The Shoes Don't Fit

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Chapter 1 (v.1) - Drunken Decisions

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Submitted: August 16, 2016



I didn't strive to be the straight A student that I am, the genius of the school.

I didn't wish to be the goody-two shoes that I am, nor the teacher's pet.

I didn't want to be above everybody else and sit on a princely throne that was somehow created.

I didn't need the gift of being the clown for everyone to laugh at because of my different sexuality.

I did not expect to wake up in the bed of my best friend's room completely naked. Usually I wouldn't mind this if it weren't for the fact that the man in the bed was not my best friend. In fact, I didn't know him either. This wasn't your cliché moment that you find the school bully in the bed, or the hottest jock like in your sappy love stories. I slept with a stranger, my first time hurt, and I didn't know where the fuck my underwear were.

Let me get this straight. I'm not a perfect angel that was sent from the heavens to bless this world of my purity. I'm not innocent either. Just because I pretend I don't care for the touches of another human being doesn't mean that I don't want it either. 

Actually, I would prefer to be touched by someone affectionately. I wanted to be kissed and cuddled just as much as the next human being, it wasn't like I didn't have feelings. I did. They were ignored by the countless other human beings with a superiority complex. If they didn't reach the top, someone who did needed to be taken down. 

I didn't exactly want to be that person either. It's like the life I lead is something I naturally fell into. As if I somehow inherited the genes of an unknown genius in the family, making me the next Einstein of our school. It wasn't my fault that half of the school was mindless brutes and bloated Barbies that stumbled around. They had a chance to take notes and be successful, I never wanted to be the smart kid who got the formulas of chemistry in under a day. 

I don't even want to be that kid anymore. Who I see... I'm no longer someone special. I'm nothing but a mentally deprived teenager who was in search for some warmth of another human being.

Let's skip this sappy moment of 'I want lover because I'm lonely' and get to the point of where I finally introduce myself. I'm Alex Price and I'm no closeted case. I'm an openly gay teenager and walk around holding other men's' hand with pride. Now, you would expect in the twenty-first century for people to just accept it and move on. Don't be so unrealistic. Each school has their own set of dickheads. Mine are just the homophobic idiots who never minded their manners even before they knew of my preference. 

I was picked on just for having a smaller frame than most people as a kid. It's not like I was popular before I decided to randomly tell a bunch of guys that I liked men. Why I did it? I don't even remember. There was an urge to see their reaction and once the words left my mouth, there was no turning back. No playing it off as a joke, no hiding the words I said. Nothing. I was caught red handed by my own stupidity. 

I'm not completely alone either. I have two friends who don't even seem to care that I prefer to stare at men's as than women. Lacy is a girl with a bit more weight on her. She wasn't overweight, she just had a heavier set for the boys to look at, in a good way of course. Though if her tough girl look didn't scare them off, then I don't know what would. 

She's rough around the edges, giving off that 'I'm a tough basketball player and I'll take you down in an instant' vibe. When she was around, no one dared to look my way. Lacy just held something to her masculinity than made her a sexy women in general. Even though I wouldn't personally get on that, I can admire it from afar. 

Marcus on the other hand seemed to be your average nerd, though he wasn't the stereotypical genius behind the glasses. Far from it. Despite the look he gave off, the only subjects he was remotely passing was English. His nose was never out of a book, but would never be found in a textbook. I had to tutor him, hoping he would pass his junior year without complications. No promises could be made. Mark ended up making himself a bit of a lost cause with the amount of effort he wouldn't put in to actually letting me teach him the materials.

They weren't perfect, not even close. However, they were the only friends I had. The only people I trusted my life with if I was about to be killed the next day. I didn't expect them to do anything for me besides be there when I needed it. They went further than I hoped and even stood up against the jocks that roamed the halls looking for a fight. 

Marcus may have been small but he packed a punch when he was depended on. Lacy was strong, she was also intelligent, able to talk her way out of having to beat a guy to oblivion. I wouldn't deny them anything in our friendship. I gave them my loyalty and trust, opening myself to them as time moved. By anything, I mean anything. I would rarely tell them no, I just couldn't bring myself to do it.

This my friends, is where I find myself getting ready for a party. Yes, a party. It's a huge deal for someone like Lacy, for me, this is nothing but a waste of time that I could use to study and actually make a way to college. I'll go through college and make a decent being of myself and live on. I don't have time for petty things such as parties. Especially when the entire school wants to tie me up and burn me on the witches stand every time they see me. 

