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Just let me see ???

Submitted: August 14, 2016

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Submitted: August 14, 2016



"Take off the mask."
"Why should I? I'm perfectly fine as is."
"Cuz I wanna see ???. The ???? ???," she reaches for his mask but he draws back.
"Stop it," his hand lifta to his mask as to hold it in place, away from the girl. The girls jacket, loose and colorful, flows in the wind unlike the boys monotone jacket that stuck to his torso. Their white washed jeans stand their as though they expect someone to move.
"Why won't you show me," she asks.
"I told you, I'm perfectly fine with this on," the boy moves his hand back but doesn't let down his guard. The girl puts her hands behind her and looks at him  with a blank glare. "I can't take this off, I'm sorry."
"But why not," she takes a step forward.
"Because I can't," the boy steps back.
"So when can you," she moves closer.
"I-I can't," the boy attempts to keep distance. He trips on his heels and falls flat, failing to catch himself. The girl attempts to catch him but just falls ontop of him. They stare each other in the eyes, the wind silent and the sky auburn.
The girl reaches up to remove the boy's mask, but is grabbed by the boy.
"Please…I beg you don't do this to me," the boy's hand falls back down, allowing the girl to decide. Her decision was ond he did not want. Her hand continued to his mask. Finally reaching the mask, she takes in the texture of his cover. The smooth and firm craftsmanship of this false facade, the gentle pale color that reinforces how flat and stern the wearer is. She slowly lifts up the mask, ready to take in what may be seen. And in one single flash, she saw the most perfect person in thr world, but then nothing. She toses the mask aside, trying to find the boy that was underneath…but to no avail.
"So…this is the ???? ???," she mutters as a tear rolls down her face.

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