The Shoes Don't Fit

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Chapter 3 (v.1) - Fancy Dinners & Forgettable Fights

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Let's get this as straight as a ruler. I'm no whore.

I don't usually sleep around with guys that I just meet.

I am a capable 18-year-old boy that knows what I want in life.

Never, ever, did I want to have the sex and marriage talk with my father. Ever.

Also, I never meant to have to move in with the same guy I swore to never see again.

Life is kind of a bitch sometimes. Family drama, ruined relationships. I'm just the easiest one to blame for something so dysfunctional.

Let's rewind a bit.

Stepping out of the shower, I sighed as the cold air hit my warm skin. I dried myself off with the plush towel, letting it drop to the tile floor. I slipped on my dark blue button up shirt, attempting to look classy for the night. My pants were black jeans, loose like my father had requested. He wasn't too fond of me wearing the skinny jeans that hugged my body. He called it 'whoring yourself around'... I call it style. To hell with opinions, I'm only doing this to appease his date.


Oh, boy was she one of the greatest people my father had ever met. She was funny, intelligent, and close-minded. Well, to me at the very least. She wasn't too fond of her boyfriend having a gay son. Religion at it's greatest. Who am I kidding? There is a difference between being an asshole and religious beliefs. Sandra apparently doesn't understand the two as she preaches her whole life to me. I'm not one to shove down religion, in all honesty, I love the idea of someone creating us. Now, when I'm practically forced to eat it because someone can't stop talking, then the line is crossed between me and faith.

Faith is something you should be able to put yourself into with all of your trust and heart. Sandra puts her entire drama-filled life into it, causing havoc for those around her. I wasn't even sure the woman attended church. All I knew for sure was that she couldn't lay off of me with the sins I've committed long enough to realize even her daughter can't stand her. Poor, poor Patricia. She wasn't even eleven yet, and the she-devil was already driving her away.

Enough about my hate filled rants. If I were to keep going, it could go on for years. Though I'm not too fond of my mother, she at least kept her beliefs under wraps when talking to me. I'd go live with her any day if it meant getting away from psycho Sandra.

I brushed my dark brown hair back as I headed to the dining room. I looked around to see no sign of crazy yet. Sighing in relief, I sat at the table checking my phone. Lacy was the biggest spammer in the entire world if you didn't answer her. I was already reaching up to 200 messages at this point, and 15 voice mails. I have to hand it to my friends, at times they can be overzealous.

'Holy shit. Marky-bear just informed me that you slept with Jackson?? Explain.'

'Hey prick, answer me. You can't run away forever.'

'Seriously Al? The silent treatment? Are we children? Well, one of us is at least.'

'Answer me. I'm dying for some deets.'

'I'm getting kind of pissed off now Ali. Face reality and talk to me. It's inevitable. I promise I won't judge your poor life decisions.'



'R.I.P. Alex Price. Loving friend and son. I will always remember thee...'

I burst out laughing at her last sent message. Most of them I skimmed through, seeing the same ones at least five times in a row. My dad peeked his head out from behind the wall of the kitchen, a light glare on his face. I gave him a sheepish smile, waving him off. Looking back at my phone I decided she was right. Time to face the reality of Lacy.

'O Lacy, Lacy, wherefore art thou Lacy? 
Deny thy father and refuse thy name; 
Or if thou wilt not, be but sworn my love
And I'll no longer be a Capulet.'

The phone didn't need more than a few seconds before it vibrated. She was waiting. Wow, I kind of am a prick. She had been waiting for me to respond this entire time... Well, I'll just use the excuse I was hungover, it's reasonably fair.

'Don't you dare use Shakespeare on me. Where were you? I've been trying to reach you for hours!'

'I know. I saw the messages. Did you put my name in the obituary yet?'

'Be serious.'

'Okay, okay. Jackson walks in, starts a conversation, I have a few too many beers and then... Oops! I sleep with him. I also should state the fact that I was not informed Mark had a brother??'

'He doesn't like talking about him. Jacks is kind of a shame to their family.'

'I figured.'

Hearing the door open and close, he looked up. A mop of light brown hair started to walk up the stairs, welcoming herself without permission. Seeing no child next to her, I frowned. Just the three of us tonight. "Sandra," I mumbled, looking back down at my phone.

'Look, Lace, let's talk over the phone, okay? Sandra is here and I need to eat dinner with them.'

'I want your professional camera if you die.'


"Well! Alexander, what a surprise!" Sandra's surprised voice was like a banshee screaming. She was not expecting three for dinner. I gave her a half smile, though my eyes did not reflect happiness.

"My name is Alex. Not Alexander. It's even on my birth certificate. You should keep one so you don't-"

"Sandra! You look beautiful!" My father called out as he glided across the dining room, giving his wonderful girlfriend a smooch. I gave a look of disgust as I checked my messages from Marcus. None. That wasn't good. Maybe he was still mad?

"Well, Philip. You don't look too bad yourself," she purred as she kissed his nose. I coughed, making it as clear as day, that I was uncomfortable. Why wouldn't I be? The women smelt like she couldn't figure out the classy amount of perfume. Her makeup was caked on to try and cover up how fake she was. And she hung on my father like a leech. My mother may not have been loyal, she at least knew her boundaries. Sandra did not.

