Tawni Fitchet

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This story is about a teenager girls everyday life. Feel free to comment if you enjoy this book and more is soon to come!

Submitted: August 15, 2016

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Submitted: August 15, 2016



How could this happen? Tawni Fitchett thought frantically as they waited for the ambulance. "They" were Tawni's best friends, Mia Thomas and Toulane Acres. And Lucille DeRange, who was hurt. Bad. And it was all because of the Mitchell public school bully, Randall Tarobb. he had pushed her off the diving board at after school swimming lessons when she was to scared to dive off the edge and refused. She had fallen off and hit her head hard on the water, and was still unconscious. Tawni was jogged out of her thinking session by a noise. Whee Oh, Whee Oh, the ambulance siren blared as it pulled up in the school parking lot. The heavy doors opened and 2 young men jumped out. their name tags read "Nick" and "Kaden". Nick grabbed a stretcher and Kaden carefully laid Lucille out on it with Mia's help. And then Nick randomly chose a girl to go in the ambulance with Lucille until a parent or guardian could arrive. "Um... you." He said as he pointed to Toulane. Out of the corner of her eye Tawni saw Mia scowl as Toulane jumped in the back of the ambulance. Tawni honestly didn't blame her.Toulane was chosen for everything! She was a favorite, with her long brown hair with the red dyed tips, and her kind personality. Mia was totally the opposite. With her short blonde hair and gray eyes, Mia wasnt the most popular at school. But Tawni loved them both the same. Tawni walked over to the ambulance and peered in, it looked so professional with its IVs, needles, oxegyn tanks and heart rate systems surrounding and covering the inside of the vehicle. Suddenly, Tawni heard a screech. A silver GL 450 Mercedes Benz pulled up. Brakes still screeching, Lucille's mom, Lydia DeRange jumped out of the car before it hit a curb and came to a dying stop. Soon after the dramatic parking, Lucille's brother Bennett DeRange calmly opened the car door and hopped out. Mrs. DeRange quickly introduced herself in a mixed sentence. "H- hi I'm- DeRange Lydia, no, no, that's not right I'm Lydia DeRange, yeah" Nick nodded through her mixed speaking. He had seen cases like this. He gently held her arm and led her to the ambulance where she got in next to Toulane and started whimpering as she held the hand of her unconscious daughter.Kaden shut both doors and ran to the front and in 5 seconds the vehicle had sped away, leaving Tawni, Mia and Bennett sitting on the curb. They were silent until his phone started buzzing. " my dad's calling. " and he answered his ringing phone. Mia pulled out her phone and pretended to text to make the moment less awkward. Tawni said, "My mom must be really worried, I need to call her." She received no answer from Mia, she was too busy fake texting to answer. " Tawni pulled out her phone. She glanced at the customized case. It was a picture of her, Toulane, and Mia on the big wooden swing at camp Swiggleroot. That was where they all met and became fast friends. Mia and Tawni lived about 10 minutes away from each other and they didn't know it. Soon after, Toulane moved close and the 3 reunited. Tawni shook her head realizing she must look really silly staring at her phone case. Luckily, Bennett and Mia didn't notice. Tawni opened up her phone and dialed her moms number. It rang 3 times until on the fourth ring, Brenda Fitchett answered her phone. "Tawni! I was so worried! Where are you? I was just about to call your father to go looking for you!" "Relax, mom." Tawni answered. Then, she told Brenda all about what had happened that day after school. After she was finished, Brenda spoke. "Well thank heavens your alright. Oh, I just remembered. I need you to babysit Dominic and Anna while I go to a collage friends house and help her move in. I'll be gone for 2 hours and your dad will be here at 5:00.  Can you do it?" Tawni looked at the time on her apple watch. 3:32. "Yeah, sure I'll be home in 10 minutes". "Ok, see you then!" Brenda said  . Ten minutes later, Tawni arrived at her house. She punched in the code for her garage door and put her bike inside. She opened the door and found her mom tying her sneakers. "Tawni! That was right on time! I need to be there in five minutes though, bye!" "Wait, mom! Where are Dominic and Anna?" Tawni asked. "Oh yes! Anna's napping, and Dominics upstairs playing LEGOS." "Ok, bye!" Brenda shut the door behind her. "Well, I better go see how Dominic's doing." Tawni said to herself. She walked upstairs and opened Dominic's door. "Dominic?" She called. No answer. Then she heard little crunching noises, coming from her room. She opened her door and peered inside. "Dominic Andrew Fitchett!" There, on Tawnis bed, sat Dominic, tearing up Tawni's history essay due tomorrow. 


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