pilot part 2

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Submitted: August 15, 2016

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Submitted: August 15, 2016



“Dennis. Dennis. Wake up sleepy head, I made breakfast for the family. Come before your breakfast gets cold!”


That voice. I haven’t heard that soft feminine voice in such a long time. I recognized it! It’s my wife’s beautiful voice! After hearing such voice, I awoke from my horrible dream and immediately started hugging my wife.


“Looks like you woke up in the right side of the bed Dennis!” As she giggled and stared into my eyes.


“It felt like a decade Sally! It felt like a decade had past in my dream. You were gone and our boy Jeremy was gone too!” I hugged her tightly, I missed the warmth, comfort and those beautiful eyes of hers. I thought I was actually living in my dream and wouldn’t wake up from it.


“Dennis! It’s only a nightmare, calm down!” As she tried to brush me off.


“Where’s Jeremy?”


“He’s in the kitchen eating his breakfast”


I ran into the kitchen as quickly as possible and then a huge piece of nostalgia went away. I was at home with my family. The smell, the colors, and the furnitures were all there. I looked at my boy Jeremy and seeing his face brought me tears into my eyes. I still remember seeing his mutilated body on my desk in my dream. The fact that he is still living, broke me down hard because I couldn’t remove that dead image away for years. “Jeremy!” I went up to his chair and carried him and hugged him tightly. “I miss you so much, I am so glad to see you!”


“Are you okay dad? You’re never this happy.”


“Can I speak with you in private?” Sally crossed her arms and pointed to the master bedroom.


I put down Jeremy and patted his back. “I will be right back”. Sally was already in the room when I faced the master bedroom. As soon I walked in, she shut the door locked.


“What’s going on! Why are you acting like this? You know that your behavior is freaking me out?”


“Babe I am sorry. It’s just... my dream seemed so real. I seriously thought you and Jeremy were gone for good. You can’t imagine how I felt in my dream, because it felt like an eternity, I even attempted suicide!”

“I know that this nightmare of yours was extreme but you need to stop acting like if you just came back from a war or something. You’re really freaking me out, it’s just a nightmare”


“Yeah, I understand.” She’s right, it was just a realistic nightmare; I better start appreciating life more. Sally and I walked back to the kitchen and started eating our breakfast. It’s been so long that I had bacon and eggs or the scent of Sally’s cooking. As I was eating my breakfast I noticed that our couches were black, not dark brown. I started to observe more things while eating. I also noticed that my son’s birthmark was on his left arm, not his right arm. I then remembered about my dog Toby. “Hey honey, where’s Toby? I haven’t seen him at all this morning.”


“Toby? Don’t you mean Max?” As she looked at me strangely.


“Umm, No. We never had a dog named Max. Now tell me, where is Toby?”


“Are you crazy dad? We always had a dog named Max.”


Something wasn’t feeling right, the color of the couches changed, the birthmark on my son’s arm changed, and the name of my dog changed. What was going on. Then I thought: What did I do yesterday? Or two days ago? Why can’t I remember anything that happened yesterday or two days ago? I stared into my wife’s eyes then to my son’s eyes. Another thing changed. He now has hazel eyes instead of brown eyes. Everything just seemed fake. I stood up and flipped the table.


“What the FUCK is going on here? The couches were dark brown, his birthmark changed arms, and his eye color changed! Why can’t I remember the things I have done yesterday? Did I just not exist yesterday?”


Sally stood up and ran towards Jeremy to stand in front of him as a human shield. “Touch ME or our SON and I will call 911”


“You’re not Sally and you’re not my son! Tell me what the FUCK is going on!”


Out of nowhere everything freezed but me. My wife and son were just standing there like statues. I turned around and there was a fly frozen in time. What the hell was going on?


*Clap* *Clap* *Clap* “You just broke the record for realizing that you’re stuck in some kind of simulation. Most of our subjects realize it within 6-8 hours, and some, it takes days. You truly are a one of a kind Dennis. The unnamed person that brought you to my corporation wants to play some games with you. Some deadly games that will turn you feral. The person said to follow the instructions or we will cut the plug which will end your life in the simulation and in real life. I know you have a million of questions but I don’t work with the unnamed person, he just payed to have you here. I know nothing of you so it’ll be pointless to ask me questions. I will-”


“Expose yourself! Where are you, you coward!”......”AHHHHHHH!” I screamed in pain, something struck me, like a bolt of electricity. “FUCK YOU!”


“Dennis, you picked the wrong guy to fuck with. Interrupt me one more time and I will end your pathetic life right here. To answer to your question, I am not in your simulation, I am speaking through a mic. I am your God right now. I can put you in any fucking scenarios that I want. I can murder your family here over and over again. So don’t interrupt me again! Do you understand?”




“It’s yes my lord”


“Yes my lord”


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