any social media platforms. You could hurt others without your knowledge, also kindly remember, that the words you typed are stored in a database. College and student life are heavenly, but remember not to be careless in any aspect.  Two decades ago, any type of joke can be told to specific persons, laughed, passed verbally for two weeks and then forgotten.

But now, the social media has made it possible for a joke to be made available to a number of users. It is also easy to find any amount of personal information online. Always have knowledge or maintain a databse on accounts you have used or forget about. It is better to know, remember for life, that some posts or information can cause temporaty distraction, but they can cause lots of harm in the future.

Advantages of Social Media

Networking websites such as facebook or linkedin are used by companies to identify discrepancies in the resume of a candidate.



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