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Chapter 1 (v.1) - The Mysterious Racism

Submitted: August 14, 2016

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Submitted: August 14, 2016



It was a quiet morning when Savanna woke up. White light swam into her room as she rubbed the sleep from her eyes. The guest room was more comfortable that she thought it would be. Blood red curtains and pages cut out of national geographic all over the floor made her uncomfortable, but not unbearably so . It wasn't a pleasant combination to her. But she was grateful for a place to stay.  What a nice friend he is, she thought.  

The faucet water trickled out, a result of poor water pressure perhaps.  Savanna looked in the mirror. Curly brown hair.  Chocolate eyes. Skin so warm and rich.  "I love being black," she said to herself. 

Savanna turned the faucet off and walked back into the room. It suddenly dawned on her that it was night time still. The clock read 4:14 AM, blinking slightly every second. 

Savanna decided to explore the rest of the old house, learn every secret it had to offer. Growing up she'd always  liked exploring her home. She secretly wished there would be a new door one day. One she'd never noticed before. And it would lead her someplace new, someplace better. A room where she didn't need to exist.  Years later, and she still craved this need for escape.  

Savanna stopped before a firm door, with the nicest wooden frame she'd ever seen. It was the study, the room he said was off limits. Savanna never did very much like limitations. He won't mind, she thought... The doorknob made a small noise, almost as if to give her away. But she pushed the door forward and was hit with a horrible smell. She felt for a light-switch, but found none. The light from the hallway barely entered the room, rendering her mostly blind inside it.  Savanna took steps forward, feeling carefully with her hands to find her way around . She took out her phone  and put on the flashlight directed at the floor to see her steps. Inching her way forward she finally came across a desk. A leather-bound journal rested comfortably on the desk, beckoning her to indulge in its secrets. She opened it to a random page. 

June 21, 2016

My foot lodged down the nigg*rs narrow black throat. I feel it's esophagus flesh expanding to accommodate my large shoe. So good so good.  It begins to suffocate. Muffled choking sounds emit from it. It panics, eyes all wild like and feverishly grasping at nothing so it can breathe. For a few seconds I almost feel bad for it. A subtle remorse washes over me ... And then I twist my leg inside  it and suddenly it's all over.  I hear a thud as he falls to the ground. I live for this. I love it.  I

Savanna shut the book and doubled over in disgust. Thoughts raced through her mind, panic overtook, the world spun and spun and she couldn't understand. She couldn't understand why it was in his writing. Footsteps. Slow. Decisive. Confusion.   Savanna realized he was checking on her in the guest room. 

"Where are you Savanna." 

She covered her whimpers, as she saw his silhouette appear in the study doorway.  He stepped into the darkness of the room, staring out into nothing. Savanna closed her eyes to stop the urgent tears. He was getting closer.  He reached up and pulled a thin string. Light flooded the room and all at once Savanna was attacked with unimaginable visual horrors. People. People nailed against the walls like artwork. Displayed, rotting, horribly bruised, mutilated. All of them black... Savanna bent over and vomited. Kneeling at his feet, she looked up at him in repulsion and fear. He readied himself to strike, when suddenly. She smiled at him. 

"Kill me massa." Savanna said.


He was shocked initially; but then a smile spread like a centipede across his face.   He produced a kitchen knife and raised it confidently ready to strike. He took his time, comfortably certain that Savanna was a willing victim. He eased the knife along her skin. 

"Cleanse me," she whispered provocatively.

She looked up at him. Her shiny brown eyes a ploy for admiration.

"Say my name" he said.


Savanna shook slightly and smiled 



He dropped his knife, suddenly consumed with lust. He whipped out his flaccid cracker schlong and whipped her face with it a little.

He closed his eyes and waited... Now was her chance. In one movement she bit down on his mayonnaise tube and ripped it off. Blood squirted all over her face like cum. She grabbed the knife, stood up, and slit his throat, smiling viciously as he fell to the ground before her.


Savanna whispered in his ear as he died,

"See you in hell, white bread."


The End. 

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