Assassin of Verona: Tale of Lady Capulet and Lord Montague

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Submitted: August 15, 2016



Assassin of Verona:

Tale of Lady Capulet and Lord Montague



Two households once divided.

Lovers’ perished, family feuds were also lost.

However their curse still held, until all debts had been repaid.

Tybalt’s slaying raised its own high grief.

Now back to fair Verona,

Where uncivil peoples rise to wipe the slate clean.



Scene I.

Joined House of Montague and Capulet


Lord Montague and Lady Capulet stood side by side. They both had pardoned themselves from the wake of the recently passed Lord Ridolfo Capulet.

“We both knew long ago our families would not be done with all the tragedy.” Lady Capulet said.

“Our children, my wife. Your husband now passed with them both, I only hope they have moved onto a world better than our own. His mind driven mad by your brother, Jonas Caiazzo’s family. They rise up to strike both of us down at this very moment. ” Lord Montague said.

“They stand within my husband’s wake, while they were so much of the cause. Even while we mourn another loss. How many more do you think we can suffer? Gabriello, what heritage do we leave to Verona? My brother, Jonas, as vile as he may be, is right. We do not deserve to lead Verona on any scale.”

“What shall we do, sit, wait? Idle and hold our hands still to show that we will never raise them again in anger?” Gabriello Montague responded. He turned away from her wondering how quickly he might be able to secure their escape. “We vanish. We run and leave them to their grief. If we stay, we shall only cause more of it. Or suffer our own deaths before the time is right.” He said to Lady Capulet unable to look her in the eye.

“They will destroy our reputations, if we run like cowards.”

“What reputations do we have left?” Gabriello said.

“That left of our houses will face the repercussions of our own mistakes.”

“An early death will doom us both, then Silvia.”

“Not quite.” Silvia Capulet said as an idea rattled around in her brain. It echoed now in her heart. She knew what they would have to do.

“I have never seen another look so enlightened over such a grim thought as our own deaths, planned or not.”

“We shall not be dying early. Let us attend this moment. Let me mourn my husband. Let them see me cry and weep, although my eyes have been dry for almost a year now.” Silvia replied. Her eyes like the eyes of a snake.

“How can time have passed by so fast since my noble son took himself from my view?”

“We have no time to think about such sadness now. I have cried it all out. Anything that I show for my husband. I already have cried it. I feel no longer.” She paused. “Meet me at our children’s resting place. Midnight is the hour upon which we will put our action into plan.”

“What plan is it that you are scheming?”

“I shall tell you at midnight.” Lady Silvia Capulet turned away from him. A man that had long been her husband’s rival. Now he was a man she trusted more than any other. She returned into the room full of mourners. She went to her Nurse’s side. The two stayed close, as Silvia wept upon her shoulder. Lord Gabriello Montague watched from a distance. Lord Jonas Caiazzo, and his wife watched both of them, their plans filled with their own diabolical thoughts.


Scene II: One Year Ago

House of Jonas Caiazzo


A messenger arrived on horseback in the courtyard of the Caiazzo’s. He was brought inside to the families dining hall. He had been one of their son’s closest friends and companion throughout boyhood. He did not weep a drop.

“I ride with tragic news Lord Caiazzo. Your son, Tybalt is dead.” He had left as soon as Tybalt had been slain he did not know of the other deaths to arise from the situation. Five days had now passed by. He stood before the entire household. His eyes were locked with Lord Jonas Caiazzo’s. He did not have the softness that his sister Silvia had. He held harsh features and a heart that only warmed for the family that remained within his household.

There was a strong silence within the hall. Lady Caiazzo dropped her head, refusing to let any tears fall. She knew her husband found it as a sign of weakness, even among family.

“His slain corpse will be following me. What shall I prepare your Lordship?” The messenger took to one knee.

“Prepare to mourn. When his body is here tell me. Withdraw any men we have in the households of the Capulets. Summon them to take what they can with them.”

“But of course you’re Lordship.” The messenger bowed his head, stood and left the room.

“I will seek vengeance when the time is right.” Lord Caiazzo stated.

“Now is not that time. Wait for our son was taken and it will be owed to us.” Said Lady Caiazzo.

“Any person that comes from Verona will be turned away. That shall be word.” Lord Caiazzo said sternly.

