A Hero Inside

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A poem that has a lot of meaning in it. It was based off a lot of my self struggle and the way I used to shut down, turn into a soulless body, hollow within. I had nowhere to go, therapy didn't help either. I needed to find myself on my own, deal with my own problems, with added medication. Soon I found the meds didn't help me, only made my condition worse. I found through my own coping skills, my forced optimistic view, I found that within my anger and sadness, I could be happy, if I truly allowed myself to be, instead of moping. I have been told by many of my friends, that this was an intense poem, so be warned!

This was also posted on the site YaoiOtakuForums, on one of the contests (Music Box: The Fire Within), in case someone worries I plagiarized my own poem, haha... On there I'm known as Raychu. No worries, this is my poem! I just thought I'd share it after the contest had ended.

Submitted: August 16, 2016

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Submitted: August 16, 2016



There are crumbling house with the smoke of freedom

There is a caged bird singing the sad tunes of reality

The world takes and gives without warning or reason

People stumble as they grip onto their remaining sanity

Around the corner, lurking in the shadows is the blackbird

It creeps it's way into unstable minds as it consumes

The words of the devoured will forever remain unheard

It has yet to be caught as it mysteriously looms


We are trapped in a controlling line which keeps up still

The blackbird is the holder of the key for escape

It only captures with the intention of terrible ill will

We follow mindlessly, intending to just obey

We can't fight back, our minds are too weak

Our bodies are worn from the endless tasks

The words we speak are fragile and meek

Pretending to be alright with our imaginary masques


There is someone who is meant to free us from the box

They are to rise like a Phoenix from the ashes on the ground

They are the genius as they pick the broken locks

They are freer than a bird, they are left unbound

This savior is always fighting back with his very own strength

He refuses to let the blackbird continue to take from humanity

His mighty power, his intelligence will yield at length

He's the fire within our endless cavity


When we are lost, he will take the time to show us the way

He will stop the blackbird from chipping away at our minds

He will become the savior of both night and day

He may not be with us, he still sends us many signs

He is our superhero that we have awaited for many years

He is our sun that shines out the blackness in our brains

He handkerchief that has caught my dropping tears

He is the axe that has broken my chains


A chain that weighs our minds down with sadness and anger

The blackbird is the creator of evil that dwells on the streets

We were the tree with it's unbreakable strangler

Waiting for the impossible chance of pure peace

The fire of our hero casts away these grim emotions

He casts them away with his light blinding presence

He has become the song and chant what words have spoken

He is the rare feeling of such an impeccable pleasance


This savior is not just one man, but many to count for

He is the fire within our hearts that waits to be awoken

These Phoenix's are the promises that we swore

We listen to the sad tales that were once spoken

The hearts that reside within our body are as warm as the sun

The help guide us through the terrible games of evil

We have the ability to fight back instead of having to run

We can continue to protect ourselves from what it lethal


A fire within is a reborn feeling that is warm and fuzzy

It allows for a change in what was once a broken mind

It can bring in the beauty as if destroys the ugly

We are finally given the gift to see from behind our blinds

We can create a security to keep our blackbird out

To protect our wonderful minds and their uniqueness

Let the new tree of life in your mind begin to sprout

Bring out the strengths within to crush your weakness


Become a fire that burns brightly to inspire

It's hard to keep marching, but catching up is worse

Instead of hiding from ambition, begin to aspire

Lift the blackening shadows of the trapping curse

Let yourself free from the birdcage that you are stuck in

Fly through the skies and shine brilliantly like Apollo

Deceive the blackbird with a beautiful grin

Take action, take lead, don't just follow

© Copyright 2018 Raychu. All rights reserved.

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