I'm not accepted into the clique of the party people. I not wanted there. Just like how I don't want to be everything that I am. I didn't exactly ask to like the same gender and think it's a hilarious joke to tell. In my defense, I didn't know it would cause such an outburst in the end. At age twelve, I didn't do a good job thinking about what I said or the consequences of said words. Most kids don't. I just happened to spill my biggest secret, though it doesn't bother me. I'd rather let everyone know who I am and make my path for life than be hidden and covered by the clothes in the closet as I wither away alone. I'd rather ache for acceptance than live a lie. Sadly, many people don't feel the same way.

It wasn't like the party was being hosted at a random stranger's house, I was going over to Mark's for the night. He didn't seem like it but he was known for the wild parties he could throw. Mix in rich parents with a big house and money, next thing you know, you are the talk of the block. Not kidding. Marcus's parents own a yacht, they could afford having him throw the wildest back to school party for one night. This he agreed with. 

I didn't usually attend his parties either, I kind of stayed home and binged on Netflix until I fell asleep. This time was different. Lacy was adamant I go to the party since she had to go stay with her grandma over the weekend and help on the farm. I didn't have much of a choice. I'm a kind person, so when the 'Marcus needs someone to help set up and monitor the party' card was pulled, I was already driving over.

Now this is where we skip the boring part of the story and reach the point where I am the party mother and making sure no kid is dying on the floor. It wasn't a hard job, it wasn't a fun one either. I just stood there making sure no one was vomiting blood on the floor from all the alcohol they were consuming. I'm no doctor, but it looked like a dangerous amount. 

Standing around being socially awkward only lasted until everyone was either passed out drunk or in another room doing who knows what. This is when someone walked into the house, someone I didn't know. Alarms set off in my head as I watched the older man walk up the stairs and look around, a smug smile play on his lips as he disappeared into the dark hallways. 

It didn't take long for the said stranger to return as he peered over curiously at me. I didn't know what to do or say. As normally as I could, I avoided contact and continued to stare at the empty dancefloor in front of me. Or what was used to be the dancefloor. Who knew was it really was. I could hear the thumps of wood as he approached me, maneuvering his way around drunken teenagers. 

'Oh shit. Why is he approaching me?' The first thing that seemed to rung through my mind as I glanced over at him, only to lock my vision on a picture that hung from the wall.

"I assume Marcus threw a party? He is getting quite old for these childish games. I won't tell his parents though, it's not my place to spill his secrets. Though... I don't think he's as kind with others," the man... No, boy laughed through a deeper voice. It was raspy as if he had been coughing. A sweet thrum made its way into his vocal cords, giving his voice a beautiful ring. 

I could only nod my head in response as I gave him a dumbfounded look, only earning me a head cock to the side from him. He must have been confused by the fact I probably looked like a deer in the headlights when he approached.

"I won't contact your parents if you are that worried. I am only worried that this house will never be picked up in time for the return of its rightful owners." Marcus's parents. That's what he meant. It's not like it matter to me whether or not Marcus was grounded for life for throwing this party. I only helped manage it. I wasn't drunk off my ass on the floor, I wasn't in the bedroom trying to call the desperate animal movements they were doing, lovemaking. I was sitting here, sipping on a beer.

"Don't talk much, do you kid?" He chimed in at one point. Pulling my bottle of beer away and taking a swig himself. When did this prick decide he could be of company to me? More importantly, why?

"It's not that I don't want to talk. I just find no point in trying to make a conversation with you if you're bound to just drink and end up on the floor like these idiots," I retorted, finding that hint of anger brushing along my tongue. I didn't mean to make it so sharp, not that I cared either. Take it or don't, it didn't matter to me.

"Ouch. Though I guess the truth can hurt." A sweet laugh escaped his lips, as if a harmony of laughter was filling my ear as I listened to him. Who knew there was someone who was an angel in this god forsaken world? Not me.

"I never said I was sugar coated and would say something sweet along the lines that talking to you like a decent human being sounds nice. It doesn't. Can I have my beer back by the way, anonymous?" The nickname flew out of my mouth before I could stop myself, only to find the bottle back in my hands as the stranger covered his mouth in an attempt to hide his laughter. It was funny and stupid. Big mistake.

"I can see why Marky has taken such a liking to you. A sarcastic asshole. You two are... were a perfect match. Too bad he's too blind to notice you."

"Excuse me? Please speak proper English, I can't exactly understand you when you give me incompleted sentences. Maybe their half-assed. Either way, stop trying to speak riddles around me. I don't take too kindly to it."