His men bowed to him knowing his vile and ever violent nature. Two days later Tybalt’s body arrived. A funeral was held in the closed off gardens of the house. He was laid to rest and a large Cyprus tree was planted in his honor.


Scene III:

Lady Silvia Capulet’s Sitting Room


Upon her balcony Silvia waited for her Nurse to return. Once her Nurse entered the room Silvia pounded.

“Are you alone Nurse?”

“Of course who else is left? We have joined houses with the lone Montague, all of the servants have been let lost besides me. Is there another you might expect you are not delusional, are you?”

“Do not remind me of our losses, a good friend, never the less my Nurse would never do such a thing to hurt me”

“I wish not to hurt you. As gone as you may be you are mine to be gone with.”

“Bolt the doors, shutter the windows.” Silvia said after looking out of her balcony to make sure no one was waiting in the gardens.

“You remind me of your daughter when you act this way.”

“Where do you think she learned it all from? A flare for secrecy runs deep in the Caziacco bloodline.”

“For knowing you as a Lady held high above others in status for so long I often forget you can think like a commoner.”

“No commoner has come upon a plan as dark as I have. I may not have the wealth and position I once held, I still hold my name no matter what lies beneath it.”

“You are like when we first met all over again.”

“Back when I was first coming upon Verona. We were much more like friends then. Two young women both going where neither had before. Our lives and fates set in stone beyond the threshold of the Capulet house.”

“We spoke once before, of a person whom you knew. A young man that could take away the issue of Romeo.”

“My lady we swore we would never speak of such a thing again.”

“We also swore to never speak of where the pair of us met.”

“My lady you make me blush.”

“Do not fake a blush for my sake, and I will not fake one for you. I speak not of such a subject for the sake of murder.”

“Then what do you plan of an assassin?”

“He will…” Silvia whispered to the nurse. The nurse gasped, ooing and ahhing as Silvia explained her plan.

“How much time do I have to find the Assassin?”

“We will meet lord Montague at midnight, the Assassin will find us an hour later by the fountain I the center of Verona. It must be a public event.” Silvia said crossing her arms. The Nurse stood there smiling as if she had come up with the whole idea. “What are you waiting for go.” Silvia demanded and the Nurse rushed on her way.


Scene IV: Five Months Ago

Court Yard of Prince Escalus


Prince Escalus and Paris fence while an audience watches cheering for every touch no matter what side land it.

“One touch for me” Paris laughed.

“One is not a won bought good friend.”

“Who has won each and every duel we have ever had Prince Escalus?”

“Most is not all. I have won here and there good Paris.”

“Only if I allow you to, or if I am having a much required off day.” Paris said back as he parried.

“I wish to speak to you alone my fair Prince.”

“You are not subtle in the least. I respect that beyond so many other things. This had better be worth the early end to our competition.”

“I swear to you, you may win another time. I will make sure of it.”

“Leave us the fun is all done for today. I thank you all.” Prince Escalus said to the on watchers.

The two waited, as the courtyard emptied. Escalus caught his breath.

“Who taught you how to joust?”

“Tybalt Prince of Cats. None that walk this earth as nimbly as he did.”

“Was he not courting Juliet himself?”

“Only to follow his fathers will. The two would have never married. Any moves he made were on my part. The two of us grew quite close over the years. If he had not been slain, he would be beating you here instead of me.”

“Enough of the dead. Let us focus on the living. What was it you wanted to discuss?”

The courtyard had cleared of all but the two of them.

“So be it, the living it is. I shall be bold, I ask not for forgiveness for my boldness either. I have thought this over for months now.”

“Get on with it, I do have Prince like things to get to.”

“I wish for you to kill Lord Montague.”

“I will do no such thing. Their family has faced enough sorrow. If you ever speak of such a thing again I will banish you from Verona. I will make it a goal to let the other Princes of Italy that you are a true villain so that you shall not be welcome in any house hold. Is this understood Paris?”

“They deserve it for driving my beautiful Juliet to her own suicide.”

“I have housed you, I have taken you in so that you can build your own life. How do you repay me?”

“I have built a career, I have made a house here. I have watched as the Ciazzios have come to ruin both houses. It is not enough.”

