Huntington has been called "The Heroin Capital of The United States" by HBO's documentry show The Vice. The city averages three overdoses a day. "The Boiling Point" is a fact-based fiction novel that examines all sides of the epidemic. Dakota Cook and his friends on The Huntington Police Department midnight shift combat the problem every shift. They encounter several interesting characters in their nightly routine. A Detroit gang is moving into Huntington to take over the drug dealing business. "The Road Tripz" led by Heavy immediately murder a dealer, Blue, who is selling fentanyl-laced heroin that caused several addicts to overdose and die. Cash is a local dealer who does not want to join The Road Tripz. He is also dating the daughter of the detective that is investigating Blue's murder. Cash becomes the target of both The Road Tripz and The HPD. An old Huntington Police Department legend, The Old Centaurians, reunite to help combat the drug epidemic that has Huntington in it's grasp. There are plenty of facts about the drug epidemic mixed in with interesting characters and adventerous subplots.

Table of Contents

The Boiling Point

      THE BOILING POINT             BY DAVID “ALLI... Read Chapter

A Night In The Cesspool

CHAPTER 2 the word Mike Kitchen would use to best describe what his West Huntington neighborhood had become.  ... Read Chapter

The Heroin Tug Of War

Ryan Hardy looked at his phone and it was almost one AM.  He had a good time at Hank's Tavern catching up with some old friends but ... Read Chapter

A Moneyton Massacre

Blue closed the door and fell into his comfortable easy chair.  It had been a long day.  He made the deliveries that he usually... Read Chapter

Building An Organization

Sunday afternoon was very peaceful in Huntington.  Heavy got his interview process started about 2 PM.  A local drug dealer, Po... Read Chapter

Attack Of The Mad Meth Woman

Sunday night was off to a good start for The Huntington Police Department.  Three hours into the midnight shift and nothing out of t... Read Chapter

The Dealer And The Detective's Daughter

Maybe it was the stress of The Road Tripz moving in on his territory, but Cash felt a strange attraction to his new acquaintance Natalie ... Read Chapter

The Calm Before The Storm

Cody Dingess just sat in his cell.  He was propped up against the wall as best as he could.  His back was on fire.  His he... Read Chapter

Battle In Moneyton

It was Monday evening, Dakota Cook was on the phone with his mother, Margie Cook.  Margie could always tell when something was bothe... Read Chapter

The Old Centaurians

Tuesday afternoon saw two important meetings in Huntington.  There was a major meeting in the City Council Chambers with mostly the ... Read Chapter


Cash was frantic.  It was five in the evening on Tuesday and he had been on the run since the shootings.  He received a text in... Read Chapter

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