School Blues

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I wrote this poem to entertain. I wanted to take people back to the days of school when you were inundated with school work and had to deal with bullying.

Submitted: August 14, 2016

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Submitted: August 14, 2016



On the bus to school jammin' to my music feel like a million bucks there ain't nuthin' to it.

Gonna get to school gonna learn new things gonna get all A's gonna spread my wings.

No fun, no kiddin', no slackin off, workn' hard as I can No playin, no jivin, no jokin' around dat's just how I am.

Classes are hard and teachers' demanding assignments galore but I'm still standing.

There's a bully in school he wants to pick on me he's three times my size why can't he let me be?

I try to avoid him he always pops up I gotta think a' somethin fast boy dis is just my luck!

"Meet me at three", he says I tense up in fear He looks in my eyes No one else is near.

We meet at three I'm totally petrified he socks me right in the face I hope now he's satisfied.

"Don't get mad get even" I was always told next day I got even knocked him right out cold.

Hard work and bullies and I haven't made friends my alarm clock sounds time to do it all again.

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