Where I Want To Be

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A short story about a girl.

Submitted: August 14, 2016

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Submitted: August 14, 2016



I have always wondered where I would be if I had chosen a path different from where I am now. I remember mum telling me to make the right choices and in time I would be rewarded. Dad use to tell me if I was brave enough to go after my dream nothing will ever stand in my way. I use to try my hardest to please them with their advice, and use common sense when clearly those around me had none. But in a perfect world, none of that would exist. So here I sit pondering over the course of events that has happened to me and where do I go from here.

Bobby was my closest friend, in fact he was my only friend. We met in middle school. I was in the sixth grade and he was in the seventh. It was early morning and I just got to the school cafeteria sitting at a table waiting for class to start.

He walks up to me, "Is this seat taken?"

I'm looking at him. "No."

He sits down across from me and introduces himself as Bobby. He was drinking a juice. I went into my bag and grabbed my mirror. I can feel him watching me as i opened my pocket mirror when it fell to the ground and crack. "Oh man you are going to have seven years of bad luck. That sucks."

I laughed. "Geez, I hope not. I was counting the next seven years to be the best seven years of my life."

We both laughed. "I'm Rita, nice to meet you Bobby."

I wasn't shocked at all that a seventh grader came up to me to chat, I was curious to see what he wanted and why. My dad drilled me every morning to be careful of teenage boys and their motives behind their actions. I was doing just that.

He helps me pick up the broken pieces and throws them into the trash bin. "How do you like this school so far?" He asked me

"School is school. You either come to learn or waste time." That was my dad talking in the back of my mind.

"I see. Well I'm here to learn and waste time doing it. They can't teach me what I already know. My mother is a professor and trust me I've been learning from the moment she gave birth until, who knows maybe when she leaves this earth." He had the cutest dimples when he smiled, and that was distracting while he talked.

"My dad tells me every day the things I should look out for. I guess that is why they are our parents. Nothing we can do but listen and learn from them." The school bell rings.

"Where is your homeroom, maybe I can walk you if it is okay." I grab my back pack and stand up slowly. Is he really asking me this?

"It's 602, second floor next to Ms. Hera."

"Oh how much I disliked Ms. Hera. She was the meanest teacher I've met, and I'm sure she hasn't changed. Does she still have her weird looking picture of her cats on her desk?"

"Yes she does, in fact there are quite a few photographs of cats around the room. At first I thought they were art, but since you mentioned that, I think its creepy."

"Creepy is not the word, more like obsessed that woman is."

We stand near the classroom door where he touches my shoulder. "I have lunch fifth period, maybe I'll see you in the court yard near the gym doors. I'm usually alone, unless Linda decides to find and bug me."

Could this Linda girl be his girlfriend? "And if you are wondering, she is not my girlfriend, she is my twin sister. Fraternal twins we are."

"That's a relief." Wait did I just say that out loud? "I meant, cool I've never met a twin before." Stupid.

"That's okay, most people don't." The second bell rings. "I'll catch you later." He runs up the stairs.

The first four periods of class were a blur, only because this guy I met this morning who goes my the name 'Bobby' was stuck in my head. He's about 5'5", light skin with green eyes and brown hair. Two dimples what come out when he smiles and talks. Perfect teeth and body. Did I tell you he talked to me? Okay I'm acting way to girly for this. I can feel my face heat up every time he pops in the head.

It's lunch time and I'm moved to go find him by the gym doors. What  if he is not there? What if his sister is there and she is mean. Come on, I'm in the sixth grade, she may think of me as a little girl.

I can see him sitting down, but his back is towards me. I hope that's him and not some random kid who happened to wear the same clothes like Bobby.

"Hey Bobby." He turns around.

"Hi Rita, how was class?"

"It was okay." At least from what I remember.

"Do you like to read? I'm reading this book my mother picks out from the library every week. We must read at least two out of the three books she gets me and my sister, and if she is in a good mood, we have to write a report about it too."

"Wow you have to write an essay about the books you've read?"

"All the time. You get use to it too if you started as young as five."


--------------------------------------- TO BE CONTINUED -------------------------------------------



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