“You still ask for blood? Leave my sight, leave my house. Leave my city, never return unless you wish to be vilified beyond repair.” Prince Escalus demanded. Paris took off his gear. He looked as if he was a rebelling five year old who had been told no by its mother. He forced down his blade into the soil. Paris stormed away in a cloud of dust vanishing onto the city streets of Verona.



Scene V:

Tomb of Romeo and Juliet


The moon hid behind light clouds. Silvia had kept on her mourning clothes. Her nurse waited within arm’s reach.

“He is late. I will send you to find the Assassin.”

“On my own?”

“After all the trouble now you are worried?”

“No my Lady. Forgive me.”

“We both know I have no forgiveness left.” Silvia said to the Nurse. The Nurse left off on her mission.

“First the roses mock me now the queen moon hides its face. What next will it rain so that the only clothes I will bring with me will be left soaked? If it all goes wrong maybe the rain with wash off the blood of the Assassin’s knife. He has the right to finish me. No one would know the better.” Silvia said up into the night sky. A twig snapped behind her. It was Gabriello

“Is it just me, doth though speak to the moon? Yourself? I thought we were not going to die of this scheme?” Gabriello had come upon her from out of behind a few trees.

“If all goes right, we shall not perish. What where you hiding, lost, thinking other schemes?”

“I took the path as far around these grounds as I could.  The same ones my Romeo would have walked to come this way.”

“Have others seen you?”

“If they have they put it up to me going to mourn yet again.

“The same echoes for any who have seen me.”

“What do you have for us? What is the scheme to set in place?”

“My Nurse, most trusted person I have left has gone to fetch an Assassin. She has been sent knowing one plan. I have another.”

“How do I know your plan you tell me is the full one.”

“I will ponder on telling her of what is to truly come. You do not know if what I am about to whisper in your ear is my full plan. Do I know if you have your own waiting in the wings? No nor do I want to know. If you are planning your own escape, death what be it just have it at it. The less we all know the less that can get out to be ruined.”

“Tell me all you can then. I have no one left to tell.” He grinned knowing his son lay dead close by. Silvia told him of the plan she had told the Nurse, after words she told him farther details. After the two understood each other they made their way out of the graveyard. He headed one way while she went another. Each of the trio had their own tasks to accomplish.



Scene VI:

Dark Alley Verona


The Nurse had gone to where she had once heard the Assassin spent his time. He was the kind that hung around the worst parts of Verona. A place seedy and intoxicated, a dark back alley with no proper name ever given to it. The midnight hour grew closer. The Nurse made her way under cover of a cloak in and out of taverns. At the end of a dark alley a figure waited in all black with a dark Turkish turban.

“Are you the one, the Assassin of Verona?”

“If I happen to be, who told you of my services? A young girl over a year ago now. Her own life was at risk. Her mother was going to have me seek you out to end her dear Romeos life. I almost came to find you then. Things moved too fast. Both were lost.”

“What was her name?”

“Juliet Capulet. The very one the whole of Verona mourned for.”

“I know the tale.

“It sounds as if she outsmarted all of you, even if she did perish.”

“Do you, or do you not wish for me to murder?”

“They do not. They will fund the faking of their own assassination.”

“A higher cost will be drained from both of your pockets. I like blood.”

“My Lady will find the funds. Even if she has to run to Guernica and withdraw a loan.”

“What is the scheme?”

The Nurse leaned over whispering the plan word for word as she had heard it from Silvia. If anyone in all of Verona none the less Italy at passing on exact details that had been over heard, it was the Nurse of the Capulets.

“My lady asks you to meet her in her gardens as soon as you can make it there.”

“It shall be. Go Nurse, I will be there in no time at all.” The nurse headed out. She looked over her shoulder back at the turbaned and cloaked Assassin. He was gone.


Scene VII:

Courtyard of Jonas Caziacco

Two Months Before


Paris in a bit of stubbornness made his way upon horse for six days to find the house of Jonas Caziacco. He had been here before. Memories of not only him and Tybalt filled his mind but of seeing Juliet from afar at parties. He had always been told to keep away from her that his time would one day come. He hated that she had gone off with her own mind, and yet her own mind, her selfness was what he fell in love with so hard.

