7 reasons for failure

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Submitted: August 14, 2016

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Submitted: August 14, 2016




  1. Get distracted! Anything that doesn't relate to us we are interested in, anything that has something to do with us we try to avoid as much as possible. This leads to being distracted and failing!  
  2. Listen to others! No, Listening to other people advice is good because they may have experience  but i am talking about listening to people who may criticize you or simply have no right to speak as they haven't done what you are trying to achieve. Too many people have too many things to say without knowing anything! People just love to give advice but that doesn't make it the right advice. 
  3. Doubt! Most probably the biggest reason for failure! A single unnecessary thought in the mind will grow like flowers and corrupt your mind to a point where you  just simply lose the purpose of what you are doing.
  4. Make Comparisons! We humans have a natural habit of looking at the highs of others and comparing them to the lows of our own life! Everything takes time and happens in order! 
  5. No Patience! Following on from the previous point, we want things to happen just like that.. without spending time, sweat and effort on it. 
  6. Look for shortcuts! Sometimes working hard is better than working smart. Not all shortcuts give you the same fruit of life. Remember the hard way is the right way. And if you want to know what comfort feels like? Work hard and labour for what you want to achieve then the achievement will be true comfort. Just like to know peace you must first come to know pain you have to struggle first then will see the real pleasure. 
  7. Fear of being different: Sometimes in life we want to do something but its something special, something unique, something that hasn't been done before.The last point stops us, because it makes us be different and stand out of the crowd, all of us want to fit in and but sometimes that stops us succeeding! 

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