True Freedom = Chaos

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Just my conclusion on peoples different views and beliefs and why we should respect peoples choice, views and religions.

Submitted: August 15, 2016

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Submitted: August 15, 2016



We stare blankly at filled lines 
And stare fully at blank spaces 
We can't make meaning of the rhymes
Though we give meaning to blank places 

We utter useless words 
And mock the words from the greats 
As we fly like baby birds 
And on the older, we hate 

We strive to be unique 
Thus causing a cycle to repeat 
Of subtle mystique 
That makes us all bleak 

"I'm free!" we state 
Not realising our enslavement 
And already it's to late 
For the pathway is now pavement 

We're a lost generations 
Stumbling into the depths of hell 
Bringing early expiration
Wondering how we drastically fell  

I'm curious on where time went?
How we blindly walked into ignorance?
How has the last decade been spent?
And has it been of any significance?  

How is it we have placed ourselves in chains? 
And any free bird is slammed 
All for a selfish gain 
For fame that is damned 

Why do we claim to be wise?
Though our tongues slander 
Is it all for a wealthy enterprise?
Is it to be a leader? or a commander? 

We blindly accept absolute freedom
Not realising the chaos it brings 
And now when the seldom 
Harp plays we can't hear the angels sing

Where a world of fools 
Where we don't understand 
where we're used as blunt tools 
We're an ignorant marching band

We don't understand this world 
We never could and never will 
We can't control it, it won't be curled 
It stands strong and it stands still

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