A servant announced his presence and he was made to wait within the courtyard. After a few moments Lord Jonas Caziacco came striding into the courtyard. The lord was furious at Paris’s presence.

“Paris of Verona, former suiter of the fair Juliet.” Paris said bowing deeply about to dismount his horse.

“I know who you are. Paris what hath brought you here? You should not have come on this six day journey. I will turn you back. Go. Leave me and my family. I accept no visitors from Verona any longer.”

“I bring you news of much wanted revenge and rebellion.” Paris said as a few of the Lords men started to circle him.

“You have a fleeting moment of my ear. Speak or vanish. Be careful with your words. I am close with the Prince here, I can promise your imprisonment.”

“The Lord Capulet is weak of mind. His family and that of the Montagues is gossiped about they are no longer trusted among the minds or pockets that matter in Verona. They can be done with if the right men begin to tug at the seams. They are the reason my love is dead. Your son as well, they are to blame. Is this enough to keep me in good company good Lord?”

 Paris bowed still upon his horse.

“Dismount. A foe of a foe is a friend of mine.” Lord Caziacco summoned. The Lord’s men returned to their duties.

They two spent two days talking of a plot to foil their foes.

Both rode to Verona. There they spent the next two months turning all of Verona’s upper class against the houses of Montague and Capulet. The two families converged households. That was not the stop of the mess that Paris and Lord Caziacco caused. All of the servants were released one by one, and eventually Lord Ridolfo Capulet was driven insane. He sadly finished himself off in the same way his daughter had with a swift dagger to his heart. Yet Lord Caziacco his family and Paris attended the funeral.


Scene VIII:

Gardens of Lady Silvia Capulet


Under her balcony Silvia waited. She caressed a rose with her finger.

“You have no name to me anymore, no smell, and assuredly no beauty. Poor bush of weeds, what are roses but thorns way of getting close to the skin? I hear another coming close, we are not finished here yet vile flowers.” Silvia grunted swatting the rose she had just caressed.

Over the garden wall came the Assassin.

“Lady Capulet.” The Assassin bowed deeply.

“Drop the Lady I do not need it from you. Your bow is lacking in masculinity.”

“One of us lives beyond protective walls, where the lines of society become blurred between genders. I will never apologize for something my body has given me.”

“So be it. Let us say what needs to be said and be over with it the sooner the better.”

“Your murder is to be faked? You want it public. Where? When? By what means?”

“The scheme is set in my head and mine alone. The others involved will do as I say.”

“You do this as if you blame yourself for everything that has happened.”

“The Nurse has told you more then she should, what else do I expect?”

“She has only given me the message you sent, the story of your family spread itself without any secretive gossip needed. We all paused to mourn the two.”

“I withdraw my blame from my Nurses image then. It is all on me.”

“Enough of blame all I care for is my payment?”

“It will be provided after.”


“My Nurse knew not of my full plan.” Silvia leaned over and whispered her full plan to the Assassin.

“One hour from now, at the fountain in the middle of the city.”

 The Assassin vanished into the night again. Silvia turn to the rose bush.

“You will stay here thorn bush. You show them all how much pain love of beauty can cause.” She said to the rosebush and headed on her way.


Scene IX:

Fountain of Verona



Upon the edge of the Fountain of Verona, still in their black clothes the Gabriello and Silvia sat. Silvia’s Nurse paced as if on the lookout. The nurse had been told the Assassin would be coming. Both of their stabbings would take place as loudly as possible and she would be left to watch. They needed a witness that was all up to her.

A man arrived with two goblets, he wore all black with a Vancian mask. The masked man danced for a moment, little bits of froth spilling out of the two cups. The trio cheered. He placed the two cups down for Silvia and Gabriello, then he bobbled off into the night.

“Away with you, that nice man has brought us drink do your best to find us food as well.” Silvia said to the Nurse. The Nurse bowed her head and made her way.

“She does not know the whole scheme then?”

“Not in the least. It is for her own good. This way she will not be involved.”

“Will she not mourn you?”