"You're that gay kid... Alex, right? Marcus has said a lot about you. Honestly, I think you're the best thing that has ever happened to him. No cheesy shit meant or anything. You just make him realize that there are other kids who are a bit different and don't deserve all the useless shit they are given. Oh? Have I said too much? Sorry. He just has told me that you aren't exactly the most popular kid in school."

I don't know this guy, he hasn't even introduced himself to me. The problem is, he knows me and my life situations. This just happened to make me forget to ask for his name, age, or why he was even in the house in the first place. 

After this, I chugged my beer, only to find another bottle in my hand minutes later. We talked and talked, about random things, homophobic pricks. High school in general. Stranger didn't have the best life either. He was an outcast and unwanted as well. At one point I noticed a buzz in my head, my senses being kicked out the window. 

Everything I knew and said was forgotten as I drank more of the liquid poison that I was so sure wouldn't taint me. Three bottle, four, five. At five I was lost and alone. Darkness took away any proper decision making that I had. 

There were images, flashes of certain memories I barely recalled. We were kissing, my back against the wall, our tongues intertwining, saliva dripping from our mouths. My head between his legs as I'm trying to figure out how to give him a blowjob. Our naked bodies caressing each other. The heat, the pleasure, and the pain.

Oh... the glorious amount of pain I felt as something entered my body. Gone. Poof. Cut from existence. Everything that I could remember were fragments of other memories I needed. I don't know why we were doing what we were doing or who this guy was. All I knew was it wasn't good. It was bad, probably horrible.

I lay there awake, my hands clutching at my hips as I stare at the ceiling. I made the stupid choice to try and walk once I got up, my body immediately sending me backwards as I felt pain shoot through my lower back. I wasn't naïve, I knew what happened. I wouldn't lie and pretend it was a dream, it wasn't. Every last bit of this was real, realer than the dreamy first kiss I wanted to have. That didn't turn out, this did. This was real. 

Now I was in bed, lying next to the guy who apparently fucked me, clueless. For once I, the genius of the school, was clueless. 

This guy was gorgeous, beyond the description of words. His silky blonde hair was like cotton candy compared to my stringy brunette hair. He looked like a model. I slept with a man who looked like he could be a model for Calvin Klein. This was almost too surreal for me to believe anymore.

The dark brown orbs appeared once the eyelids opened, a playful smile tugging at his lips as he saw my intent staring. I didn't look away though. After having my virginity taken away by this man, I had a right to stare all I wanted, and so I did.

"A picture is a lot better. I'll even let you take three for free. You can always get a closer look then," he purred in a sweet yet seductive tone. 

"I'd rather not. Care to explain what happened last night? Before you say something like 'It should be obvious from the fact we aren't in clothes' or some nonsense like that. I mean- Ow! Shit! How much did I drink?" I groaned as I closed my eyes, the pounding in my head slowly starting. A small chuckle filled the silent room as I opened my eyes to see the model man sitting up.

"I would love to know myself. I don't even remember getting undressed if that makes you feel any better. I can't figure out if you came onto me or if I came onto you. Though, from seeing your body, I can make an assumption." His words held mystery as I sighed loudly, slowly pushing myself up into a sitting position as well. Is this what they call a one night stand? We'll never meet again and I sure hope this never happens again. 

"Yeah mom, Jackson is he-..." The words were cut off quickly as I saw Marcus barge into the room. His ear was pressed against a phone until it slipped from his hand. The look on his face was priceless, one Id' never seen before. I wanted to laugh, I really did. I couldn't even if I tried. Our eyes locked as the person on the phone made a small noise to cover the silence that formed. A tension building in the air.

"Alex. You slept with my brother? How could you?" Brother? Marcus had a brother? I slept with his brother? Oh. OH. This is not good. I didn't want this to happen. I don't even remember how it happened. Damn, I should have been alcohol free all night. 

"I had no idea, I swear. I don't even remember anything," I squeaked out, looking down at the blankets that were a mess. I was the epitome of what I despised in high school. A drunken teenager who didn't even remember who they slept with. The name of the man I still don't know. It seemed like this stranger read my mind as he finally spoke up.

"Jackson Wilfred. Older brother of Marcus Wilfred. Sorry we couldn't meet on better terms. I had fun last night though," his angel voice sang in the room. Except now it felt like nails on chalkboard, slowly causing the pain to return to my head. Joking or not, this was no laughing matter. I wouldn't have done it if I knew, or would I? Damn being drunk. Bad decisions were made.

"Too fucking late," I muttered, covering my face with my hands.

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