I kissed him...

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Submitted: August 14, 2016

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Submitted: August 14, 2016



I kissed him after ages.

This used to be something I always used to do. Kissing him goodnight would ward off any evil that may befall in the dark hours; my grandma used to say.

So I always used to kiss him. He used to hug me and kiss me back too. He would give me that cute smile and ask me to sleep with him for the night. Sometimes I used to sit there and watch him sleep.

But as he grew he didn't like me kissing him. He would struggle using his blanket as his shield against me. I would still put up a fight and manage to plant a little peck on his forehead. He would sulk and scream good night before snaking into the blanket.

But soon I started growing week. And he was ever more stronger and charming than all. My little baby after all was growing. I couldn't kiss him. He never allowed. I could understand. But then he was not at home every time. Sometimes he would call in just hours before the dawn. He was too tired and never talked much. I had always wanted to scream a million questions at him at the time but could never cook up enough courage to do it.

Soon he never came home. I could never connect any calls to him. Maybe when days of his recent oblivion turns into weeks he would call me telling he is safe. He would say he would come home one day. I believed in it and waited.

As my wait started gaining length I started searching for my baby myself. But nobody knew where he was. But I had to find him. I would walk all day searching every town and city for my baby. But then I fell sick. My legs wouldn't suddenly take me places. I was to stay at home. But I still waited for my baby.

Then one evening after a down pour that flooded the farm below the valley, two policemen turned up at my door. They said they needed me to take a look at something important.

They drove me to the new hospital. We walked past most people and went into a far corner. It felt cold as we neared that big door. Some stinging wind with an unworldly charm ran past me as he opened the door for us. The policeman took my hand and walked me to a platform. There was something on it. It had a very peculiar smell.

I pulled down the white shade and saw my baby. All cold and bruised. Black clouds flooded around his eyes. It was difficult to tell when he last might have slept.

I kissed him after ages.

I kissed him till my lips turned cold. Yes, my baby is grown. But he is my baby. Then. Now. Always. There was nobody going to stop me from kissing him. Even my baby himself wouldn't.

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