“Better that than face jailing, death, or other fates. The Prince will find her. He knows like us the woes she has faced.” Gabriello pulled two goblets

Paris stumbled out of a local tavern. He walked as if poisoned. Anyone that smelled him could tell he had been drinking wine by the bottle. His purple teeth were practically falling out of his head. His tongue blabbered on about nonsense things. His life had spiraled farther down. He saw Lady Capulet standing there with Lord Montague. The nurse came to them, in each hand she held a loaf of bread. They both raised their goblets, gulping them down as if they had been full of the most refreshing wine. Both stopped. Their eyes grew wide, they held their necks unable to cough. They fell, first Gabriello, then Silvia.

“On my life! What drink was that nurse?” Paris beckoned. Both Silvia and Lord Montague were convulsing in the soil. Their bodies ceased, still as bone.

“They have been poisoned! What more tragedy can come?” The nurse screamed.

Out of the shadows came the Assassin. He grabbed the Nurse trying to pull her from the scene. Paris had been joined by others from the tavern. Onlookers viewed from their windows being awakened in the darkness of the night.

“You have done right. Do not fear.” The assassin whispered into the Nurse’s ear. Holding the nurse close the assassin left a non-fatal wound on the Nurse’s side. The assassin made sure there would be plenty of blood. The Assassin allowed her body to gently drop upon the pavement. Blood pooled out of her. The Assassin vanished into the shadows.

“A hero has slain them! A hero and a villain all in one. He has done my task and beat me to it.” Paris said turning to the crowd. “Damn Assassin! Blessed Angel! If only I had been there first!” He echoed until Prince Escalus had arrived at the fountain.


Scene X:

Tomb of Romeo and Juliet


A ghost strolls the paths between the tombs. We do not see his face. He stays facing away from us for he knows the shame of death and the fear the living have towards facing one like him.

“The Nurse had been discovered to still be alive. Being the only one left of either house she had begged of Prince Escalus that Lord Montague’s and Lady Capulet’s bodies to be taken to their families plots immediately. She cried and wept about wanting this to be all put behind her. The Prince vowed for her wishes to be followed and that she, even though she had been but a servant would be able to live her life out as if she had been Lady Capulet herself” The spirit said as he sat upon the resting place of two young lovers.

“I have watched all and know of all to come. To know the story of such sweet young ones, will go on into eternity. Beyond the lives of all who knew them.” The spirit stood again. It made itself one with the strands of a willow tree moving its tangling hair without the winds assistance.

“Paris the Drunkard, as he would from now on be called, had made his way to where he knew Jonas Cazzico would be staying the night. He had told of the murder. He had raved of the final downfall of the families he had come to hate with vengeance. Then he had been banished from the Lord Caziacco’s sight. Threatened if he should ever come within sight of the lord again he would be handled with violently. Lord Caziacco turned away from Paris with nothing left, not even a face to focus his rage at.” The spirit separated itself from the tree. It found its way to a crpyt so old the name above its doorway had worn off.

“If only men could learn from those before, Paris might not have faced his sad fate. A man like Jonas would turn away his own sister, drive his own brother to suicide, what would stop him from turning on a petulant teenager?” The door of the ancient crypt opened for the spirit.

“A hooded figure had come with a cart. He had collected the bodies Montague and Capulet. No bodies, nor hooded figure arrived here at the tombs. No messenger had been sent to wake the crypt keeper. I shall not commit myself to the job. I only woke him once and swore to never do it again.” The spirit said turning walking on a ditch in the mud as if it was a tight wire and he were a performer.

“For once within the graveyard, the moon was free of its cloud cover. No one lurks in the shadows, no secrets are to be whispered. No hidden loves joined. All is quiet as the night should be.” The spirit stopped. He stayed still, his head looking around at all he had known in his current existence.

“I have sat upon their slab, a rock slab placed over the place where Romeo and Juliet laid down their own lives. It had been put there by the Apothecary. The same one that had provided the drafts that had been used. He had taken to every detail. The families revisited the place the next night.” The spirit walked to the entrance of the graveyard. He could not move its gate. He had tried many times.

“I can remember Silvia had been here in this place, every night for four months. She only wore black. She ran into Gabriello here. They formed a bond in silence. The bond up until her husband’s death had only been one of understanding what it feels like to know you were one that did not believe in love. There is no more story to be had within the land of the dead tonight. Too much had been told already.” The spirit returned to his crypt entrance where the door was still open.

