Why i think Loyalty is overrated!

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Submitted: August 14, 2016

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Submitted: August 14, 2016



Loyalty is Overrated! 


Pained to make such a bold claim which doesn't mean i am not loyal by any means whatsoever as matter of fact i am overly loyal sometimes but it is what it is. Now i will try to explain why?


Firstly life is a wonderful gift in which we strive for the best and be the best we could possibly be, with that being said we only have one life. Only one chance. No time for messing around and so sometimes in life you just have to do what is best for you. Regardless of the things you may lose or leave behind whether in the shape of friends, possessions or simply the cultural upbringing and traditions you have always practiced because what you will be gaining will by far over exceed what you previously had, achieved or done. This isn't you trying to be selfish or greedy but rather just doing what you should be doing which is improve your self as a person and fulfill the potential you had. We all know times fly and the last thing in life you want is regret over what you could have been or what you could have done.


Next lets talk about friendship, loyalty basically is showing and giving strong support and allegiance to the other partly blindly whether right or wrong. This is done everyday, a loyal friend would rather stick around with you and is expected to do so regardless of the outcome benefiting either of you in any way. This is loyalty but a true friend should be one that choose whats best for both of you and then if you don't agree he should just do what is best for him regardless of whether you go with him or not. He shouldn't have to feel the burden of not being loyal because he is simply bettering himself. People fail to see this and thus creates this bubble in which if you decide to better yourself over staying loyal you are in wrong.


The previous paragraphs were about  loyalty within oneself but now i will talk about loyalty within the society which happens to be more negative then within oneself. I will start the explanation by giving a simple example of work. Two people go to work really late. One has a relation of sort with the the boss the other not so. The former gets let off while the latter suffers the consequences. This leads to double standards which in an ideal world shouldn't even exist.


Favoring one or rather being expected to favor one because of relations and loyalty is injustice which the society just accepts.




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