"I just need to finish up the mac n' cheese," my father said, taking his leave. He didn't do with before giving me a sharp look. I had ruined their date many times due to my attitude.

"I'm going to go to the bathroom," Sandra declared as if I actually cared where she went. I looked up a few of the social media posts, finding nothing but useless politics and rants. Why did everything just have to be so boring and useless today? Why am I being so boring and useless today? I'd rather roll up like a burrito again and sleep once more. At least when I'm sleeping, nothing could go wrong in my dreams.

Whispers sounded in the kitchen after Sandra. It was so hushed and muffled, who knew what those two were ever talking about. Maybe their nonexistent sex life. Like Sandy always said. No sex before marriage. I snorted out loud at the fact she would possibly kill me if she ever found out about me and Jackson. Wouldn't that be funny...

Sandra stormed out, shooting me a death-inducing stare as she stomped down the stairs, making a dramatic exit. My dad walked out a few minutes later, his expression was so pathetic that I couldn't help feeling sympathy.

"She said that she can't be with me if you are around. You're a bad influence for her daughter," he stated bluntly, realizing his face was meant as sympathy to mock me. I dropped my look as I stared blankly at him.

"Excuse me?" I choked out, biting my lip as I tried to understand why she got so upset all of a sudden. My attitude was never enough to drive her away. Trust me, I've tried so many times it's not even funny anymore.

My dad showed my the note that was from my room, crumpling it with his hands as he sat across from me at the table. Sandra said she was going to the bathroom, not my bedroom. She had no right to invade my privacy. feeling anger sprout, my hands made contact with the table with a loud Smack! "That stupid bitch!"

"Watch your tongue!" My dad's face was no longer sympathetic, instead, he was trying to give the authority look as if that could put me in my place.

"Watch my tongue? I never was supposed to 'watch my tongue' when that dumb bimbo brunette was around to ruin my life! She had no right to go to my room," I snapped, anger slowly building in me.

"She's only doing what's best for you! Having sex before you graduate is something you should be concerned about! Were you going to even tell me?"

"Bullshit. What's best for me is not her. I would've told you if I could trust you. At least mom would understand me!" His face softened at that, obviously pained by me bringing her up. That didn't stop me, it never did. When I hurt him, then it made him feel the way he makes me feel, or that's my logic at least. "Having sex before I get married? That's ridiculous! Teenagers want to experiment! I'm no different."

"You still needed to save yourself for marriage. Sex is only allowed once you are wedded. Your wife and you-" His eyes widened at his own comment, staring at my now furious face.

"I see how it is. My sexuality is too much for the both of you to handle. Well daddy-o, I'm sorry I'm not normal like most boys. Sorry I want to suck dick. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm not hungry. I'll just go find a place to crash."

Snatching the note from his hands, I got up. I went to my room, packing a small suitcase. I slipped my converses on, taking the suitcase and heading out. My dad just watched as I went. I opened my phone, hitting the first person I could think, letting my phone ring.

"Alex? Is something up?" A surprised voice from Marcus sounded through the phone. I sighed, taking deep breaths to calm myself down.

"I need a place to stay at for a few days, maybe a week. Are you able to help?" I tried to sound as calm as I possibly could, only feel the rush of anger boil in my blood.

"Wait, a place to stay? I wish I could help you. One problem, I got grounded for two weeks."

"Of course, what was I expecting? It's fine Marcus. I'll just call someone else," I hissed. He tried to protest as I hit the end button. I could feel tearing pricking in my eyes as I looked through my contacts. Besides Lacy, I had no one else. Sadly, she was out of town.


I was stupid to call him, I know that. I just couldn't help myself. I needed comfort and shelter. He seemed like a guy who could help out a person in need.

Ring. Ring. Beep.

"This is Jackson Wilfred here. Who am I speaking with? Sorry, I just don't recognize your number," his angelic voice laughing.

"Do you live with Marcus's family or do you live alone?" I asked, not bothering to introduce myself. If he didn't I'd probably just hang up on him too.

"That sounds like a stalker question. I live on my own. Also temporarily with Marcus. Who is this? Now I'm worried. Are you coming to kill me, stranger?"

"Who knows, anonymous. I just can't seem to figure you out," I murmured, hearing that laugh once more. It calmed my nerves, it was getting me addicted. It was a pleasant sound to the ears.

"Alex? Alex Price? Holy shit! I said to call me, though I didn't think you would try to booty call so soon!"

"No!" I snapped, getting his laughter to quiet down. "I think my dad just unofficially kicked me out of the house for the time being."

"Why would he do something like that?"

"Because me sleeping with you just ended his only functional relationship. With me gone it supposedly would fix it. Because you are partially apart of me being kicked out, I demand you take responsibility. Let me stay with you for the mean time."

"Well, I guess if I have to. Let me warn, I'm not a good roommate. I won't keep it down either. Hope you are a heavy sleeper," he cooed.

This might have been the second most regrettable thing in my entire life. What was I doing at this point?

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