“Now I shall have a rest. For it is needed that there be silence here.” He spirit proclaimed. It entered the crypt, the door closing behind it with no noise.



Scene XI:

Assassins Apartment


Meanwhile the hooded figure had carted the bodies along the road towards the tombs. When the figure knew no one had been paying attention they turned off the wrong way.

Silvia and Gabriello awoke as they arrived in the lot behind the Assassin’s apartments.

The small group came through the back door of the back entrance of the Assassin’s apartments. They consisted of a small room. A hearth stood in one corner of the room, a thing mattress laid on the floor, in another corner was a crib.

“You have a child?” Silvia said shocked.

“Question my life farther and I will be gone without either of you.” The Assassin responded as sharp as a blade.

“Silvia do you want to risk this all now?”

“I will not question you. You have helped us so far. I should have never commented on the matter. I apologize.”

“I accept. There is no time, they will be looking for your bodies if they know they never made it to their graves. We need horses. Have you done what was asked of you Montague?”

“I have the horses are tied up only a few moments away.”

“The two of us will go. We will be back in a few moments.” The Assassin said.

“I will watch the child. I miss watching children.”

“I thought you no longer felt?”

“We are close to done with this whole situation. This will be my own personal last release.”

“Understandable.” Gabriello said.

The Assassin and Gabriello left her. Silvia kneeled at the baby’s crib. She hummed as gently as possible. The baby woke from its sleep. It did not weep. It watched her. Silvia had lost herself within the baby’s eyes.

“Soft as the breeze on a summer’s day, bright as the morning sun. Sleep little babe with a wink and a dream, let the Mab take thy sorrows away.” Silvia sang.  “I once sang to a small girl who laid in her crib as she bobbled and jabbered and weaved. I sang till she slept as the nurse was away. “She stopped singing. If she sang another word she would have exploded into tears. Her tongue however was not done. “What fate do you face? I hope it is better than all of ours. Look at the trouble I have caused. Your father will be back, then away we all go. We will escape this. Your father has enough funds to make you a prince. Maybe I may talk my way into being your nurse. I wish I had taken up the service for my own child. Not leave her to her own angst as I half shunned her.” Silvia said, then she was silent.

 The child began to cry. Silvia opened her arms standing up. She picked the baby up. The baby ceased its crying as soon as it was within Silvia’s arms. A moment later Lord Montague arrived with the horses and the Assassin. They mounted the horses and rode away from Verona.


Scene XII:

Outside Verona



Lord Montague stood in the same place that his son had once stood. One had been banished the other now was believed to be dead. Lady Capulet waited on horseback. She thought of her Nurse, now left as the head of the household. She knew the Nurse was more clever than any other she had ever know that is why they had been such good friends even in the toughest of times. Gabriello mounted his horse as the Assassin caught up. He had fallen behind to leave tracks in the wrong direction.


As they rode the sun rose, it caught hold of a few long blonde hairs that had escaped from the back of the Assassins Turkish Turban. Silvia whose horse seemed to be the slowest rode behind the Assassin. The Assassins child strung onto his back. The wind caught the blonde strands bringing their scent straight to Silvia’s nose.

“Such a sweet scent for a man to wear. I know it is not proper but your baby’s eyes reminded me of my own daughters if only for a moment.”

The assassin halted her horse turning it. Gabriello noticed turning to face the two others.

“What are we stopping for?”

“There is more to this tale that neither of you know. The only reason I come along with the two of you is because now my home will be empty even if I could be honest about my past.”

“What past, what do you leave behind in Verona?”

“Much like both of you I leave my lover who has passed. I leave my home that has been all but disbanded. Most of all I leave it to join two people who hated each other as much as I thought I had learned to hate them. A year has passed. We have all moved on, my mother, my husband’s father, and my child. I am but Juliet as fair as the sun rising in the east. Our road now only lays before us, let us never look back.”

“Juliet. How? You had slain yourself.” Silvia Capulet said almost breathless.

“Who came to check my body? Who was in charge of putting us into our stone beds?”

“The Apothecary. He vowed that he needed to pay his own debt to our loss.” The Assassin removed her turban. Her blonde hair fell upon her shoulders. The group rode for two days. All had been swept clean. All debts had been paid. Finally the family united between Montague and Capulet could grow without tragedy as its only mark.

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