i don't know

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an author who is really young and began a series that never published the story.

Submitted: August 14, 2016

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Submitted: August 14, 2016




I began to write my story which I can't tell you because I don't really want anyone to copy them. When I first began it, it was supposed to be me and my brother writing together in this series. We imagined how we could beat stories that somewhat a good story but didn't make much sense. The best example I could come up with is this one event in DC where Aqua master beated the crap out of Superman. 

When beginning our series, we would write one and both of us would check our work. Planned it through and began following our own set of "Universal Rules". A simple explanation, weak guy gets his ass beat by another large guy. Deppressing and quite unfair I know but hey, any kind of response would be better than no response. Maybe.

Months pass by and then my brother stopped. I don't know why he stopped, he started being a lazy asshole. I got tired, I tried everything. I explained the whole story of each character, the way they processed and how this universe follows.

But he forgot all of it. What a load of shit! That mother fucker doesn't deserve to be part of my series. I began making the stories on my own and it was quite diificult. How, eventhough this is cliche on many short stories about themselves or something.

I am trying to be quite original, I don't like stories that had something too familiar or filled with cliches. Best example would be a horror movie like one specific event when the colored person dies first or boo, jumpscares!

The job was quite tedious now, I'm 15 years old and shit hit the fans. I often imagine how sucessful my story would be eventhough some might cringe at it. I liked to see people admire it and admit that it's quite good eventhough they're in my imagination. I showed it to several people but some didn't like it. It was kinda bothersome but I dealt with it. I would gladly tell you all my story if I could but the more I thought. The more risks I take.

I can't allow anyone to take them, if someone takes the credit. I would be so fucking pissed and even more pissed when they out smart me. Then I worry about it becoming a failure and I wouldn't have another chance to perhaps famous?

I began to doubt myself and looking at my shitty little brother. He doesn't give a shit about my story, he's a hardcore Doom fan and shows me some useless information especially memes. Uh, it so fucking stupid plus I don't give a shit about Doom eventhough he keeps claiming it's the best goddamn game in the world.

I became off topic, didn't I? I don't want to deal with that piece of shit. The writing skills I have, I begin to doubt. In school, I read out a poem that I written and the teacher said it was good. But I walked by the teacher with his former assistant saying how awful it was. Another time is when I written about my character fighting against Michael Bay in writing club. When it was time to critique, everyone seemed mutual except the creator of the club. Even so, putting my own skills in further doubt.

Everywhere I look, I feel alone. If I showed my story to my parents, they would repulse and ban me from any story I ever read on the internet. I even began to repusle at good stories such as the new game,"Overwatch". The fans are so much and I... I fucking hate it. It's too good and I can't say anything. I showed my stories to my friends but they also forget or never mention it. Hardly even talk to me.

I don't know, I don't know anymore, I'm just tired. To deal with school, bullshit stories and other things. I don't know where am I going to. It's so unfair. I don't have great friends, they hardly even say hi unless if I say it. My brother still lies in his shitty way. I'm just tired. I don't even think much of story. It's withering and began to lose itself just as I. I don't know what to do.


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