becoming vegetarian

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Submitted: August 14, 2016

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Submitted: August 14, 2016



I'm going to get this straight out. I am not writing this because someone is vegetarian and I want to be like them or because I want to get attention. Fuck no. There's truth behind this and if you don't want to read this or you don't believe me then get the fuck out of here. Why am I gonna waste my precious time to write a false statement? Anyways, good luck reading. Enjoy! :D

P.s. I am not going to go much into details because I don't want to make this more longer and much of those details are very personal to me. Thank you. 



"Becoming Vegetarian"


Nobody know this, not even any of my friends. I am ready to say it. I have been having problems with my diet since young. Whenever I look at my childhood pictures, I feel hatred and regret. And I should be, it's personally my fault what happened. Ever since I was young and up to my pre-teens, I did not get any nutrition I needed, I didn't exercise much, I was eating just pure junk food, meat/chicken, and fast food. I was pretty much over weigh. When I was 12, I weigh in 168 pounds. I didn't hesitate about it because it's just a number but one day I was. The day I went to the doctors for a physical exam, he said I have to eat less junk food, meat/chicken and more veggies or else I would get type 2 diabetes. Those words I was pretty frightened. But I didn't pay much attention to it because the junk was calling my name. And up to Sophmore year I weigh 187 pounds. People say "You weigh that much because of your height." I was 5'6 that time, I was skeptical about it but then, I let those statements go. It was a bad year because inside I was tearing myself apart because I was thinking to myself that I am fat I will never become skinny like those Victoria Secret models. So I became kind of Anorexic, like the only time I would eat is school but little food well because I don't want my friends to be worry about me. When I do eat a lot in front of my friends I would go to the bathroom during fifth period near the Gym area in high school and stick my two fingers down my throat and vomit the food I ate, it wasn't pleasant but I have to do it. At home was tough, my mom doesn't know about it and still doesn't to this day. She would give me fried chicken with rice and beans (Mexican style). I would eat half of it and then the rest I would give it to my older brother. Then, I go to the bathroom in my mom's room and vomit. But I think I went that eating ways for about a week (Winter break) until my sister know about it. I still don't know how. Her reaction was pretty real, she was pissed at me. I told her the problems I was dealing with and all she said was "Everyone has fat, if there is no fat inside their body, they die." After that, I started to get back up, I lost about 5 pounds I think but Christmas Day, I think I ate like three plates. It was bombalicious. It was a rough year for me, but it's a memory. 


Senior year, it was the time where I was eating little less meat/chicken but more junk food. I tried to eliminate junk food but it's called addiction. Worst feeling ever. Like you just want that thing you are obsessed with, in your hand or mouth. But on Halloween Day, it was the worst experience of my life. It was during lunch time in school and I got Teriyaki Chicken from the Cafeteria and while I was eating it, I felt that the chicken was gooey and hard to chew on, but I didn't think about it, I was hungry. Then right after I finished eating, I was starting to itch and I looked at my stomach and it looked like a mosquito bite, I'm like oh crud. But then I started to scratch behind my neck and chest. During fifth period I did not pay attention all day, I was only focusing on the terrible itch I have, it's worst than ant/ mosquito bites. Whenever I scratch it, a burning sensation came through that I wanted to scream. So my friends saw that I have red on my neck but I thought it was my pajamas so I took it off and put it on my backpack because I thought it was the clothing material. When I got home, my mom told me that it's not a big problem that it will go away, but after 3 hours of extreme itch, the redness and rash was all over my body. So my mom was frightened and called my oldest brother. I went inside the doctors room because it was really an emergency. And the nurses took blood samples and swallowed 7-8 pills. Few minutes later, it came back I have Hives. I asked the doctor why and he said I am allergic to a type of bacteria that was in a raw chicken and that I can't eat a lot of meat/chicken or else the bacteria will grow and I could possibly die from it. Also he told me that the bacteria will be forever in my body that it's not cured with pills or anything and that there's 80% chance that it will not come back and get rashes but other than that, the other percentage that the rashes will come and go but not deadly. 


So after that I was pretty serious about what I am eating because what happened to me was serious. And ever since then, I eat just one piece of chicken and much more veggies, junk food is limited. And ever the last week of June, I completely stopped eating Hot Cheetos or anything that is junk. I haven't eaten McDonald's 6 months ago. All other fast food restaurant like years now. June 29th I weigh in 220 pounds. I started to exercise and start eating more nutrition and stuff. The first few days was tough and have that sensation that I want Junk food so I went into the refrigerator and got mini carrot sticks and started to eat them like crazy. After that, the sensation was gone. And the second week of July I did eat chips but it was little bit. And after that, the chicken and meat were little by little. Exercising is going great. On July 29th, one month since my diet as they said. I weigh in 208 pounds. I started to shred in tears of happiness because I know I can do it. I don't want to be those after graduate students started eating junk and not being healthy.


Honestly, I feel great. I feel more alive and more energetic. I know that I regret not doing this since the beginning of my growth but it's never too late to change. And I am happy to say that very soon probably in a year or so I will officially be Vegetarian and soon become Vegan. I loved what I am doing. And it does hurt me seeing kids and adults not taking care of themselves and eating greasy food that to me. is tragic. One day, I will have pigs, dogs, chicken, horses and it hurts me that someone will dare to hurt, kill, or eat them. I have watched videos of animals being slaughter and have chemical being injected into them, and families in McDonald's or any fast food eats them, is truly devastating. I am not forcing you or anyone to not be vegetarian, but if you are omnivore, be it, like I don't care I am not going to judge you if I talk or hang around with you. I know that you are thinking to yourself that this bitch isn't gonna go veg. And guess what..I am. I honestly don't give a shit what you are saying. It's my life. I do what I want. Everybody has different opinions and life. And this is my life. If you don't appreciate what I am doing then fuck you byyeee. And if you get to read all the way through, thank you very much. To me, that means that you guys really do care what I am doing and that you are really supportive of my decision. Thank you for reading my part 1 struggle. There are many more to go. I hope you have a great day/night. Byyee :) 

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