7 Mind Games

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Submitted: August 14, 2016

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Submitted: August 14, 2016




  1. Reverse Psychology!  Everyone knows about this, children mostly fall victim to this method. People are daring and you basically say the opposite of what you want them to do. And they will do what you wanted them to do in the first place. This works on almost anyone but not all the time.
  2. Silence! I don't know if its in human nature or just the fear of awkwardness but people hate silence, so when you ask a question and do not get a reply... stay quiet and don't say anything.. People hate the silence and will break it by most probably answering your question. However be aware they could change the topic all together.
  3. Playing Fake!  This is basically making the people think something else of you which you are not and you keep  springing  surprises on them and amazing them whenever you want. Great if you can pull it off.  
  4. Keeping it Simple! My personal favorite on this list. People think many things about you but one of those things is whether they think you are clever or stupid. This works perfectly for both. The people will either think you approach things smartly or foolishly.. In either case they will think you are too smart so will be thinking of something else or they will think you are too foolish so will think of something else as to what it actually is, so basically you let them out think you and you do the plain simple thing. Might not look good but it's classy. Tip for this is to not always use this or they will click onto it.
  5. Dictating Minds!  This one is nice and easy. Basically you are telling their mind what to do without them know. But how? Simple! When you ask them a question and you want them to say yes... Nod your head or if you want them to say No Shake your head. It will give them no time to think and put them on the spot and will react as you are doing simply because the mind think it has to respond.
  6. Corrupting! This is done simply by confusing the recipient so much that he will listen to anything and everything and stick to it. They will listen to anything you say as their mind are corrupted with your thoughts.
  7. Sweet Spots! I don't like this one but i had to mention it on the list as it is out there.Instead of showing the whole situation as it is you hide the negative side and just show whats good about it. People love being in profit, it gives them a sense of pride which can make people vulnerable to not seeing the other side of what's at stake. 

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