Good Sex

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Their is a good side to cheating.

Submitted: August 15, 2016

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Submitted: August 15, 2016



Looking in your eyes all I see is heat


It’s the reason why I cheat


I’ve been touched many times but never in this way before


You take me to places where I feel as if my innermost parts soar


You touch my soul, my heart, and spine


And even though we will never be, in my deepest, wettest spot you are mine


We have brutal, raw, animalistic sex


It’s the scratching, licking, and biting that I like best


We cream, I scream, we float, and damn near loose our mind every time we climax


So good, it punishing yet I’m always ready for what comes next


The element of surprise comes in the deep throes of our passion


Our minds and body speak their own words, beggin and askin


Grunts, screams, and facial expressions mean faster, harder


Shrieks of pure delight makin us both feel like a matyr


Pulsating, vibrating, throbbing

Yelling, screaming, sobbing


So many emotions, so little time


For hours and hours we grind


Never knowing when we will do this again


Knowing we are both wrong but yet we continue to sin


Cause in the end only fools


Don’t acknowledge that  good sex rules



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